29 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in California for 2021

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Pharmacy Technician Schools and Programs in South Carolina

Job prospects for Pharmacy Technicians in the state of South Carolina arebrilliant. The average annual salary of a Pharmacy Technician in SouthCarolina is $30,360 per year. The state has 17 schools which provide trainingprograms to would-be pharmacy technicians. From these schools to give you thebest educational choices we have ranked the Top 8 Pharmacy Technician Schoolsin South Carolina. All the schools that made it to our list of ranking areASHP accredited.

8 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in South Carolina for 2021

(Following is a list of schools offering the best pharmacy technician programsin South Carolina)

Choosing the Right Pharmacy Technician School in South Carolina

When selecting a pharmacy technician school in South Carolina for formaltraining, make certain that you select one that is ASHP accredited – AmericanSociety of Health-System Pharmacists. In addition, it is necessary for you todecide whether you want to complete a certificate course (9 months training)or an associated degree course (2 years training). The state has 17schoolsoffering certificate courses and 1 school which offers the associate degreecourse. What’s more, fill in the FAFSA for financial assistance for theschooling too.

Pharmacy Technician Related Organizations in South Carolina

South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation – Board ofPharmacy: South Carolina requires you to obtain a pharmacy technician licensein order to work as a pharmacy technician in the state. You are required toapply to the South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation Boardof Pharmacy, which is a regulatory authority that regulates pharmacies andissues licenses and permitsSouth Carolina Pharmacy Association: South Carolina Pharmacy Association hasbeen around for 140 years, lending professional support to member of thepharmaceutical field. Its members include pharmacists, pharmacy technicians,students and retired pharmacy professionals. A membership into thisassociation will provide you a systematic platform where you can voice youropinions, network with other pharmacy practitioners and upgrade your skillsand knowledge by attending events and learning programs.South Carolina Society of Health-System Pharmacists: South Carolina Society ofHealth-System Pharmacists is a resourceful association which promotes publichealth and patient safety by enhancing the role of pharmacy professionals,providing continuing education, learning resources and networkingopportunities. Being a member will help you grow professionally in the fieldof pharmacy.

View Complete List of Pharmacy Technician Schools in South Carolina

| School Name| Location| Type| ASHP Accreditation| Program Link —|—|—|—|—|— 1| Aiken Technical College| Graniteville| Public| Yes| Visit 2| Central Carolina Technical College| Sumter| Public| Yes| Visit 3| Greenville Technical College| Greenville| Public| Yes| Visit 4| Horry-Georgetown Technical College| Conway| Public| Yes| 5| Midlands Technical College| West Columbia| Public| Yes| Visit 6| Miller-Motte Technical College-Charleston| Charleston| Private for-profit|No| Visit 7| Miller-Motte Technical College-Conway| Conway| Private for-profit| No| 8| Piedmont Technical College| Greenwood| Public| Yes| Visit 9| Remington College-Columbia Campus| Columbia| Private not-for-profit| Yes|Visit 10| Southeastern Institute-Charleston| North Charleston| Private for-profit|Yes| Visit 11| Southeastern Institute-Columbia| Columbia| Private for-profit| No| 12| Spartanburg Community College| Spartanburg| Public| Yes| Visit 13| Tri-County Technical College| Pendleton| Public| Yes| Visit 14| Trident Technical College| Charleston| Public| Yes| Visit 15| Virginia College – Columbia| Columbia| Private for-profit| Yes| 16| Virginia College – Florence| Florence| Private for-profit| Yes| 17| Virginia College – Greenville| Greenville| Private for-profit| Yes| 18| Virginia College – North Charleston| North Charleston| Private for-profit|Yes| 19| Virginia College – Spartanburg| Spartanburg| Private for-profit| Yes| Nearby States Related Articles29 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in California

Pharmacy Technician Schools and Programs in California

California is one of the most populous states in the US, which means moreemployment opportunities for pharmacy technicians as there will be a risingneed in the use of prescription drugs, thus having more number of pharmaciescoming up. According to BLS, in May 2017 in California there were 36,920pharmacy technicians earning an average annual salary of $40,890. There are 67Pharmacy Technician schools in California, offering certificate, diploma andassociate programs. When it comes to deciding on the right school it is vitalto know the top schools in your state and what they have to offer as educationcosts money, ensuring you get the best return on your investment. We haveclosely evaluated all these schools and come up with the list of the top 29pharmacy technician programs in CA.

