28 What are the data sources that support and connect to Power BI

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AI and machine learning

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Power BI Interview Questions

2) What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Business Analytics solution or a Business Intelligence and DataVisualization tool developed and maintained by Microsoft. It enables users toconvert data from thousands of data sources into interactive dashboards, andBI reports.Power BI is a cloud-based Self-Service BI tool that collects applications,multiple software connectors and services used to organize raw data intoimportant content.* * *

3) What is Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is a free business intelligence desktop application installedon your computer. Power BI Desktop works with the Power BI service byproviding advanced data exploration, shaping, modeling, and creating a reportwith highly interactive visualizations. By using Power BI Desktop, you caneasily save your work to a file or publish your data and reports right to yourPower BI site to share with others.* * *

5) What are the different parts of Microsoft’s self-service business

intelligence (SSBI) solution?There are two parts of Microsoft Self-Service Business Intelligence Solution:Excel BI Toolkit: Excel BI Toolkit is used to allow the users to create aninteractive report by importing data from different possible sources and modeldata according to the report’s requirement.Power BI: The Power BI is an online solution that enables users to share theinteractive reports and queries you have created using the Excel BI Toolkit.* * *

12) How Important is Power BI?

Power BI is one of Microsoft’s greatest data analysis and visualization tooldeveloped and maintained. It provides dashboards, datasets, and reports thatare the heart of Power BI. They enable users to create personalized dashboardscombining cloud-born and on-premises data in a single view. It also allowsmonitoring the most important data enterprise-wide and from all their businessapps. So, we can say that Power BI has a great impact on business intelligenceand data analysis.* * *

26) What is Visualization in Power BI?

Visualization is a process of Power BI used to represent data in pictorialform like tables, graphs or charts based on the specific requirement.* * *

28) What are the data sources that support and connect to Power BI?

The following data sources support DirectQuery in Power BI: * Amazon Redshift * Azure SQL Database * Azure Data Explorer * AtScale (Beta) * Azure HDInsight Spark * Google BigQuery * Azure SQL Data Warehouse * HDInsight Interactive Query* * *

Secure cloud analytics

All the price-performance in the world means nothing without security. Makethe comparison and you will see Azure is the most trusted cloud in the market.Azure has the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings, including morecertifications than any other cloud vendor combined with advanced identitygovernance and access management with Active Directory integration.For analytics, we have developed additional capabilities to meet customers’most stringent security requirements. Azure Data Lake Storage provides multi-layered security including POSIX compliant file and folder permissions and at-rest encryption. Similarly, Azure SQL Data Warehouse utilizes machine learningto provide the most comprehensive set of security capabilities across dataprotection, access control, authentication, network security, and automaticthreat detection.

1. What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics tool developed by Microsoft that helps youturn multiple unrelated sources of data into valuable and interactiveinsights. These data may be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or cloud-based/on-premises hybrid data warehouses. You can easily connect to all yourdata sources and share the insights with anyone.

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