5 Project based on the Control System and MicroController

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2. Project-based on Solar System

Now a day, renewable energy sources are very popular in generating andconverting into another form of energy like electrical energy.A solar PV system is the best example of renewable energy sources. You caneasily develop a project base on the solar system.There are some advantages to building projects. As solar energy is free toconsume, it is economical. Solar energy is an environmentally pollution-freesource of energy.Sadly, solar system-related equipment is costly.You can choose the best solar project from the following list of electricalengineering projects. 29. Solar based Invertor 30. Solar Tracking System 31. Peltier Cooler using a solar panel 32. Solar based Elevator System 33. Solar based Auto Irrigation System 34. Train with Solar Panel 35. Solar based Power Charge Controller 36. Solar based Dam control using 8051 microcontroller 37. Optimal Power Generation using Solar System 38. Solar based Water Irrigation using RF Remote Control 39. Solar based Variable DC Power Switching using RF Remote 40. Charge and Load Protection in Solar Power Management 41. Solar Irrigation System with Soil and Temperature Sensor 42. Solar Powered LED Street Light with Auto Intensity Control 43. Farmer Friendly Solar Based Electric Fence for Deterring Cattles 44. Solar Tracking System with Cooling Panel with Solar Charger 45. Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off in Daytime 46. RF Controlled Electric wheel Chair with IR Obstacle using Solar Energy 47. Solar based Electric Wheel Chair with IR Obstacle with RF Remote 48. Auto Power Supply Control from Three Different Sources ( Solar, Mains, Battery) 49. Solar Water Pump Control with Four Different Time Slots for Power Saving Applications 50. IR or RF Remote Control (Bulb, Tubelights, Fan, TV) using Solar System 51. Solar Energy Measurement System Conveyed over RF using a PIC MicrocontrollerPersonally, I picked An Automatic Solar tracking system using Microcontrolleras a major project during post-graduation.

3. Project-based on Electronic System

These projects include the collection of some power electronics project ideasalong with different electronics applications and different updated technologylike embedded systems, Arduino, Microcontroller, etc. 52. Hover Board 53. Electronics Power Saver 54. Cyclo Converter using Thyristors 55. Four-Channel Data Logger using EEPROM 56. Electronics Code Look using Matrix Keypad 57. Marx Generator based High Voltage using MOSFETs 58. Home Appliances Controlling using Android Mobile via Bluetooth 59. Embedded Quiz Monitoring System for Team Performance Evaluation 60. Temperature Adjustable Heating System with Power Electronic Devices 61. High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier CircuitThe microcontroller-based project topics are shared later part of thisarticle. Keep reading.

4. Project-based on Electrical Power System

In the electrical power system environment, generation, transmission, anddistribution, switchgear protection systems such as switches, protectiveequipment (like a fuse and circuit breaker), isolator, relay, transformer, etcthe most important and essential topics. 61. Password-Based Circuit Beaker 62. Commercial Power Saver System 63. Channel Relay Operated using PC 64. Three Phase Change Over System 65. Foot Step Power Generation System 66. Super-fast Electronic Circuit Breaker 67. Flexible AC Transmission using TSR 68. Flexible AC Transmission Using SVC 69. AC Power Transfer Wirelessly by HF 70. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator 71. Power Grid Monitor and Control through PC 72. Transformer Monitoring and Control System 73. Phase Sequence Checker for Three Phase Supply 74. Electronic Soft Start for Single Phase Pump Motor 75. Electronic Soft Start for 3 Phase Induction Motor 76. Instant Electrical Load Survey for Industries or Home 77. Single Phase Preventer with Overload Control Switch 78. Load Cut off Switch Upon Over Voltage or Under Voltage 79. Load Shedding Time Management for Utility Department 80. Mains Supply Sensed Over Voltage or Under Voltage Trip Switch 81. Password-based Electronic Line Trip in GEB with all Indication 82. Transformer Over Load Alert System With Voice Announcement 83. Footstep Power Generation System (Weighing Machine based ) 84. Auto Selection of any Available Phase, in 3 Phase Supply System 85. Zig Bee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System 86. Remote Monitoring of Transformer or Generator Health Over the Internet 87. Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics 88. Grid Synchronization Fail Detection on Sensing Frequency or Voltage Beyond Range 89. XBEE based Remote Monitoring of Three Parameters on Transformer or Generator Health 90. APFC (Automatic Power Factor Compensation) for Industrial Power use to Minimize Penalty 91. Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset on Temporary Fault and Permanent Trip Otherwise 92. High Voltage DC up to 2KV From AC by Using Diode and Capacitors in Voltage Multiplier CircuitYou can use a smart system like wireless communication, remote control systemas a part of the innovation to operate wireless power transmission projects.