29 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in California for 2021

(Following is a list of schools offering the best pharmacy technician programsin California)

Pharmacy Technician Related Organizations in California

California State Board of Pharmacy: The California State Board of pharmacyregulates the pharmacy practice of pharmacists, interns and pharmacytechnicians. The promotes the appropriate use of pharmaceutical care usingeducation, licensing, regulation and enforcement. You can apply to the Boardto get your license to work as a pharmacy technician in CA.Address: 1625 N Market Blvd, N219. Sacramento, CA 95834 Telephone: 916-574-7900 Fax: 916-574-8618California Pharmacists Association: The California Pharmacists Associationrepresents pharmacists, technicians and student pharmacists from all practicesettings. Membership to this organization will help you find jobs, connectwith people in the pharmacy field to advance your career. The associationconducts seminars and webinars about the changing trends in the pharmaceuticalworld which can help keep you updated with your knowledge and skills.California Society of Health-System Pharmacists: As a pharmacy technician youcan become a member of this society and gain access to their many pharmacyrelated initiatives. You can get advance training and collaborate with otherhealthcare partners. It is the largest state association for pharmacists,representing 3500 members who practice clinical pharmacy and specializedmedicine.

View Complete List of Pharmacy Technician Schools in California

| School Name| Location| Type| Accredited| Program Link —|—|—|—|—|— 1| American Career College – Anaheim| Anaheim| Private for-profit| Yes| Visit 2| American Career College – Los Angeles| Los Angeles| Private for-profit|Yes| 3| American Career College – Ontario| Ontario| Private for-profit| Yes| 4| American College of Healthcare| Riverside| Private for-profit| No| Visit 5| American University of Health Sciences| Signal Hill| Private for-profit|No| Visit 6| Asher College| Sacramento| Private for-profit| No| Visit 7| Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education| Baldwin Park| Public| No| Visit 8| Baldy View Regional Occupational Program| Ontario| Public| No| Visit 9| Bay Area Medical Academy| San Francisco| Private for-profit| No| Visit 10| Brightwood College – Palm Springs| Palm Springs| Private for-profit| No|Visit 11| Brightwood College – Vista| Vista| Private for-profit| No| 12| California Healing Arts College| Carson| Private for-profit| No| Visit 13| Carrington College – Citrus Heights| Citrus Heights| Private for-profit|Yes| Visit 14| Carrington College – Pleasant Hill| Pleasant Hill| Private for-profit|Yes| 15| Carrington College – Pomona| Pomona| Private for-profit| Yes| 16| Carrington College – Sacramento| Sacramento| Private for-profit| Yes| 17| Carrington College – San Jose| San Jose| Private for-profit| Yes| 18| Carrington College – San Leandro| San Leandro| Private for-profit| Yes| 19| Carrington College – Stockton| Stockton| Private for-profit| Yes| 20| CBD College| Los Angeles| Private not-for-profit| No| Visit 21| Cerritos College| Norwalk| Public| Yes| Visit 22| Chaffey College| Cucamonga| Public| No| Visit 23| Charles A Jones Career and Education Center| Sacramento| Public| Yes|Visit 24| City College of San Francisco| San Francisco| Public| No| Visit 25| College of the Sequoias| Visalia| Public| No| Visit 26| Cosumnes River College| Sacramento| Public| Yes| Visit 27| Downey Adult School| Downey| Public| No| Visit 28| Eagle Rock College| Los Angeles| Private for-profit| No| 29| East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program| West Covina|Public| No| Visit 30| Foothill College – Middlefield| Middlefield| Public| Yes| Visit 31| Galaxy Medical College| North Hollywood| Private for-profit| No| Visit 32| Hacienda La Puente Adult Education| La Puente| Public| No| Visit 33| High Desert Medical College| Lancaster| Private for-profit| No| Visit 34| Imperial Valley College| Imperial| Public| No| Visit 35| Institute of Technology| Clovis| Private for-profit| No| Visit 36| InterCoast Colleges – Fairfield| Fairfield| Private for-profit| No| Visit 37| InterCoast Colleges – Rancho Cordova| Rancho Cordova| Private for-profit|No| 38| Los Angeles ORT College – Los Angeles| Los Angeles| Private not-for-profit| No| Visit 39| Los Angeles ORT College – Van Nuys| Van Nuys| Private not-for-profit| No| 40| Modesto Junior College| Modesto| Public| Yes| Visit 41| North Orange County Community College District, School of ContinuingEducation| N/A| N/A| Yes| Visit 42| North-West College – Glendale| Glendale| Private for-profit| Yes| Visit 43| North-West College – Long Beach| Long Beach| Private for-profit| No| 44| North-West College – Pasadena| Pasadena| Private for-profit| No| 45| North-West College – Pomona| Pomona| Private for-profit| Yes| 46| North-West College – Riverside| Riverside| Private for-profit| No| 47| North-West College – Santa Ana| Santa Ana| Private for-profit| No| 48| North-West College – Van Nuys| Van Nuys| Private for-profit| Yes| 49| North-West College – West Covina| West Covina| Private for-profit| Yes| 50| Pima Medical Institute – Chula Vista| Chula Vista| Private for-profit|Yes| Visit 51| Riverside County Office of Education – School of Career Education| Indio|Public| No| Visit 52| San Bernardino Valley College| San Bernardino| Public| Yes| Visit 53| San Joaquin Valley College – Visalia| Visalia| Private for-profit| No|Visit 54| Santa Ana College| Santa Ana| Public| Yes| Visit 55| Santa Barbara Business College – Bakersfield| Bakersfield| Private for-profit| No| Visit 56| Santa Barbara Business College – Santa Maria| Santa Maria| Private for-profit| No| 57| Santa Barbara Business College – Ventura| Ventura| Private for-profit| No| 58| Santa Rosa Junior College| Santa Rosa| Public| No| Visit 59| Therapeutic Research Center| N/A| N/A| Yes| Visit 60| UEI College – Bakersfield| Bakersfield| Private for-profit| No| Visit 61| UEI College – Fresno| Fresno| Private for-profit| No| 62| UEI College – Gardena| Gardena| Private for-profit| No| 63| UEI College – Riverside| Riverside| Private for-profit| No| 64| United Education Institute – Encino| Encino| Private for-profit| No| 65| United Education Institute – UEI College San Marcos| San Marcos| Privatefor-profit| No| 66| University of Antelope Valley| Lancaster| Private for-profit| No| Visit 67| Valley College of Medical Careers| West Hills| Private for-profit| No|Visit 68| Ventura Adult and Continuing Education| Ventura| Public| No| Visit 69| West Los Angeles College| Culver City| Public| No| Visit Nearby States Related Articles27 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in Texas

