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Best Camera for Kids: Olympus TG-6

Hillary Grigonis/Digital TrendsWhy you should buy this: A camera that can withstand pretty much anything,with advanced features to grow intoWho’s it for: Tech-savvy teens, adventurous kids, and even parents that wantto snap photos at the river or beachWhy we picked the Olympus TG-6:The Olympus TG-6 is durable enough to survive 50 feet of water, 7-foot drops,or 200 pounds of pressure on top of it — which means it can survive at thehands of most children (unless you’re raising Sid from Toy Story). But whilethere’s a handful of good rugged cameras out there, the TG-6 has some of thebest specs, with a bright lens that allows the camera to take decent photosindoors and 20-frame-per-second burst shooting for keeping up with the mostactive kids.Designed as a ruggedized point-and-shoot and not specifically as a camera forkids, the TG-6 is an excellent option for tech-savvy teens because there’sroom to grow and learn beyond using the camera as a basic point-and-shoot.Some semi-manual modes, as well as some creative automated modes, are includedfor kids who want to really learn photography but are a bit too accident-proneto try a DSLR yet.The TG-6 will also record things like the speed and location for outdooradventures (you can disable this if you’re concerned about privacy). Otheradvanced features include Wi-Fi for transferring photos over to a smartphone.The Olympus TG-6 is very close to the older model, the Tough TG-5, but thenewest model is actually listed for less. If you find a good deal on a usedone, the TG-5 is very close to the TG-6 except for some lens coatings andminor adjustments. But new, the TG-6 is currently the best value.Read the Olympus Tough TG-5 review

Best camera for Toddlers: VTech Kidizoom

Why you should buy this: A cheap, durable camera designed for small handsWho’s it for: Toddlers and preschoolers, ages 2-5Why we picked the VTech Kidizoom:Finding a cheap camera isn’t hard, but the VTech Kidizoom has one of the besttoddler-friendly designs out there. The design is durable enough for toddlers,although it is not submersible like the Olympus TG-5.But it’s the Kidizoom’s ergonomics that are really make the camera suited forthe youngest photographers. The camera has two grips on both sides, with twoviewfinders. Why two viewfinders? Most toddlers really don’t get the conceptof closing one eye and putting the other up to the camera. There is also ascreen, along with large buttons and a big joystick for navigating thedifferent options with little fingers.Will the Kidizoom capture great photos? Not at all — it’s a 2-megapixelcamera. The Kidizoom isn’t a camera for taking photos good enough to print orshare; instead, it’s designed specifically to teach toddlers photographybasics and to spark an interest in photography. We’re a bit more conservativethan the manufacturer’s suggested age range on this camera, however, whichgoes up to age 8 — we can’t really see a child that old getting excited aboutit, but it’s certainly a hit among toddlers and preschoolers.

Best Cheap Camera for Kids: Fujifilm FinePix XP120

Les Shu/Digital TrendsWhy you should buy this: A durable, rugged camera that’s easily affordableWho’s it for: Adventurous or accident-prone kidsWhy we picked the Fujifilm FinePix XP120:The Fujifilm FinePix XP120 is both durable and affordable. The camera is ratedfor 65 feet underwater, and is also protected against dirt, dust, and cold.The 16.4-megapixel sensor is paired with a 5x optical zoom lens which isn’t asbright as the lens on the Olympus TG-6, but the durability and features areexcellent for the price.The XP120 has a good 10-fps burst mode for photographing action. It alsoboasts a control scheme designed for easy operation while wearing gloves andit works well for kids smaller hands, too. With only a handful of controls,the XP120 should be easy for kids to learn and use. Wi-Fi is included, but aGPS isn’t — which is often a good thing for kids.The FinePix XP120 has since been replaced by the XP140, but one of the bestways to get a budget-friendly camera for kids is to opt for a model that’s afew years old that isn’t missing out on too many features. The mix ofdurability, simple controls, and image quality beyond those 2-megapixel toycameras make this a great option for kids that doesn’t break the budget.

Best instant camera for kids: Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay

Why you should buy this: The novelty of instant film is great for kids — butthe screen can help prevent wasting expensive filmWho’s it for: Kids (and kids at heart) that prefer holding physical picturesover looking at pixels on a screen.Why we picked the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay:The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay offers the best of both worlds with a combinedfilm and digital experience. Not only will this instill the concept ofpatience in your child, but it will prevent you from printing low-quality orrandom images. When your child uses this camera, they’ll get to take as manyphotos as they want and then use the screen to choose what photos to print.LiPlay’s ease of use is sure to inspire a love of photography in yourchildren, although adults love it too. You can keep the pictures in print oras pixels since it’s digital. The digital sensor isn’t crisp because it’s forprinting out tiny images. But compromising on quality is worth it when you’reable to take as many photos as you want, even if you run out of film. You canshare your digitals on social media or share the Instax prints in-person,making it popular among teens.The Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay camera isn’t the highest quality camera outthere, and it doesn’t pretend to be. It’s an excellent choice if you’re buyinga camera for your kids to allow them to explore their creativity. It alsobrings back the nostalgia of instant photos at a reasonable price that parentswon’t hate.Read the Fujifilm Instax Mini LiPlay reviewOur list of Cyber Monday camera deals details these cameras and more so youcan make the most of Cyber Monday sales.

5. Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation)

The virtual assistant Alexa powered Smart speaker Echo Dot is one of the bestgifts for gadget lovers. It’s not just round-shaped good looking speaker butcan also do a lot of things for you.It can be paired up with smart lights and other smart devices. It can playmusic, read the news, check weathers, set alarms and also answers yourquestions.The Echo dot is one of the best budget smart speaker that you can consider forChristmas gifting.Buy on Amazon: $49.99

Gifts for Tech Lovers: What Kind of Swag Do Tech Employees Like?

