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Big Data Analysis

Nearly every industry today relies on data, whether it is data about theirclients or the success of their product. While it is easy for companies to getdata, they need employees who can collect, organize, and then interpret thatdata. Data analysis skills most valued by employers include: * Algorithms * Analytical Skills * Big Data * Calculating * Compiling Statistics * Data Analytics * Data Mining * Database Design * Database Management * Documentation * Modeling * Modification * Needs Analysis * Quantitative Research * Quantitative Reports * Statistical Analysis

Social Media Management & Digital Marketing

Including a phrase like “experienced in social media” into your resume is nolonger enough to impress most employers, because so many people use socialmedia. However, if you can explain your experience with certain mediaplatforms and quantify your results, you will be able to stand out from thecompetition.This skill set is often referred to as content marketing and is particularlyuseful if you are looking for jobs in public relations, marketing, webdevelopment, or anything related to digital marketing. * Content Management Systems (CMS) * Blogging * Digital Photography * Digital Media * Networking * Search Engine Optimization (SEO) * Social Media Platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Medium, etc.) * Web Analytics * Automated Marketing Software

Technical Writing

Many jobs that involve written communication require you to explain complexthings in a way that is easy to understand. You might have to send messages toclients or manufacturers, or write press releases, web content, or manuals forclients. Being able to communicate complex ideas in a clear way will make youstand out in many jobs. * Client Relations * Email * Requirements Gathering * Research * Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) * Technical Documentation

3. Explainer Videos Help You Get Noticed on Social Media

Like SEO, Social Media platforms are powerful discovery tools. They allow yourbusiness to be found by potential customers who may not have been aware ofyou.But unlike SEO, social media platforms allow you to do more of the discovery.With SEO, a potential customer needs to have a pretty good idea of what theyare looking for when they type in a query. But the problem is, not everyoneknows what they are looking for. Some aren’t even looking in the firstplace…..This is where social media can be very handy.With social media, you can build followings through network effects: someonelikes a piece of content you posted, whose friend with similar interests alsosees and shares the content, and so on and so forth. This allows your contentto be discovered incidentally. You can learn who is interested in you and howyou can meet their needs.You can also pay to sponsor your content on a social media platform. Here, theplatform uses the info they have on everyone to help you find even more peoplewho will be interested in you.Sounds pretty good, hey? Social media platforms have one problem though: theyare overflowing with so much content that it can be very difficult to get yourtarget audience to engage with your content, or even see it in the firstplace. In fact, Facebook statistics from 2019 show that the median postfrequency for brands was 0.97 per day, while the median engagement rate was0.09%. In other words, this means that if you post once per day, on averageyou should only expect 9 out of 10,000 post viewers to engage with yourcontent!Therefore, breaking through all the competing content requires that you dosomething extra special.Videos are generally harder to make than other content types. This is whywritten content is more common than video on social media. But this providesan opportunity: if you are prepared to go to greater lengths than everyoneelse and make videos, then you will probably stand out.Further, as we have said over and over, people love videos. They can be fun towatch and they draw attention. People scrolling through a feed will generallyclick to watch a video over reading a sizeable amount of text.To support this, a Linkedin Senior Product Manager stated videos posted onLinkedin are 20x more likely to be shared by viewers than other post types.Say no more.

1. Digital Marketing Executive

A digital marketing executive is responsible for looking into the onlinemarketing strategies for the organization. They plan and execute marketingcampaigns, and maintain and supply content for the organization’s website.Here is a list of digital marketing executive roles and responsibilities: * Develop and manage digital marketing campaigns * Manage organization’s website * Optimize content for the website and social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, etc * Track the website traffic flow and provide internal reports regularly * Fix any error in online content and arrange webinars and webcasts * Attend networking events and product launches. * Identify new digital marketing trends and ensure that the brand is in front of the industry developments. * Work on SEO of the website pages. * Edit and post content, videos, podcasts, and audio content on online sites. * Promote company’s product and services in the digital space. * Execute social media efforts to improve KPIs, likes, shares, tweets, etc. * Creating and executing SMS, and email-based marketing campaigns.

