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Student Unions on Campus

In addition to being the hub of student affairs on campus, student unionsoffer a variety of programs, activities, services, and facilities that attractboth new and current students alike. Universities and colleges are currentlyin the midst of a building boom nationwide, as they are investing tens andhundreds of millions of dollars to revitalize their student unions. Thefollowing are the top 25 most amazing college campus student unions that aregoing above and beyond to accommodate and pamper students.

17. Arkansas Union, University of Arkansas

In the center of the University of Arkansas sits the Arkansas Union, providinga community for students and visitors to connect with a multitude ofconvenient services. It is home for more than 25 different departments,restaurants, and retail stores, including the popular Razorback Shop. Locatedon the third floor, the Union Market Food Court provides a place to sit andmeet with friends to share a bite to eat, while enjoying some of the bestviews of the campus. The Arkansas Union is proud to host the Center forCommunity Engagement (CCE) as well, which helps students and faculty networkwith non-profit organizations in the campus area and beyond for communityservice. Additionally, it hosts a satellite fitness facility on the lowerfloor space with a 1,500 square foot exercise room, co-ed lockers, andseparate shower facilities.

14. K-State Student Union, Kansas State University

After first opening its doors in 1956, the K-State Student Union has offeredvarious amenities to services in what is referred to as the campus’ livingroom. The 240,000 square foot building cost just $5.4 million, even though itwould cost an estimated $42 million today to build a student union of thisgreat size. In April of 1986, the K-State Student Union was distinguished asone of the top five student unions in America at the time by the New YorkTimes. Presently, the union houses two separate theater venues, a massive foodcourt, a bookstore, convenience stores, and outside bank ATMs. The attachedRecreation Center also enables students to take a break from studying to usethe bowling alley, pool table, and golf simulator.

1. Student Union, Oklahoma State University

Considered the largest student union in the world, the Oklahoma StateUniversity Student Union covers an impressive 543,411 square feet. Although itwas first constructed in 1951, the Student Union has undergone extensiverenovations in both 2000 and 2011 to improve its attraction to students. TheUnion is home to a 550-seat movie theatre, art exhibitions, student lounges,the OSU Student Store, post office, athletic ticket office, and a food courtfilled with diverse dining options, including the luxurious Ranchers Clubrestaurant. As if that was not enough, the Student Union also contains theAtherton Hotel, which provides 81 extravagant rooms for guests and serves as aliving classroom experience for the Oklahoma State School of Hotel andRestaurant Administration. Therefore, it is no surprise that the grandOklahoma State Union in Stillwater takes the crown for the most amazing andcomprehensive student union.Best Colleges & Universities ArkansasAre you looking for lots of school spirit or a spiritual school? In Arkansas,you can find both! Students of all kinds are welcome in the beautiful, laid-back state of Arkansas. Technical degrees and a plethora of various minors andmajors are available in the colleges and universities of Arkansas.Arkansas may not be where you first look for postsecondary institutions ofhigher learning, but Arkansas is home to multiple Bible colleges (most areBaptist), liberal arts schools, and major research universities. The statebolsters its academic programs with its dollars. It is one of 15 states takingpart in the Academic Common Market. This program allows residents Arkansas and14 other states to pay in-state tuition in Arkansas institutions of higherlearning. See http://home.sreb.org/acm/participating/institutionstates.aspx tolearn if you qualify to take part in the benefits of this program.Arkansas is also part of the Closing the Gap 2020 Program, which endeavors toboost postsecondary learning opportunities. It aims to do this by creatingopportunities and financial aid that will put college and university learningwithin reach of many potential students who would not otherwise be able topartake. According to the program’s site, the “long-term objective [is] toreach the 2025 goal of a 60% postsecondary attainment rate in Arkansas.” Withthis kind of fervor, Arkansas will be an excellent option for you as you lookfor a state in which to attend a college or university. No matter what yourpursuit, Arkansas probably offers what you are looking for and may help you beable to reach all your academic goals.

