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MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCEWebsiteScore: 68.3A private research university located in Syracuse, NY, Syracuse University wasoriginally founded by the Methodist Church. The Department of PoliticalScience offers a Master of Arts in Political Science. The program has the dualpurpose of preparing students who want to pursue doctoral work or others whoare interested in working in the public or private sector.Faculty specialize in a variety of areas including Public Administration &Policy, Security Studies, along with Law & Courts. Students can also pursuecertificates in a variety of areas, including Civil Society Organizations,Conflict Resolution, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Graduatestudents are also invited to participate in the Political Science ResearchWorkshop where they can present their work and research to other students andfaculty.Net Price: $51,853


MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCEWebsiteScore: 70.8Founded in West Lafayette, IN by businessman John Purdue, Purdue University isa large public research institution of higher learning. The Department ofPolitical Science offers a Master of Arts in Political Science. The degree isprimarily designed to function as the first step towards a doctoral degree anda likely academic career. Upon completion of the degree, students mustcomplete qualifying exams in two areas of specialization.Areas of Concentration include International Relations, Comparative Politics,and Public Policy, among others. Classes in the program include InternationalRelations and Theories of War, Political Parties & Representation, and PublicPolicy. PU reviews applications on a holistic basis, so there are no setminimums for GPA or GRE for admission, however, applicants have had on averagea 3.0 GPA for their undergraduate degree.Net Price: $9,992 in-state; $28,794 out-of-state


MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCEWebsiteScore: 87.5Located in upper Manhattan, Columbia University is a large private researchinstitution of higher learning. The Department of Political Science offers aMaster of Arts in Political Science degree. The program is designed to prepareindividuals for a variety of career pathways in the public or private sector,as well as academics. The degree program offers five different subfields forconcentration including International Relations, Political Methodology, andPolitical Theory.Classes in the program include Global Energy and Climate Change: Security andGeopolitics, Strategic Intelligence and Political Decision Making, and theAmerican Presidency. Students and faculty participate in seminars andworkshops sponsored by the DPS and other research centers at CU where theydiscuss current issues and share their ongoing research. Admission requirestranscripts, three letters of recommendation, GRE scores, a statement ofpurpose, a writing sample, and a current resume.Net Price: $59,430


MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCEWebsiteScore: 93.5A leading private research university located in Durham, NC, Duke Universitywas founded in the 19th century. The Department of Political Science at DUoffers a Master of Arts in Political Science. Students in the program workalongside doctoral students in one of the most highly respected programs inthe country. The degree is comprised of 30 credits and students can opt topursue a thesis.Students must take at least three classes in one of six subfields, and anadditional two in a second field. Subfields include Security, Peace &Conflict, Normative Political Theory & Philosophy, and Political Behavior &Identities. DU also offers joint MAPS and Juris Doctor programs for interestedindividuals. The program is highly competitive, and applicants must submit awriting sample, transcripts, GRE scores, and three letters of recommendation.Net Price: $55,695

Associate of Science

The Associate of Science degree may be awarded to students who are pursing thefollowing degrees: * Bachelor of Science (B.S.) Accounting, Athletic Training, Biological Sciences, Business, BusinessAdministration, Economics, Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory Science,Communication Disorders, Communication Studies, Journalism, Radio-TV, PrintingManagement, Computer and Information Technology, Computer Science, DigitalMedia and Design, Early Care and Education, Exercise Science, Finance,Forensic Science, Graphic Communications, Health Promotion, InternationalBusiness, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, SportManagement, Technology, Wildlife Ecology and Management * Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.S.A.) Agricultural Business, Agricultural Education, Animal Science, Plant Science * Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.) Mathematics, Business Technology, Middle-Level Education (Grades 4-8), EarlyChildhood, Physical Education, General Sciences * Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.Engr.) Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering * Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) * Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Sciences (B.S.R.S.) * Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Points: 31 Tuition: $13,239 (California residents), $42,993 (out of state) School ProfileIn addition to the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, UCLA offers tech-minded students a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and a Bachelorof Science in Computer Science and Engineering. Students who earn any of thesecomputer science degrees at UCLA will study topics like: * software engineering * principles of programming languages * data structures * theory of computation * artificial intelligence * computer modeling * distributed systems * computer networks * operating systemsUCLA consistently ranks as one of the top computer science schools bypublications like U.S. News & World Report, Forbes, ARWU, and Times HigherEducation, among others.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer SciencePoints: 11 Tuition: $50,310 School ProfileThe Computer Science faculty at Rice is ranked 1 by the Chronicle of HigherEducation for scholarly productivity. The B.S. in Computer Science is a highlyfocused, in-depth education in the field. The B.A. is more focused on breadthof education. Students also have the option of pursuing a double major,minor(s), or even taking a broader range of classes relating to computerscience or similar subjects.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Master of Data Science Online Programs