Pharmacy Technician Schools and Programs in Texas

Texas is the second most populated state in the US; that means there areconsiderable employment opportunities for pharmacy technicians, given thatthere will be a growing requirement for prescription drugs, and thereby therewill be a greater number of pharmacies as well as health care centers comingup. Out of the 51 Pharmacy Technician colleges in Texas, 26 schools are ASHPaccredited. You can start your career as a Pharmacy Tech in TX by choosing theright pharmacy technician program and get home an annual average salary of$33,630 (According to BLS, as of 2017). To help you narrow down your search wehave curated a list of the Top 28 Pharmacy Technician Schools in Texas afterclosely evaluating 51 schools that offer this program in TX. The colleges thathave made it to our list are not only known in the state but also in thenation for consistently nurturing the academic and career goals of pharmacytechnician students with a successful outcome.

27 Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in Texas for 2021

(Following is a list of schools offering the best pharmacy technician programsin Texas)

Pharmacy Technician Related Organizations in Texas

Texas State Board of Pharmacy: The State Board of Pharmacy is your go toagency to apply for your pharmacy technician license. The state agency isresponsible for the licensing and registration of Texas pharmacists, pharmacytechnicians and pharmacies. It regulates the practice and operation ofpharmacies and distribution of prescription drugs in the state of TX.Address: Texas State Board of Pharmacy, 333 Guadalupe St., Tower 3, Suite 600.AUstin, TX 78701 Phone: (512) 305-8000 Fax: (512) 305-8082Texas State Pharmaceutical Association: The Association was incorporated toimprove pharmaceutical services in Texas. Today it is the voice of its memberswho are practicing in all areas of pharmacy, including community, hospitals,long-term care facilities, education, manufacturing and distribution.Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists: It is a society formed to cater tothe needs of the ever evolving pharmaceutical field. It provides numerousnetworking opportunities, educational growth, mentor-ship, competitions andawards to its members, which enhances professional growth.

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