5. Project-based on the Control System and MicroController

In the following list, the projects are built with the help of the controlsystem and microcontroller.By using the basic Control System: 93. Traffic Light Controller using LCD 94. Traffic Light Controller Using Seven Segment 95. Contactless Liquid Level Controller 96. Access Control System Using Card 97. PC Based Electrical Load Control 98. Lamp Illumination Control with Precision 99. Temperature Controlled DC Fan 100. Servo Motor Control Using Mobile Phone 101. Brain Controlled Robot 102. Mobile Charging On Coin Insertion 103. Brain Controlled Wheel Chair 104. CAR Controlling using Mobile 105. Voice Controlled Home Appliances 106. Hand Motion Controlled Robotic Arm 107. LED Street Light Control with Power Saver 108. Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote 109. AC Power Strength Controller System 110. Capacitive Touch-based Electric Load Control 111. AC Power Control with Programmable Interface 112. Phone Controlled-Load Management System 113. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller for Ambulance 114. PC Controlled Scrolling Message Display for Notice Board 115. Exhaust Fan for Bidirectional Motion with Remote Control 116. AC PWM based Power Control by IGBT / MOSFET 117. Any Type of Liquid Level Controller using Ultrasonic Transducer 118. Human Controlled Colour Changing LED (RGB) Lighting 119. Automatic LED Intensity Control with Vehicle Movement 120. Voice Controlled Robot by Cell Phone with Android App 121. I.V.R.S. System for Industrial Process Control 122. Pick and Place Robotic Arm and Movement Control 123. Intelligent Train Security System and Auto Controlling 124. Battery Operated Motorized Wheel Chair for Handicaps 125. Submersible Pump Controlling with Power Failure Protection 126. Android Controlled Military Spying and Bomb Disposal Robot 127. PC Mouse operated Electrical Load Control Using VB Application 128. Reducing Electric Bill for Industries and Commercial Establishments 129. Voice Controlled Robotic Vehicle with Long Distance Speech Recognition 130. Thermoelectric PELTIER Cooler with Temperature Controller Cooler System 131. Submersible Pump Controlling using Cell phone With Power Failure Protection 132. High Power LED-based Intelligent Streetlight Controlling System with Vehicle Counter 133. Submersible Pump Controlling with Temperature Controlling with Power Failure Protection 134. Programmable Switching Control for Industrial Automation in Repetitive Nature of Work (Pick & place)By using the Microcontroller: 136. Microcontroller based on Data Logger 137. Multiple Microcontrollers in LAN like Setup 138. Microcontroller based on Heart Beat Counter 139. Microcontroller based on Caller ID (AT89C2051) 140. Mains Fail Detection with UPS Analogy using 8051 Microcontroller 141. Microcontroller based on Electronics Baby Swing 142. Microcontroller based on Green House Control 143. Power Theft Detection using 8051 Microcontroller 144. Microcontroller based on Line Following Robotic Vehicle 145. Microcontroller based on Dam Control with LCD Display 146. Ultrafast Acting Electronic Circuit Breaker Using PIC Microcontroller 147. Microcontroller based Voice Operated Load Status with GSM 148. Microcontroller based on Cordless Mouse Features by TV Remote

