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The democratization of education

The importance of EdTech does not just lie with the power it has to bring downcosts and engage learners in new and innovative ways.It is also about the way in which it can equalize standards and enable accessfor all, resulting in the democratization of education.Online platforms, mobile applications and new learning formats have massivelyimproved access to education, as well as enhancing the learning processitself, while online and Cloud technologies bring with them excitingstandardisation possibilities for content.Now, a rundown, inner city school can receive the same standard and level ofcontent as a well-funded one in a wealthy area.And this is true not just on a school by school or country by country basis,but globally; offering developing nations access to developed educationalinstitutions, both in an academic and professional learning setting.

1. Indiana University High School (Bloomington, Indiana)

Since 1925 Indiana University High School has been providing superior distanceeducation to a variety of traditional and nontraditional students coming fromacross the nation and 35 other countries. There are nearly 2,000 studentsenrolled in 7th – 12th grade. The diversity of the student body and theexperience of the instructors combine to create an engaging global virtuallearning community. There are over 75 online courses available which culminatein a General Education diploma, College prep diploma, or Academic honorsdiploma. Though Advanced Placement courses are offered to prepare students forcollege, Indiana University High School does not administer AP exams. As ageneral rule, no computer-scanned exams are administered. Students mustsuccessfully complete a total of 40 credits to earn their diploma. The overallcost of the school is very affordable with tuition, service and technologyfees, and access fees costing less than $250.* * *

10. University of Missouri – MU Online High School (Columbia, MO)

Under the jurisdiction of the College of Education in the University ofMissouri, MU Online High School has been offering more than 200 distance,blended, and co-teach courses since its founding in 1999. With year-round openenrollment, MU online has served students from 65 countries. Unique to MU HighSchool is the opportunity for students to preview sample lessons within acourse before enrolling to ensure quality and that the class will be apositive experience. Though courses and scheduling are flexible and self-paced, all work should be completed within a nine month period. Exams must beadministered by proctors approved by the school. Both a general and collegeprep diploma program are offered. Each requires the same number of coursecredits; however the college prep diploma requires more advanced classes. Onepotential drawback to MU High School is that all courses must be paid in fullat the time of enrollment, no scholarships are available. In an effort tomaintain standards of excellence for the online curriculum, MU is affiliatedwith a number of organizations which guide online education including eMINTSNational Center, College Board, ISTE, and the National Honor Society.* * *

11. National High School (Duluth, GA)

National High School maintains its global perspective by serving students inmore than 90 countries worldwide. There are four main programs for students toenroll in any time during the year: a standard High School Diploma, the CreditRecovery program, Individual Courses for supplementation, or the Enrichmentprogram. No course credit is awarded for classes taken in the Enrichmentprogram. Transfer credits from other high schools are accepted with a validtranscript. Any international transcripts and school records are evaluated byan external agency. The Learn Center is the online tool for student andteacher interactions. In addition to accessing course work, syllabi, andsupplementary resources, the Learn Center allows for interactive chat roomsand message boards for direct communication.* * *

14. University of Nebraska High School (Lincoln, NE)

Part of the University of Nebraska Online Worldwide program, the University ofNebraska High School offers year-round open enrollment in college prep orgeneral studies diploma tracks, and requires a minimum of 200 credit hoursbefore graduation for both diplomas. It is accredited by the NebraskaDepartment of Education since 1967 and AdvancED since 1978. With flexiblescheduling, students have between five and 52 weeks to complete the equivalentof 90-hour seat time course work. It is recommended, however, that studentsspend 60 to 80 minutes, five days a week on each course, which would allow thestudent to complete all required work within 18 weeks. Course work isstructured in such a way that only one assignment may be completed per day,and all activities, evaluations, projects, and tests must be completed in theorder presented. The University of Nebraska High School has maintained acurriculum that meets or exceeds the iNACOL National Standards of Quality forOnline Courses.* * *

15. CompuHigh Online High School (Chapin, SC)

Nationally accredited by SACS-CASI and AdvancED, CompuHigh has been offeringquality distance education since 1994. Programs offered include diplomatracks, individual courses, summer school, and credit recovery programs. Thereare four online diploma tracks offered through the Whitmore School: a standarddiploma, a PLUS diploma, an NCAA Plus diploma, and an Adult diploma. Studentsmay enroll in and start classes at any time without delay. Sample demo classesare available prior to registration. No additional textbooks are required, asall material and course work is provided online. Students enrolling as 12thgraders at Whitmore must complete a minimum of 4.5 credits. Overall, to meetgraduation requirements, students in the general studies track must complete18 credits, while students in the College prep track must complete 22 credits.* * *

