2021 Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Colorado

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2021 – Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Colorado

Colorado RNs looking to earn greater salaries and enter into higher levelleadership roles are turning to RN to BSN bridge programs to achieve theirgoals. Those who hope to stay employed while earning their BSN degree canenroll in one of the state’s excellent online RN to BSN program options. Tomake choosing the right program easier, we have ranked Colorado’s top onlineRN to BSN programs below. Take your nursing education to the next level withone of these convenient online options!For more information on our top nursing school rankings, visit our MethodologyPage (https://www.registerednursing.org/rankings-methodology/).

Admissions Requirements for Colorado RN to BSN Programs

Meeting the entrance requirements is crucial for entering a good RN to BSNprogram; exceeding the requirements is even better. Many programs arecompetitive and this will give you the best chance of gaining admission toyour top choice. Below is an example of the types of requirements you mightcome across when researching Colorado programs: * Minimum GPA of 2.5 * Graduate of a school that is regionally accredited (by, for example, NWCCU or SACS) * Successful completion of an ADN program accredited by ACEN or CCNE * Have an active, unrestricted RN license from the United States

RN to BSN Classes & Courses

RN to BSN programs consist of a mix of general education, core nursingcourses, and electives. At Colorado Technical University, the following corenursing courses are offered as part of their RN to BSN program: * Challenges and Trends in Contemporary Nursing * Population-Based Nursing * Safety and Quality Improvement in Nursing Practice * Innovation in Nursing

Online RN to BSN Programs in Colorado

Many schools are offering RN to BSN programs online to accommodate busyworking RNs. These programs are just as academically rigorous as their in-person counterparts, but offer more flexibility in coursework completion andstart dates.

2021 List of RN to BSN Programs in Colorado

Shortages in nursing care is what the state of Colorado faces in the future,so to circumvent the impact this will have on their patients, Colorado issupporting actively practicing nurses, as well as up-and-coming nurses tofurther their education by earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN)degree. Nurses with qualifications as a BSN degree have been known to earnhigher salaries, and obtain more possibilities to advance their careers.Colorado BSN nurses can potentially earn more than $5,000 more per year thanan ADN, and are more likely to be hired for specific opportunities, whichmakes the money spent on your education worth more than think.Find RN to BSN Programs By City:Program| Website —|— Adams State UniversityOnlineNursing208 Edgemont Boulevard Alamosa, CO 81101 (719) 587-8134| adams.edu American Sentinel UniversityOnlineNursing10065 E. Harvard Avenue, Ste. 450 Denver, CO 80231 (866) 922-5690| americansentinel.edu Aspen UniversityOnlineSchool of Nursing1660 S. Albion Street, Suite 525 Denver, CO 80222 (434) 989-4856| aspen.edu Colorado Christian UniversityOnlineCollege of Adult and Graduate Studies8787 W. Alameda Ave. Lakewood, CO 80226 (720) 872-5608| ccu.edu Colorado Mesa UniversityOnlineDepartment of Health Sciences1100 North Avenue Grand Junction, CO 81501 (970) 248-1129| coloradomesa.edu Colorado Mountain CollegeOnline802 Grand Avenue Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 (970) 945-8691| coloradomtn.edu Colorado Technical UniversityOnlineCollege of Nursing4435 N. Chestnut Street Colorado Springs, CO 80907 (412) 915-0571| coloradotech.edu Denver College of NursingOnlineNursing Programs1401 19th Street Denver, CO 80202 | denvercollegeofnursing.edu Metropolitan State University of DenverOnlineDepartment of Nursing1201 5th Street 9 Denver, CO 80204 | msudenver.edu Regis UniversityOnlineLoretto Heights School of Nursing3333 Regis Boulevard Denver, CO 80221-1099 (303) 964-5325| regis.edu University of Colorado – Colorado SpringsOnlineHelen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy Colorado Springs, CO 80918 | johnsonbethel.uccs.edu University of Colorado Anschutz Medical CampusOnlineCollege of Nursing13120 East 19th Avenue Aurora, CO 80045 (303) 724-1679| nursing.cuanschutz.edu University of Northern ColoradoOnlineSchool of Nursing501 20th Street Greeley, CO 80639 (970) 351-2944| extended.unco.edu Are we missing your school’s program or need to update information listed?Please contact us so we can make the necessary changes.RN to BSN Programs in Tennessee Online || RegisteredNursing.orgAs the field of nursing continues to advance with healthcare changes andemergent technologies and practices, it’s important for nurses to stay abreastof evidence-based best practices in the field. To this end, many nurses eachyear commit to undergoing an RN to BSN program to complete their degree. Thisadvancement, while stressful, opens new pathways for success – both forpatients and for nurses themselves.