ÂFeeling overwhelmed about choosing from different tech company swag options?The good news is that you know the recipients are mostly avid techiesthemselves. This alone clues you in on what your main focus should be –interesting tech gifts, pc related giveaways, gamer swag, etc. After youprioritize the best options for interesting tech gifts, you can also considerother swag that techies also use and appreciate such as t-shirts, coffee mugs,etc. For this article, the focus will be on tech-related items.Â

Using Swag to Promote Video Games

ÂUsing swag to promote video games is a crucial component of every techmarketing campaign. Swag for promoting video games seeks to accomplish two keyobjectives:Â1. Get the market interested in the newly launched (or soon to be launched)video game. Promotional swag helps ramp up the excitement about new offerings.Good swag has the potential to turn interested individuals into actual, buyingcustomers because they’ve had good experience with the promotional swag.Â2. Thank the audience for their support for the game. Word about the newproduct cannot circulate if not for the efforts of key individuals who helpspread news about it, which is why swag comes in handy to thank them for theirefforts. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange, with the individual as a keydisseminator who is compensated for their effort with merchandise and quitepossibly, the product itself.Â

25 Promotional Swag Ideas for Gamers and Tech Enthusiasts

ÂIf you need unique tech gifts and other equally relevant swag ideas, these 25items are great to start off with!Â

1. Jam Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker

Jam Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker, $50‍

2. Sony XB01 Extra Bass Portable Compact Bluetooth Speaker

Sony XB01 Extra Bass Portable Compact Bluetooth Speaker $34.99 When it comes to awesome tech gifts, you’ll find that Bluetooth speakers arepopular swag options. Whether it’s to listen to one’s favorite discographyor the latest podcast episode, it’s a good choice as swag for tech nerds andthe like. Bigger versions are great for amplifying sound in a big space –which is great for parties and gatherings. Meanwhile, you can also opt for amore compact option that can easily fit in one’s bag for on-the-go listeningpleasure. If you are giving away Bluetooth speakers as free tech company swag,make sure to choose one where there is enough space to print your company logofor good visibility.Â‍

Why Swag for Gaming Is Important

ÂJust like any other industry, the gaming sector can greatly benefit fromgiving swag and coming up with different gaming promotion ideas for events.It’s a great way to generate buzz for their main products, whether it issoftware or hardware. When they organize virtual or face to face marketingevents to promote their products, giving away video game promotional items isa customary way to thank attendees for their time and effort. This is why itis important to seriously consider the best tech industry swag ideas for yourgiveaways: they are a good way to show your appreciation as well as to impressupon others just how thoughtfully you approach the idea of curating giveawayitems for events.Â

How to Choose Good Company Swag

ÂIf you need a general guide in choosing from so many branded corporate techgifts, here’s a shortlist that can help:Â1.   Choose the current technology. This means going for items that mostpeople use nowadays. It can be wireless, USB-C – whatever your target market(or even your employees) often reach out for. Doing so will ensure that yougive items that fit their current electronics. This means staying away fromobsolete tech, too.Â2.   Go for general tech rather than something super-specific, unless youhave a highly targeted market. Attendees of your tech events will come fromdifferent backgrounds, lifestyles and cultures – and your goal is to findwhat is common to all. When it comes to tech industry swag ideas, that meansgoing for something useful but general (ex. a Bluetooth speaker) rather thansomething very specific to a subset of techies (ex. a computer peripheral thatnot everybody uses or likes to have).Â3.   Go for a reputable brand. Your shortlist of gaming promotion ideasshould be a compilation of reputable brands known for producing useful andhigh quality items. It doesn’t matter if it is a $4 keystand or a $70wireless charger – you need to make sure that whatever you are getting isbacked by a brand that stands for quality. After all, there is nothing morecringe-worthy than distributing game giveaways or video gaming gifts and swagthat are defective!Â4.   Find the best options for your budget while matching your objective.It’s important to maximize your budget while meeting your goal at the sametime. If your goal is to distribute popular tech gifts to as many individualsas possible, then that means you might have to look for good quality techcompany swag options from a more affordable price range to reach your targetnumber. If your goal is to make a big impression on a select group of techpersonalities, then you should focus your attention on covetable, higher-tiervideo gaming gifts.Â5.   Study the product to determine how you can personalize it. If you haveat least two options that are equal in quality and performance, go for the onethat gives you a better canvas for personalization. We’re talking enoughitem real estate on which you will emblazon your company logo for maximumvisibility. Whether you are choosing items for PC-related giveaways or gamingcompetition prize ideas for adults (and everything in between), make surethere is ample room for you to affix your company name and/or logo.Â6.   Work with a company that can offer gaming promotion ideas andservices. These professional service providers such as Gemnote have theexperience of working with the best brands across a variety of industries.They have the latest and most trending swag giveaway items at the bestwholesale prices, so enlisting their help in your endeavor will remove a lotof decision-making tasks off your back. Top 5 Tech Gifts Under Rs. 5,000 For Your Sister This RakhiSo the festival of Rakhi is just a day away and with that said, many of thebrothers are out looking for gifts. For the brother in you and for the love oftechnology, we have made a list of 5 gadgets to gift to your sister, thisRakshabandhan.Talking about gadgets, we’re not gonna be limited by usage, but by price. Soall the tech we list below is going to be light on your pocket and great invalue. Read on.

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