You may think with a master’s in data science, employers will come to you –and you may be right. But Best Master’s Programs editors want to point you tothe programs most likely to really make a boost in your career. That’s why allof the accredited, reliable schools on our list are ranked according to theirSalary Potential, Student Satisfaction, and Tuition Cost – so you can be sureyou will see a real return on your investment.

Bachelor‘s Degrees in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an increasingly popular subset of engineering inwhich engineers are tasked with applying their knowledge to biological andmedical programs. This mindset has led to the creation of new devices andother innovations that can improve healthcare for all individuals. Studying inthis field often requires coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and, ofcourse, engineering. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics draws attention toseveral specialty areas within the field, including bioinstrumentation,biomaterials, biomechanics, bioinformatics and others. The same organizationalso notes that employment of biomedical engineers is growing steadily at 7percent by 2026. Those with degrees in this discipline can choose to continuetheir education or work in the healthcare sciences, software development,engineering, and technology fields.When looking at a bachelor’s program in biomedical engineering, studentsshould consider the opportunities for research and internship. Many coursesare taught by faculty members actively conducting cutting edge research, andhaving experience working with them can be very beneficial to one’s resume.One should also think about the internship placements universities have foundfor their students. Additionally, an excellent question to ask is whether ornot the program has been accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineeringand Technology. This is the standard for accreditation in engineering.Finally, it can be essential to see what job placement rates a university hasfor this degree. You can find more information below about the 35 BestBachelor’s Degrees in Biomedical Engineering!


HOUGHTON, MIBACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERINGVisit WebsiteScore: 73.66The Accreditation Board accredits Michigan Technology University’s Bachelor ofScience in Biomedical Engineering for Engineering and Technology. The programrequires 129 credits of every graduating student while offering a variety ofemphases and minors for students. Emphases include mechanical engineering,electrical engineering, materials science and engineering, and biotechnologywhereas the minors offered are medical devices and instrumentation, tissue andstem cell engineering, and biomaterials engineering.Additionally, students can choose from a wide variety of courses as theycomplete these minors, emphases, and their electives. Some examples includeBiomimetic Materials, Cardiovascular Engineering, Biosensors: Fabrication &Applications, Biomaterials Interfaces, and Smart Polymers. For studentsinterested in attending medical school, the course of study can help toprepare students, and there is an early assurance admission program forqualified students.Net Price: $17,139


WEST LAFAYETTE, INBACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERINGVisit WebsiteScore: 84.61Purdue University’s Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering requires 130credits for completion. Students take courses in math, physics, chemistry, andthe life sciences, then they apply and combine those principles with theengineering curriculum. Ultimately, they design a project that brings togetherthis coursework. Students can also come together in the Engineering Projectsin Community Service program to address engineering-based problems in thelocal community and education organizations. Purdue also allows its studentsto study abroad in Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, and China. There is also theWomen in Engineering Program, which offers mentorship and professionaldevelopment to encourage and increase the number of women in the field.Net Price: $12,117


NEW YORK, NYBACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERINGVisit WebsiteScore: 94.73Columbia University in New York, New York, offers a Bachelor of Science inBiomedical Engineering degree. In the first two years of the program, studentstake foundational classes in the physical sciences and chemistry as well asengineering, math, and biology. Then, students progress into more engineering-specific courses. Columbia requires 128.5 points of study for students to earntheir degree. Students can also start an accelerated Master of Science degreewhile finishing their undergraduate course of study. Columbia also engages itsstudents in research, and several projects have led to the founding of startupcompanies, which is a testament to the excellent work produced.Net Price: $22,824

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