16. Liberty University Online Academy (Lynchburg, VA)

Nationally recognized as the largest and most prominent evangelical universityin the world, Liberty University offers online and distance education for alltypes of students from elementary school up through graduate studies. For highschool students, a Duel Enrollment with Liberty University online is highlyencouraged. Students may apply at any time during the school year for full orpart-time admittance. All high school students are given a diagnostic testbefore enrollment to help with placement in the curriculum. The average schoolyear is comprised of two 90-day semesters, and most classes and schedules areflexible. It is expected that the full-time student should be able to completea 180-day school year within 10 months. The homeschooling curriculum isdivided into 10 units per course, which typically takes three to four weeks tocomplete. All high school students are expected to complete 26 credits priorto graduation.* * *

18. Orange Lutheran Online High School (Orange, CA)

Opened in 1973, Orange Lutheran Online High School follows basic Christianvalues, as stated within the Lutheran Confessions. All courses offered havebeen approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association and theUniversity of California system. Both online and blended scheduling optionsare available. Students are expected to complete 27 units of coursework beforegraduation. Freshman through junior level students are required to take aminimum of seven unites per school year, and senior students are required totake six. In addition to the 19 Advanced Placement classes and 20 Honorscourses, Orange Lutheran offers two career specific programs designed to givestudents hands-on practical experience through precise coursework. The STEMprogram is for students interested in science, technology, engineering, andmath, and the Entrepreneurial Business Program provides an introduction tobusiness management and entrepreneurship.* * *

20. University of Texas High School (Austin, TX)

Managed as a public institution, the University of Texas High School enrollsmore than 600 full-time students and maintains over 40 domestic andinternational district partnerships. To be considered full-time, students arerequired to be enrolled in a minimum of four courses. Online students havemore than 60 courses to select from, all of which meet the requirements forthe Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Class work is purposefullystructured to be equivalent in length to a semester course in any other Texaspublic school. Organized into units consisting of introductory information,activities, assignments, and final exam, students have 150 days from the dateof enrollment to complete all required material. Final exams must beproctored. For students who wish to graduate within the traditional four yearsof high school, it is recommended that they complete a minimum of 12 half-credit courses each year. Free tutoring services are provided for math andscience.* * *

23. Stanford University Online High School (Stanford, CA)

Students enrolled at Stanford University Online High School have a reputationfor being gifted academics and intellectual risk-takers who achieve beyondtraditional expectations. From 45 of the American states and 27 countries, thediversity of the student body is a stimulant to the academic environment wherestudents are placed by their ability, not age or grade level. Engaged incollege-style scheduling, students and instructors meet twice per week with anaverage class size of 15. Instructors use a distinctive Core Sequence for thecurriculum. Students are required to take a minimum of 10 units at or abovethe Advanced Placement level in Social Sciences, Humanities, and NaturalScience or Mathematics. A total of 20 full-year courses, or 200 units, arerequired for graduating with a high school diploma. To supplement the rigorousacademic schedule, there are more than 40 student-led clubs, organizations,events, and regional meetups.* * *

26. Franklin Virtual High School (Tallahassee, FL)

At Franklin Virtual High School, the goal is cost-effective education forstudents in unique circumstances, without compromising quality and whileimproving flexibility. The programs available include summer school, highschool at home, traditional high school, ACT/SAT Prep classes, GED prepclasses, Credit Recovery, and Independent Study. Over 240 courses areavailable online. All scheduling is flexible, and each course requires a totalof 18 school weeks for completion. Most of the students work is computergraded, allowing for immediate feedback. Proctored tests are also deliveredonline. Before graduation, the completion of a high school exit exam isrequired. Established in 2010, the curricula has been regionally accredited,state licensed, and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. The school haspartnered with Edgenuity to ensure that classes are in alignment with CommonCore and meet the requirements of the Florida State Department of Education.* * *

27. The University of Mississippi Independent Study High School

(University, MS)With year round open enrollment, the University of Mississippi IndependentStudy High School offers a large variety of courses to meet the needs of alltypes of students. From special needs to accelerated pupils, Independent StudyHigh School maintains a high quality of education for a diverse student bodythrough core courses, low enrollment courses, numerous electives, and advancedstudies. Students are considered full time when they enroll in a minimum of2.5 Carnegie units per semester. There are no official time constraints forthe completion of work within a one year time frame, and students may notcomplete a course in less than four weeks for a half unit course, and sixweeks for a full unit course. Testing must be proctored at approved testingsites. All full time diploma students are required to complete at least 23 –25 Carnegie units before graduation. The curriculum has been accredited andapproved by the NCAA and the SACS/CASI.* * *

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