6. Project-based on the Communication System

The latest wireless communication system and remote control system-basedelectrical engineering projects have been listed here.By using the Bluetooth System: 149. Bluetooth Operated Home Automation 150. Bluetooth based Calling System in Elevator 151. Advanced Wireless Industrial Automation System based on Bluetooth 152. Bluetooth Controlled the Robot using Android Mobile 153. Bluetooth based Security Enabled Powered Devices Control SystemBy using the Infrared (IR) Sensor: 155. IR Sensor-based Automatic Toll Tax 156. Energy Saver using PIR motion Sensor 157. IR Remote operated Pick and Place Robot 158. Distance Measurement by Ultrasonic Sensor 159. IR Remote based Controlled Robotic Vehicle 160. IR Remote based Operated Home Automation 161. Multi-Sensor Strategies to Support Blind People (LDR – IR – ultrasonic ) 162. IR Remote based Submersible Pump Controlling with UPS System for Power FailureBy using the Radio Frequency (RF) System: 163. RF Remote based Door Control 164. RF-ID based Library Automation 165. RF-based Elevator Calling System 166. RF-ID based Access Control System 167. RF-based Automatic Hover Board Machine 168. Auto Mains Power Failure using the RF system 169. Variable DC Power Switching using RF Remote 170. Direction Control of DC motor using RF Remote 171. RF-ID based Highway Toll Tax Collection System 172. RF Controlled Wildlife Observation Robot Project 173. RF-based Petrochemical Fire Monitoring and Control Station 174. Remote Monitoring of Patient Body Temperature Over Internet 175. Wireless Home Appliance like Fan Speed Control using RF Communication 176. Automatic Electrical Appliances Control Using RF Remote with Power Saver 177. RF-ID based Electronic Passport System for Easy Governance using Arduino 178. Submersible Pump Controlling using RF Remote with UPS System for Power Failure 179. Security Integrated System based on RF-ID Access Protocol for Industrial Applications 180. Industrial and Commercial Appliances Monitoring and RF Controlling with Power SaverBy using SMS System: 181. Electronic Code Lock with Voice Message 182. Sensor Gate Operated with Voice Message 183. SMS Based Stepper Motor Controlling System 184. Pre Recorded Leave Messages with Basic Home Appliances Load for Emergency 185. Railway Level Crossing Gate Control through SMS by the Station Master or the Driver 186. Theft Intimation of the Vehicle Over SMS to Owner Who Can Stop the Engine RemotelyBy using the Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) System: 187. Automatic Power Saver with GSM 188. UPS System with Alert by GSM Modem 189. Heart Beat Counter using GSM SIM300 190. Process Control System using GSM 191. Vehicle Protection System with GSM 192. Voice-based Notice Board using GSM 193. Medical Emergency Alert system through GSM 194. Weather Report Information System using GSM 195. Power Meter Reader Plus Load Control using GSM 196. GSM based Monthly Energy Meter Billing via SMS 197. Wireless Electronic Notice Board using GSM 198. SMS based Device Control using GSM Modem 199. Submersible Pump Controlling using GSM Modem 200. Water Level Measurement through GSM SIM300 201. Remote Access to Agriculture Motor through GSM 202. Automatic Load Switching of Transformer using GSM 203. Vehicle Accident Detection with GPS and GSM Modem 204. Power Grid Monitor & Control System using GSM Modem 205. Underground Cable Fault Distance Conveyed over GSM 206. GSM based Garbage and Waste Collection Bins Overflow Indicator 207. Data Communication or Machine Controlling through GSM System 208. SMS based Device Control using GSM Modem with Status Message 209. Personal Computer High Security using GSM with an Alert Message 210. GSM Modems based Irrigation Water Pump Controller for Illiterates 211. Green House Environment Monitoring and Controlling using GSM 212. Public Transportation Management through GSM for GSRTC 213. Cell Phone based Boiler ON or OFF System using GSM Modem 214. Control System for Modern House-GSM, Timer, LDR, Temperature 215. GSM based Remote Monitoring of Eight Parameters of Transformer 216. Power Theft, Mains Fail Monitoring and Load Control using GSM 217. Robotic Car Operated by GSM Modem(any remote location) 218. An Online Monitoring System of Temperature and Controlling through GSM SMS 219. Thermoelectric PELTIER Cooler with Temperature Controller using GSM Modem 220. ON/OFF Program Time Changing for Electrical Appliances by Wireless(GSM) Method 221. Industrial Appliances Monitoring and Controlling System Using GSM with Auto Alerts 222. Detecting Power Theft Prior to Feeding Energy Meter and Intimating to Control Room by GSM 223. Integrated Energy Management System based on GSM Protocol with Acknowledgement Feature 224. AC Power Line (AC 230v) through All Industrial Electrical Appliances Controlling (ON or OFF) Indicating System by GSMOther Wireless Communication System: 225. WI-FI Operated Robot 226. Wireless Power Transfer 227. Wireless Elevator System 228. Zig Bee based Wireless Notice Board 229. Wireless Power Driven Car or Train 230. Remote Alignment Of 3D Dish Positioning 231. LI-FI base Guiding System in Historical Place 232. Voice Recording (30 sec) with USB Mp3 Interfacing 233. Zig Bee based Wireless Data Uploading Automation 234. Listen Privately to TV Audio Wirelessly Over FM Band 235. Wireless Power Transfer by High-Frequency Resonating Coils 236. Wireless Touch Screen base Ordering System for Restaurants 237. Automatic Wireless Health Monitoring System in Hospitals for Patients 238. Dedicated Message Communication Wirelessly between Two Computers