5. Arkansas State University-Main Campus

Score: 96.8Average Net Price: $13,828 Retention Rate: 74% Graduation Rate: 46% Salary After Attending: $32,200Host to over 14,000 students, Arkansas State has been serving the needs ofstudents since 1909. Average class sizes of 29 allow instructors to attend tostudent needs more efficiently. This campus ranks second among the bestschools in Arkansas, according to Niche. The ranking includes public collegesand universities in the state, of which there are many. This university isaccredited by the Higher Learning Commission, with individual programsfeaturing specialized accreditation, as appropriate for professional licensureor certification. There are 35 degrees and certificates available that spanbusiness and media, health, education, and sociology. Some awards availableinclude Bachelor of Science in Creative Media Production, Certificate inHealthcare Emergency Management, Master of Science in Education in EducationalTheory and Practice, and Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. These concentrationshelp provide solid foundations both for younger students entering theworkforce and for students who want to change careers.

7. Southern Arkansas University Tech

Score: 96.2Average Net Price: $10,472 Retention Rate: 70% Graduation Rate: 51% Salary After Attending: $26,700Part of the Southern Arkansas University System, SAU Tech, has been serving asone of the best colleges in Arkansas since 1968. This college currently servesthe needs of over 3,000 students, whose numbers include students enrolled inonline programs. Niche gives the school an A grade for student life, US Newsranks this college with the top 150 regional Southern colleges, and WalletHubranked SAU Tech as the second top community college in Arkansas. As one of thebest colleges in AR, the school offers seven online degrees that are in highdemand. All of the degrees are at the Associate’s level, with certificatesprovided at the undergraduate level. Some degrees students can considerinclude concentrations in Computer Information Technology, Fire ScienceManagement and Emergency Response, and Teacher Education. Certificatesavailable include Office Software Specialist and Entrepreneurship. Thecoursework associated with the degrees transfers into programs at four-yearschools in Arkansas easily.

8. Arkansas Tech University

Score: 96.2Average Net Price: $11,985 Retention Rate: 70% Graduation Rate: 37% Salary After Attending: $34,100Arkansas Tech University is the top college in Arkansas for students takingSTEM courses, the third-largest university in the state, and offers an 18:1student-to-faculty ratio. It consistently ranks among Arkansas’ best publicuniversities. The school’s history dates back to its days as an agriculturalschool in 1909, and its growth over the years has helped it adapt to changingacademic needs. Over 9,000 students attend the school, and the student bodyincludes enrollees from 42 countries. Online degree offerings includeAssociate degrees in Early Childhood Education and Logistics Management,Bachelor’s degrees in RN to BSN and History, Master’s degrees in HealthInformatics and Library Media Specialist K-12, and endorsements for teachingSpecial Education classes. All the degrees available are easy to complete intwo years or less.

10. University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville

Score: 94.2Average Net Price: $5,875 Retention Rate: 61% Graduation Rate: 47% Salary After Attending: $25,500The University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville has over 3,000enrollees in online programs that include 58 courses. Formerly a technicalcollege, the school merged with the University of Arkansas in 1997 after asignificant statewide reorganization of its two-year technical schools. Bothtransfer and Applied Science two-year degrees are available to students andprofessional certificates and proficiency certificates that require under 18credit hours. Many of the two-year degree concentrations allow for moreeffortless transfer into four-year programs at other University of Arkansascampuses and other public and private schools in the state. Certificates ofProficiency can transfer into some Applied Science programs, making it easierto pursue further training beyond the certification, if desired. Some examplesof degrees available include Applied Science in Criminology and Associate ofArts in General Education.c

11. University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Score: 94.2Average Net Price: $13,729 Retention Rate: 69% Graduation Rate: 31% Salary After Attending: $34,900The University of Arkansas at Little Rock hosts 11,000 students, with 203study programs. This campus has enjoyed military-friendly designation since2012, showing its ability to provide for one of the most prominent groups ofdegree-seekers in the state. The school is the only university in the statewith the Carnegie Community Engagement Classification, and one of only 361colleges in the United States to receive this designation. UA Little Rockconsistently ranks among the best universities nationwide. Online programsfrom UA Little Rock feature an accelerated schedule that makes the degreeseasier to complete in less time. Some of the available degree choices includeBachelor of Arts in Applied Communication, Master of Education in Rural andUrban School Leadership, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Minors for theonline programs include options as diverse as Health and Exercise Science,Philosophy and Religious Studies, and Writing.