2. Digital Marketing Manager

The primary role of a digital marketing manager is to get the word about yourbrand out in the digital space. Here are the digital marketing roles andresponsibilities of a digital marketing manager: * Develop, implement, and manage marketing campaigns that promote the products and services of a company. * Enhance brand awareness in the digital space. * Drive website traffic and acquire leads. * Measure site traffic, identify and evaluate new digital technologies and optimize marketing campaigns, email marketing, social media, and display & search advertising using web analytics tools.

4. Social Media Marketing Expert

A social media marketing expert is responsible for combining marketing andsocial media management to enhance the company’s social media presence,interaction with target audiences, promoting the brand’s engaging content, andexpanding the opportunities for increasing the revenue. A social mediamarketing expert should have the understanding and knowledge of each socialmedia platform, social media marketing strategies, and how to optimize contentto make it engaging on the social media channels. Here are the digitalmarketing roles and responsibilities of a social media marketing expert: * Create social media marketing strategy and campaign by creating the content idea, budget planning, and implementation schedules. * Promote the brand’s products and services on various social media channels. * Build social media marketing strategy and execute it through competitive and audience research. * Optimize company pages with each social media platform to increase the company’s social content visibility. * Achieve audience engagement, website traffic, and revenue by exploiting all digital marketing aspects of social media marketing roadmap.

5. Digital Marketing Copywriter

There are many job roles of a copywriter. A digital writer produces thewritten content for web pages. They can work either as a freelance contentwriter or as an employee of a company. The copywriter can help the contentteam to refine their content and words used to get more reception, help thesearch engine marketer to write a better ad copy, help the social mediamanager with better words for posting on social media channels. Here are fewjob digital marketing roles and responsibilities of a digital copywriter: * Tailor the content and style of writing assignments according to their purpose like sell or inform. * Understand target audience because content writing is not for clients. It’s for the readers. So a copywriter should understand the interests of the target audience. * Work with different team to ensure quality results and quality visual elements of the web page complementing the words. * Identifying interesting and fresh angles every time for an article. * Write for blogs, web pages, social media, ebooks, slogans, and video script. * Assist with the business pitches to win new clients and projects. * Provide digital contents such as video, infographics, and images, etc.

9. Content Marketing Manager

A content marketing manager is responsible for content marketing. Managingblog, marketing campaigns, ebook publications, guest blogging, emailcommunications, video marketing, sales page copywriting, etc. are the roles ofa content marketing manager. Here are the brief descriptions of the digitalmarketing roles and responsibilities of a content marketing manager: * Create, edit and improve the content that audience is looking for and optimize the path to conversion. * Deliver effective editorial plan and content marketing strategy to meet the business objectives. Editorial requirements include basic SEO understanding, content development, * categorization and structure, distribution and management. * Measure and optimize on a regular basis to drive traffic, engagement, and leads. * Integrate content programs with brand campaigns to drive the demand for the brand. * Develop editorial calendar. * Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement. * Analyze web traffic metrics.


Social media platforms have become an important platform to attract buyers.SocialAppsHQ deals with managing these social media platforms for marketingSMB’s and brands and became one of the SaaS Startups in India. It aims atbrand positioning, customer satisfaction, getting the market insights andanalyzing campaign performance. Services provided by this system includes * Social media * Planning * Monitoring * AnalyticsUsing powerful engagement apps, this system helps the brands to attract morecustomers to their website.

Carpenter Technology

Founded: 1989Focus: Materials scienceWhat they do: Carpenter Technology manufactures high-performance, alloy-basedmaterials for use in some of our most critical applications. The aerospace,defense, transportation, energy, healthcare and other industries all rely onspecialty alloys produced by Carpenter, from controlled expansion andcorrosion resistant materials to high strength, high temperature and non-magnetic alloys.CDI


Founded: 1994Focus: SoftwareWhat they do: WebLinc produces cloud-based products that help clients maximizepotential when operating stores online. Two products make up the company’sprimary line of offerings: Workarea, a digital commerce platform built tounite commerce, content, and insights while removing redundant tasks, andOrderbot, an order management system that manages customer service, warehousemanagement, inventory control, product management, and additional tasks.

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