2021 – Best Online RN to BSN Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee RNs who hold an associate’s degree or nursing diploma may wish toadvance their career options by enrolling in an RN to BSN completion program.These programs are designed specifically for the busy working RN, and canusually be completed swiftly and efficiently. Online RN to BSN options makethe process even easier, as students can work through the curriculum on theirown time. To find the perfect program, check out our rankings of the toponline RN to BSN programs in Tennessee below. We’ve ranked the best of thebest to help you get started on expanding your nursing career.For more information on our top nursing school rankings, visit our MethodologyPage (https://www.registerednursing.org/rankings-methodology/).

Admissions Requirements for Tennessee RN to BSN Programs

Whether you’ve been in the workforce for a short while or a longer-term,returning to the classroom to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing(BSN) can seem overwhelming. Below, we’ve included some of the most commonadmissions criteria that appear throughout RN to BSN programs in Tennessee.

RN to BSN Classes & Courses

Austin Peay State University in Clarksville strives for year on yearbetterment of their online RN to BSN programming with the philosophy that nowis the time for nurses to upgrade and update their credentials. Offered fullyonline, the program offers such courses as the following to help nurses bridgeknowledge and experiential gaps between ADN and BSN. * NURS 4151 – Community and Public Health Nursing Clinical * NURS 4170 – Leadership and Management of Professional Nursing * NURS 4171 – Leadership and Management of Professional Nursing Clinical * NURS 4180 Trends and Issues of Professional Nursing

Online RN to BSN Programs in Tennessee

Tennessee has more than 20 colleges, professional schools, and universitiesthat offer the RN to BSN program for nurses who wish to upgrade their ADNcredentials. With an emphasis on health outcomes and leadership, nurses willfind the theoretical components highly useful to integrate into their practicealmost immediately. Online courses are designed to fit around a nurse’s otherpersonal and professional commitments.

2021 List of RN to BSN Programs in Tennessee

Careers in public health, clinical managers, and government agencies could bethe career advancement opportunities that become available to candidates thattake up a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree. Making $4,000 more annuallythan an ADN nurse is also another benefit in investing in your career goals.The benefits of having a BSN degree or higher can be obtained by attending oneof the more than 20 RN to BSN programs offered throughout the state and bydifferent modalities, including online part-time studies.Find RN to BSN Programs By City:Program| Website —|— Austin Peay State UniversityOnlineSchool of Nursing601 College Street Clarksville, TN 37044 (844) 851-6815| online.apsu.edu Baptist College of Health SciencesOnlineDivision of Nursing1003 Monroe Ave Memphis, TN 38104 (866) 575-2247| bchs.edu Carson-Newman UniversityOnlineDepartment of Nursing1646 Russell Avenue Jefferson City, TN 37760 (865) 471-3442| cn.edu Christian Brothers UniversityOnlineRN to BSN Nursing Program650 East Parkway South Memphis, TN 38104 (901) 321-3465| cbu.edu East Tennessee State UniversityOnlineCollege of Nursing365 Stout Drive Johnson City, TN 37614 (423) 439-7051| etsu.edu King UniversityOnline CampusSchool of Nursing1350 King College Road Bristol, TN 37620 (423) 652-6312| king.edu Milligan CollegeOnlineSchool of Sciences and Allied Health1 Blowers Boulevard Milligan College, TN 37682 (423) 461-8655| milligan.edu Tennessee Tech UniversityCampusWhitson-Hester School of Nursing1 William L Jones Dr Cookeville, TN 38505 (931) 372-3547| tntech.edu Tennessee Wesleyan UniversityOnlineFort Sanders Nursing Department204 E College St Athens, TN 37303 (423) 745-7504| tnwesleyan.edu Union UniversityOnlineSchool of Nursing1050 Union University Dr Jackson, TN 38305 (731) 668-1818| uu.edu University of MemphisOnlineLoewenberg College of Nursing101 Wilder Tower Memphis, TN 38152 (190) 167-8200 x3| memphis.edu University of Tennessee at MartinOnlineDepartment of Nursing554 University St Martin, TN 38238 | utm.edu University of Tennessee ChattanoogaOnlineSchool of Nursing615 McCallie Ave Chattanooga, TN 37403 (423) 425-4644| utc.edu University of Tennessee Health Science CenterOnlineCollege of Nursing910 Madison Ave Memphis, TN 38163 | uthsc.edu University of Tennessee KnoxvilleOnlineCollege of Nursing1200 Volunteer Blvd Knoxville, TN 37916 | nursing.utk.edu Are we missing your school’s program or need to update information listed?Please contact us so we can make the necessary changes.RN to BSN Prerequisites

