5 2 65 billion people in the world use social media

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5. 2.65 billion people in the world use social media.

(Source: Statista)Using social media is one of the most popular online activities. According tothe latest how fast is technology growing statistics, of the 7.7 billionpeople in the world. Approximately 2.65 billion people used social media in2018, a number projected to reach 3.1 billion in 2021 huge.

Embrace social media

Social media is fun, impactful, and interactive. It is used by everyone frommultinational corporates to individuals. Most importantly, it hardly costsanything.As a startup, you can pump as much or as little money — or no money at all —in social media marketing as your budget permits. Moreover, there are so manycreative ways you can use the platform to further your business, fromawareness to brand-building and even sales.RECOMMENDED: How to Use Social Media to Generate LeadsHere’s how you can get started with your social media marketing:Identify your platformsWhile it helps to have an active presence on several channels, it can also beexpensive and overwhelming, especially if you’re just starting. Instead, stickto a few channels and master them before you move on to the others. Everychannel has its own advantages, popular content types, and user base.For instance, while Facebook may have the largest user base, you may find thatyour niche audience is more active on LinkedIn or Twitter. Go back to yourbuyer persona to find out where most of your consumers are.Choose the best posting scheduleSetting up business accounts on social media gives you access to theplatform’s built-in analytics tools. These tools provide valuable insight intoyour audience’s behaviour and your content’s performance. They will, forinstance, tell you when most of them are on the platform. Use this informationto create a posting schedule that provides maximum engagement opportunities.You can use apps such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social to schedule your posts inadvance.Reach out to influencersPartnering with social media influencers, especially nano influencers, canhelp in connecting with the right audience and building your product’scredibility.Tech influencers usually have a dedicated following of people who arepassionate and even knowledgeable about technology. You get access topotential customers and a vote of confidence by a credible social mediapersonality. In return, the influencer gets to build more trust amongfollowers by vouching for a great product.Have variety in your contentSocial media is the best place to direct people towards your content marketingassets, so use it freely to promote your blog posts, videos, and podcasts. Mixthat up with live Q&As, expert interviews, workshops demonstrating yourproduct, posts from other accounts that your followers might like, and user-generated content.

Push vs. Pull Marketing Defined

Basically there are two broad topics when it comes to marketing strategy: pushand pull.The definition for push marketing has not changed too much since the term wascoined: basically, the person doing the marketing is in control of the messagebeing sent out and how it is received by potential customers.Think of the “push” part as pushing your message to an individual. Thisincludes email marketing campaigns, direct mail, any medium in which you senda message to a specific person.Pull marketing, on the other hand, means that the recipient of the message isin control of the message and their decision to act or not.Pull marketing includes content on your website that someone reads beforereaching out to you. This is powered by your ability to get well-ranked in thesearch engines, a.k.a. search engine optimization. Pull marketing is anythingthat you do to reach your target indirectly and cause them to reach out toyou, including advertising (the “old” way) and content marketing (the “new”way).

Push and Pull Marketing with Social Media

Social media marketing allows you to reach smaller groups of targetabletraffic, grouped along specific demographic or social lines. The success ofsites such as Facebook and Twitter have demonstrated that people feel the pullof social media globally – and almost universally.What this means for the marketer is that there is a whole new opportunity topresent a message to a highly targeted demographic; good pull marketing islikely to be much more effective in terms of effort vs reward than any pushmarketing attempts at any time.When you use a hashtag in your social media posts, people who are searching onthose hashtags have a better chance of finding you. Example: use accountingor hr and you will attract people who have those terms on their radar.Looking for people interested in fashion trends? Use fashion or relatedterms. This will increase your pull.If you send a direct message to someone who follows your social media feed, asopposed to a general public post, that would be considered push marketing.This is much more time consuming than pull marketing when it comes to socialmedia.The only way to use push marketing in social media effectively is to automatethe process of reach followers directly – such as an automated note that goesto them the moment they follow you. There are tools like SocialOomph andothers that can help you with this.

What is pull marketing?

