1 Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 11

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Apple-designed: Apple Silicone Case (for iPhone 11)

For some people, there’s just no substitute for the case created by Apple’sdesign team. Guaranteed to hug the iPhone 11’s every curve, it’s a beauty. Notto mention, it’s the only iPhone case with the Apple logo on the back.From $24 at Amazon

Clever kickstand: Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case

This slim wallet case holds up to three cards, but it also has a cleversurprise. Pull out one of your cards and pop it into the designated slot foran instant kickstand, perfect for watching videos. This case comes in avariety of colors and patterns.$25 at Amazon

Ultra-tough: Catalyst Impact Protection Case for iPhone 11

This tough case has an impact truss system, unique mute switch knob, includedlanyard, wireless charging compatibility, and almost 10-foot drop protection.Choose from four colorways, each of which has a clear back to show off thecolor of your new iPhone 11.

How We Picked the Best iPhone 11 Cases

We considered a number of factors when determining the best iPhone 11 cases.After testing dozens of cases, two (rarely mutual) qualities stood out as themost important to our ranking: protection and portability.A quality phone case should either significantly increase the longevity ofyour phone or provide the same utility in a slim enough package to allow foruninhibited use.We considered phone cases of both types in our roundup, as well as a number ofso-called hybrid molds that exist between the two extremes as well.As far as features go, a raised bezel and a bumper frame are must-haves. Everycase we reviewed has these to some extent.Some phone cases up the ante with a built-in kickstand or screen protector tomatch. Just keep in mind that these are less essential since they can besupplemented by extra accessories like a Pop Socket or a glass screenprotector.

How to Find the Perfect iPhone 11 Case for You

If you aren’t sure how much protection you’ll need for your smartphone,consider your history with dropping past phones. Did you get this phone as areplacement for your last spiderweb-cracked screen?With a basic understanding of how many perils you put your iPhone 11 throughin a typical day, it should be relatively clear just how much protectionyou’ll need for your phone.But at the end of the day, a few millimeters of plastic won’t be a game-changer, so don’t shy away from that slim case if you really prefer its style.Whether you equip your iPhone 11 with a simple slim case or a heavy-dutydefender case, this is a smartphone you’ll want to keep in one piece.

1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case for iPhone 11

Let us start our list with one of the best case makers, Spigen. Spigen is anindustry leader in smartphone case industry and their Ultra Hybrid case is oneof my favorites. The best part about the Ultra Hybrid case is that not only itbrings desired protection to the brand new iPhone 11 but it also lets youflaunt the new design language. Since the case is crystal clear, it enhancesthe look of your iPhone. Also, it packs in a hardback which brings ampleprotection against drops and falls. I also love the fact that it features aslim profile which does not add noticeable bulk to the device. Finally, itbrings Spigen’s AirCushion technology which is great for providing extra dropprotection.Buy from Amazon: $11.99

2. Official Apple Cases for iPhone 11

With the launch of iPhone 11, Apple is also launching its official case seriesfor the phone. If you love the premium design language of Apple, you shouldcheck them out. For starters, the new crystal case for iPhone 11 from Applejust looks gorgeous. Available in the matte finish it enhances the look ofiPhone 11 while bringing drop and scratch protection. If you are looking forsomething more sturdier, you should check out the silicon line of cases fromApple. Not only they provide extra protection but they are also available inmultiple colors. Finally, there are the leather and leather folio cases foranyone who wants that premium leather touch. The clear and silicon cases areavailable for $39 while the leather and leather folio cases cost $49 and $129respectively.Buy from Apple: Starting at $39

4. Caseology Skyfall Case for Apple iPhone 11

If you are looking for a quality case but don’t want to spend a premium thenCaseology cases are for you. The company is known for manufacturing qualityiPhone cases for a budget price and I enjoy their products. The case we arefeaturing here is called the Skyfall case. It brings a hybrid design whichpairs a clear hard-back with a protective bumper. This allows the case toprotect your iPhone 11 despite managing a slim profile. The clear hard-backensures that you can see the beauty of your iPhone 11 while keeping thescratches and scuffs at bay. The bumper brings air cushion technology alongwith reinforced corners thereby providing drop protection. And you know what,it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.Buy from Amazon: $13.99

6. Fly Hawk Wallet Case for iPhone 11

I love wallet cases as they allow me to carry a few cards and some cash rightwith my phone. That means, if I am going out for a quick bite or meeting, Idon’t have to carry my full-time wallet. If you also enjoy the multi-purposenature of wallet cases then you are going to like the Fly Hawk wallet case.First of all, the case is made with PU Leather which lasts longer and retainsits original color. Also, since it’s not real leather, you can easily carryyour Apple Card without fearing any discoloration. Talking about the caseitself, it brings two pockets allowing you to carry multiple cards or a singlecard and some cash. The edges on the case have raised lips to protect againstminor drops and falls. That said, the case is pretty light and slim so itwon’t add much bulk to your iPhone 11.Buy from Amazon: $14.99

7. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Apple iPhone 11

Another Spigen case that I enjoy is the Neo Hybrid Case as it brings ampledrop protection while maintaining a somewhat slim profile. The Neo Hybrid casefeatures a dual-layer design with rigid frames and textured back. The casealso feels slightly curved to bring an ergonomic in-hand feel with extra gripthanks to the textured back. The rigid frame ensures that your brand newiPhone 11 is protected against any daily mishap. The case also enhances theacoustic of the phone by bringing a new 3D sound tunnel which amplifies thephone’s audio rather than dampening it. The Spigen Neo Hybrid is one of thebest iPhone 11 Cases that you can buy right now.Buy from Amazon: $13.99

8. Razer Arctech Case for iPhone 11

Razer has just unveiled a new Artech series of cases for the new iPhone 11which promises to keep the phone cool even during extended gaming sessions. Weall know that the A13 Bionic chipset that is powering the iPhone 11 is a beastand with the new Apple Arcade looming on the horizon, it’s the perfect deviceto get your game on. The cases are available in three variants; the ArctechSlim, the Artech Pro, and the Arctech THS edition. The Arctech slim is forpeople who want a slimmer case while the Pro and Pro THS is for users who wantenhanced drop protection. You can buy the cases directly from Razer’s website.The Arctech Slim case starts at $29.99, while the Arctech Pro and PRO THScases are priced at $39.99 and $44.99 respectively. These are some uniquecases and you should check them out.Buy from Razer: Starting at $29.99

10. Casetify Impact Case

What puts the Impact Case from Casetify in its own league is the ability tokeep the style factor intact while also ensuring the iPhone 11 stays protectedfrom bumps and scratches. So, if you want your smartphone to remain in thecenter of everyone’s attention without falling prey to accidental drops, thiscould fit into your needs pretty well. The clear back panel is beautifullycomplemented by a solid bumper that can take on random bumps with ease.The company says that Impact Case is a 6.6-foot drop test approved, whichmakes it more than capable to keep your iPhone 11 safeguarded. Aside fromprotection, it sports pretty responsive buttons and precise cutouts forpainless access to the Lightning port and speakers. And yes, Casetify ImpactCase also works with wireless chargers so that you don’t need to get rid ofthe cover before charging your smartphone wirelessly.Buy from Amazon: $40

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