Cadbury Nigeria Plc dates back to the 1950s and has become a household brand ever since. Cadbury Nigeria Plc manufactures and sells branded fast moving consumer good specifically to the Nigerian market and also exports in West Africa.

In this post, we are going to talk about Cadbury Nigeria Plc products and their office address in Nigeria.

In the early 1960s, Cadbury initially focused on re-packing imported bulk products, the operation grew rapidly into a fully-fledged manufacturing operation which resulted in the establishment of Cadbury Nigeria Limited.

Cadbury Nigeria Limited was incorporated in January 1965 and became a publicly listed company with shares traded locally on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1976.

Cadbury Nigeria Plc began introducing its most popular brands way back in the 1960s. Its most popular brand till date, the Cadbury Bournvita was introduced in 1960.

Cadbury Bournvita

Cadbury Bournvita was originally imported and re-packed locally in the Lagos before being re-launched in 1965 as the first Food Drink to be locally manufactured.

In 2013 it became the only Food Drink Brand to be endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN).

The malt drink contains essential micronutrients and it is also rich in energy.

Cadbury Tom Tom

Cadbury Nigeria Plc introduced most of its other products much later. The very popular candy, Tom Tom (branded as a black and white sweet for soothing relief) was introduced in 1970.

The sweet became very popular in the Nigerian market and has sustained market leadership for over 40 years making it the most iconic brand in the Nigerian Candy Market. It now comes in three variants Classic, HoneyLemon and Strawberry.

Cadbury Trebor Buttermint

Cadbury introduced its delicious sweet Terbor Buttermint, a mixture of butter and mint much later and in 2012, it expanded its product categories with the launch of Tang.

The sweet is available in all retail and local store outlets in the country.

Cadbury Nigeria produces intermediate products, such as liquor, cocoa butter, powder and cake. It is also involved in the export of cocoa butter, liquor and cake to international customers.

Cadbury Nigeria operates three segments

Refreshment Beverages

Cadbury Refreshment Beverages segment includes the manufacture and sale of Bournvita and Hot Chocolate.

The Refreshment Beverages’ brands include CADBURY BOURNVITA and CADBURY 3-in-1 HOT CHOCOLATE.

Confectionery Cocoa Products

Cadbury Confectionery segment includes the manufacture and sale of Tom Tom and Buttermint.

The Confectionery’s brands include TOMTOM CLASSIC, TOMTOM STRAWBERRY and BUTTERMINT.

Intermediate Cocoa Products

Cadbury Intermediate Cocoa Products segment includes the manufacture and sale of cocoa powder, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa cake.

The Intermediate Cocoa Products’ brands include COCOA POWDER and COCOA BUTTER.

Complete List of Cadbury Nigeria Products

Cadbury Nigeria Plc is involved in the manufacture and distribution of the following branded products.



Cadbury Buttermint

Cadbury Hot Chocolate





Cadbury Nigeria Plc Office Address in Lagos

Cadbury Nigeria Plc Headquarters

Cadbury Nigeria Plc

Lateef Jakende Way,

Agidingbi, Ikeja

Lagos, Nigeria

P.O. Box 164

Ikeja, Lagos


Telephone : +234 – 1 – 271 – 7777

Fax : +234 – 1 – 279 – 3160 – 5

Customer Care line : +234 – 800 – 223 – 2879

That is all about Cadbury Nigeria Plc: Thier Products and Their Office Address in Lagos and Nigeria.





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