Pull marketing is any method a company uses to generate demand for a product.This is contrasted with “push” marketing, which is a strategy intended to sellout an existing supply of a product.Modern pull marketing uses various media channels to generate interest about aproduct or company, encouraging customers to seek out the product or companyon their own. This is especially popular and effective within Internetmarketing, because pull marketing benefits greatly from independent socialbehavior like word-of-mouth and the “viral” content effect. (See also ViralMarketing)

Methods of Pull Marketing

There are many different ways to reach customers using pull marketingtechniques. Any of the following can build excitement for a product or trustin a company. * Social networking for the word-of-mouth effect * Media coverage to reach a wider audience * Strategic placement of a product or store * Informational content like blogs to attract people who are interested in similar products or services.With Tickle Me Elmo, Tyco Toys created demand for their product by making surecustomers saw it in prominent places, like toy magazines and on TV shows,prior to actually placing the toy in stores. By targeting the right mediaoutlets, Tyco created demand that let them manufacture as many Tickle Me Elmodolls as their clients (toy retailers) needed, rather than manufacturing thedolls first and trying to convince their clients to stock them.

Who uses pull marketing?

Companies that produce or sells goods can use pull marketing to raiseawareness about a product before it becomes available for purchase. Though theresults of the marketing campaign are not certain until the product is madeavailable, the manufacturer can save money on production costs by producingfewer units of the product prior to launch, and using the money they save toinvest in pull advertising.Ideally, the demand will exceed the supply, and the company will be able toset a higher price because of this. This is exactly what happened with TickleMe Elmo. Tyco produced only a small number of dolls to start, but spent moretime and money on market research and advertising. The demand for the toyresulting from this advertising allowed Tyco to set higher prices for theirproduct simply because people were willing to pay more to acquire the limitednumber of dolls available.Service industry companies use pull marketing to generate interest in newservices or to create positive feedback about the company. If a massageclinic, for example, wanted to increase its business, it could use socialmedia sites to encourage their customers to share information about the clinicwith their friends. People are much more likely to buy a product or visit abusiness on the recommendation of a friend. Through social networking, themassage clinic can rely on some of its existing customers to “advertise” forthe clinic through recommendations. (See also Services Marketing)

Using pull marketing

A pull marketing campaign is customer-focused, but should still start with theanalysis of the product the company wants to sell. The company needs todetermine what the product’s key features are and who is most likely to demandit through extensive market research.If, for instance, a company wanted to open an ice skating rink during thewinter, the company should start researching several months before the seasonto learn the who, what, where, when, and how of creating an ice skating rinkin the area. This research could consist of analyzing demographic data aboutsurrounding neighborhoods, and surveying people in a high-traffic area like ashopping mall to find out who is most interested in ice skating.The Calgary Farmers’ Market struggled with low customer traffic during thewinter months every year. They did some research and discovered that,unsurprisingly, people assumed there would be little or no fresh produceavailable during the winter. To combat this misconception and bring peopleinto the market in the coldest part of the year, the Calgary Farmers’ Marketembarked on a brilliant campaign in 2011 that involved hanging fresh apples onsnow-covered trees along Calgary’s major streets. Instead of just advertisingtheir products, the Calgary Farmers’ Market gave consumers a reason to payattention to the market during a traditionally slow season. This significantlyincreased interest in the market in general. The campaign was so successfulthat new branches of the once-troubled market continue to open in other partsof the city every year.Using the market research data to tailor their message, the company mightdevelop an advertising plan to generate interest in the new ice skating rinkbefore it opens. Because the purpose of pull marketing is to convincecustomers to seek out a product on their own, using direct methods ofadvertising like mail fliers and TV commercials may not be effective.Instead, the rink-building company could develop a blog about winteractivities, using keywords that relate to the geographic area of the iceskating rink to be a source of information local people would seek out forthemselves. The blog would be especially effective if it linked to a socialnetworking page about the rink itself so readers could receive periodicreminders about the business and share that information with others (See alsoWeb Marketing).If the pull marketing plan is successful, interest in the new ice skating rinkwill exist before it even opens. Customers will be curious and excited tovisit the rink and are very likely to tell other people about their experienceonce the rink actually opens, generating a powerful word-of-mouth effect.