RN to BSN Requirements

The School of Nursing offers our highly acclaimed RN to BSN degree program tohelp you go beyond the basics and reach your potential as a nurse. Registerednurses can find the flexibility and timeline they need with this program,since the courses are accessible on the web. Our online RN to BSN programmeans you have access to academic education at work or at home, wherever orwhenever you want to study. Our faculty are ready to build on your experienceby examining new trends and theories, exploring critical issues, emphasizingapplicable professional nursing practices and incorporating concepts ofholistic care.All Texas Core Curriculum requirements (CC) as established by Texaslegislation must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in the RN toBSN program, and prior to course attendance at the Texas Tech UniversityHealth Sciences Center campus. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centerdoes not offer general education courses. General education requirementscompleted at a private or out-of-state institution may not be equivalents ofthe required Texas Core Curriculum, and may not excuse a student from notcompleting the core curriculum. For additional information on Texas CoreCurriculum, click here.Effective Spring 2021 admissions cycle: TTUHSC School of Nursing is no longerrequiring CHEM 1305 & 1105 or 1406 or 1411 (4 SCH) as a prerequisite for theRN to BSN Program.If an applicant has already successfully taken Chemistry, those hours will becounted toward the required 54 SCH pre-requisites for consideration ofadmissions into the program. This includes the mandate for all applicants tobe core complete.If an applicant has not taken CHEM 1305 & 1105 or 1406 or 1411 (4 SCH), theynow have the option to take an additional 4 SCH of electives which would counttoward the required 54 SCH as well as meeting core curriculum requirements.Please contact one of the coordinators below with any questions on thisadmissions pre-requisite change for Spring 2021:Advisor and Application Coach: Patti VenegasAdmissions Coordinator: Tonya Maxwell

School of Nursing Requirements

Texas Core Curriculum Requirements — Course | Credits Communication (010) | 6 Credit Hours Mathematics (020) | 3 Credit Hours Life and Physical Sciences (030) | 6 Credit Hours Language, Philosophy & Culture (040) | 3 Credit Hours Creative Arts (050) | 3 Credit Hours American History (060) | 6 Credit Hours Government/Political Science (070) | 6 Credit Hours Social and Behavioral Science (080) | 3 Credit Hours Component Area Option (090) | 6 Credit Hours Total Core Curriculum Requirements | 42 Credit Hours In addition to being Texas Core Complete, please find below the necessary pre-requisites for admission into the RN to BSN Program.Some of these pre-requisites may count toward being Texas Core Complete.TTUHSC School of Nursing Prerequisites — Course | Description | Credits BIOL 2420 or 2421* | Microbiology with lab | 4 BIOL 2401* | Anatomy & Physiology I w/ lab | 4 BIOL 2402* | Anatomy & Physiology II w/ lab | 4 PSYC 2301* | General Psychology | 3 PSYC 2314* | Life Span Human Development | 3 MATH 1342, 1442, 2342, or 2442*+ | Statistics | 3 BIOL 1322*^ | Nutrition | 3 HIST 1301* | History of the US to 1877 | 3 HIST 1302* | History of the US since 1877 | 3 POLS 2305* | American Govt Organization | 3 POLS 2306* | American Public Policy | 3 ENGL 1301* | English I | 3 ENGL 1302* | English II | 3 Creative Arts (Eff. Fall 2014) | Must be a Texas core approved course | 3 Language, Philosophy & Culture (Eff. Fall 2014) | Must be a Texas coreapproved course | 3 XXXX Component Area Option | Replaces hours for the Chemistry we no longerrequire | 4 ELECTIVE (Credit towards Component Area Option) | Must be Texas Core approvedcourse | 2 Total | 54 * Course numbers listed are based on the Texas Common Course Numbering System (TCCNS). Check with your academic institution to verify the course number that corresponds with the TCCNS number.^ Nutrition can be waived dependent up on the APN’s curriculum design

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