20. Arkansas State University-Beebe

Score: 91.6Average Net Price: $7,633 Retention Rate: 57% Graduation Rate: 34% Salary After Attending: $29,400Arkansas State University-Beebe has been offering students classes since 1932.Although it originally started as an agricultural school, it has expanded overthe years to provide technical and other programs in high demand as theworkforce evolves. This college is dedicated to the needs of online learnerswho often have busy schedules when seeking a degree. Some more flexible degreeoptions include Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and Associate of Science inLiberal Arts and Sciences, along with an Associate of General Studies option.Other two-year degrees or certificate options that prospective students mightconsider are Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice, and Business. Creditfor life experiences can help students save money by reducing the number ofclasses required.

Arkansas Tech University Programs & Degrees

Arkansas Tech University appears in our ranking of the 50 Most AffordableOnline Degree Programs For In-State Students.Arkansas Tech University offers programs that include certificates, associatedegrees, bachelor’s degrees, graduate degrees, and online degrees. Some of themost popular programs sought by students at the university includeinterdisciplinary studies, health professions, business, education, andengineering. Colleges and departments at the university include the College ofArts & Humanities, College of Business, and College of Education.The university also has a College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Collegeof eTech, and College of Natural & Health Sciences. Within those largecolleges are several departments that focus on subjects like art, English,management, health, professional studies, and physical sciences.The dual enrollment option for students at Arkansas Tech University is knownas concurrent enrollment, and the option features courses taken at thestudent’s high school by a credentialed instructor who has been approved bythe university. Students interested in dual enrollment may also elect to takeclasses online with an approved instructor through the Virtual Arkansasprogram, as well as on the Arkansas Tech University campus.Students who decide to pursue their program online may earn certificates inareas like business technology, online teaching K-12, advising, office supportspecialist, and professional leadership. Endorsements are offered in specialeducation K-12 and dyslexia. Associate degrees online are available in lawenforcement, early childhood education, general studies, and logisticsmanagement.The university offers a wealth of different certificates on its campuses, andstudents may earn certificates in career and technology areas like computerinformation systems, welding technology, automotive service technology,cosmetology, or industrial control systems. Other areas of study includeallied health, medical coding, jail standards, basic emergency medicaltechnician, and phlebotomy.Many of the associate degrees available on the university’s campuses are alsotech and career-oriented and include topics like occupational therapy,collision repair technology, human services, and logistics management.Meanwhile, bachelor’s degrees are offered in subjects like sociology, criminaljustice, fine arts, graphic design, and computer science.For graduate studies, students may pursue a Master of Education inInstructional Technology, Educational Leadership, or Special Education K-12,as well as many other areas. Students may also earn graduate degrees inpsychology, English, emergency management, or strength & conditioning studies.

Arkansas Tech University Accreditation Details

Arkansas Tech University receives its institutional accreditation from theHigher Learning Commission (HLC). The school is reaccredited every ten yearsand has been approved since 1930. The university is a member of severalprofessional organizations like the National Science Teachers Association, theNational Council for the Social Studies, the National Council of Teachers ofEnglish, and the American Chemical Society.Further, many of the university’s programs have specialized, external, orprogrammatic accreditation from other agencies. Approvals have been given bythe National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Association toAdvance Collegiate Schools of Business International, and the Council for theAccreditation of Educator Preparation. Other approvals have come from theNational Association of Schools of Art and Design and the Council for theAccreditation of Emergency Management Education.

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