Careers in pull marketing

Pull marketing takes place across several stages of a product’s life cycle, sothere are many marketing careers that are essential to making a pull marketingcampaign succeed.

Breif History of KCOM

KCOM, formerly Kingston Communications, was founded in 1902 as a telephonecompany, and from here expanded throughout Hull, and then onto East Yorkshire.In 2011, KCOM trailed 100mbps VDSL broadband in a small village in EastYorkshire. As the trail proved a success, they went onto expand their VDSL andlater, Fibre networks. However, in 2015 KCOM were fined £900,000 for notconnecting 999 calls during the Eva storm. The reason behind this was becauseanother provider in York failed. Since then KCOM has resolved the issue. Thesource does have lots of ads, so turn on your adblocker before visiting HullDaily Mail’s report on this.Source

Social Media Usage

Social media use by KCOM is limited. It comes down to aadvertising their KCStadium, famous people who are sponsored by the group, and technical support.Their Twitter page is almost all technical support, and their Instagram pageis almost all advertisement for people they sponsor (see photo). KCOM do verylittle advertising of their services, and I think I know why. KCOM have amonopoly over Hull. Back when KCOM was first formed, it was the only telecomnetwork in Hull, and as a result it stayed that way until very recently whenOFCOM forced ISP’s to allow other ISP’s to share their physical lines. Thismeant that KCOM was the only choice as there was no BT lines, and manyservices such as Sky and virgin run on Bt’s lines, all be it, renting them.This first began to change when Hull24, another ISP complained to OFCOM in2004, and in 2006 were allowed to use KCOM’s lines. This was followed by NexusTelecom in 2008.KCOM use social media mainly to interact with customers and the community, notso much to actually advertise. KCOM’s Twitter and Facebook pages are full oftech support posts which seem to be answered robotically, with the same “We’resorry you’re having issues”. There could be a lot of improvement here.Below are some screenshots of KCOM’s Twitter and Facebook pages, althoughphotos 5,6 and 7 are from people tweeting about KCOM.This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Risks for KCOM using Social Media

When it comes to a company using social media, there are obviously some risksinvolved with doing so. Some of these risks are: * reputation Management * Security * Public Image Damage * Failing to use social media correctlyreputation Management is the main issue with using social media. It only takesone post to destroy a company’s reputation. An example of damaging reputationby using social media is this tweet from Home Depot in America. The pictureshows 2 black men and one white man dressed as a gorilla with the caption“Which drummer is not like the others”Quite rightly, people weren’t happy with this tweet, and many people refusedto shop at Home Depot any more. This is all it takes, is one thoughtless tweetto permanently damage a company’s reputation.security is also another big issue. With more accounts online, the higher therisk is for the account to be compromised. It’s just how it is. Going on aboutsecurity, another risk is employees loosing their company phone while loggedinto the KCOM social media account. If this happens, especially on an androidphone without full encryption set up, it is possible to bypass the lock screenpass code and then the person who finds it could pretend to be KCOM and postoffensive tweets or posts on sensitive topics such as gender or immigration.The more online services you have the more vulnerable you are to reputationdamage. This can be helped by using 2 factor authentication, and remotelywiping the device if it goes offline for more than 24 hours. It may seemextreme, but data security is very important.Kcom could also get their public image damaged through people complainingpublicly on social media pages. This like Google Reviews and Twitter pages area good way to get a company to respond to your issues because they reallydon’t want the first thing on their page to be complaints. KCOM are vulnerableto this risk as seen by the slide show in the “Social Media Usage” section.Here is their Google Reviews Page.As you can see, KCOM are suffering this risk of social media. The only way tofix this is by resolving the issues people are having with their services.The final risk that I think is relevent to KCOM is failing to use itcorrectly. This includes misusing hashtags, completely changing the meaning ofthe post. Here is an example of this.To conclude this section, social media always will have risks, but the biggestones I think for KCOM are reputation damage and Public image damage.

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