Power System Based Projects for EEE

In electrical engineering, the power system is a sub-topic that deals with thetransmission, generation, electric power usage, distribution, etc. Pleaserefer to this link to know more about the list of power system projects orpower electronics projects.

Controlling of Power Grid using PC SCADA

The proposed system is used to control the power grid with the help of PCSCADA. By using this project, the appliances which are associated with thepower grid can be controlled through a PC. It includes a microcontroller, RFTx and RF Rx.

Efficient & Intelligent Light Control System Design

This project is used to design an intelligent light control system using anLDR sensor & a PIR sensor. This project includes two factors like the firstone is light intensity in the room whereas the second one is the existence ofany person within the room. In this project, the LDR sensor is used to measurethe light intensity in the room whereas the PIR sensor is used to measure theexistence of a person in the room. Based on this, the lights in the room canbe turned ON/OFF.

Monitoring System for Water Quality using Solar

This project is used to monitor the water quality with the help of solar-basedunderwater using WSN technology. There are different parameters need to checksuch as pH, turbidity, oxygen at each node of a WSN and then it is sent to thebase station

GSM based Substation Monitoring and Control System

This project aims to acquire various substation parameters like current,voltage, temperature, power factor, etc., remotely via GSM communication.Thus, the remote operator can analyze these parameter values and take acorresponding control action. A user can remotely operate the substationequipment like circuit breakers, isolators, relays, buzzer alarms, and so on.Substation Monitoring Electrical ProjectsVarious blocks of this circuit operation are shown above wherein amicrocontroller accepts the inputs and correspondingly controls the outputs.The controller periodically sends the input parameters to a remote GSM mobilethrough the GSM networks. Similarly, this allows the control signals that aresent from the operators to control the substation equipment.

Controlling of AC Power using Microcontroller

The proposed system like microcontroller-based AC power control is used todesign a PWM inverter with a single phase. The main features of this inverterare inexpensive, simple and its size is compatible.

Switching Control of Industrial Automation

This project is designed with a feature like programmable switching control.By using this feature, industrial automation can be done continuously. Thisproject plays a key role in implementing switching load through the programusing a microcontroller. This project is used where continuous work involved.The operating of this project can be done in three methods like manual, set &auto mode.In manual mode, the controlling of different loads can be done through theinput given by the operator using switches otherwise remotely using GSM. Inauto mode, the different loads are controlled at normal default timingswhereas, in set mode, different loads can be controlled depending on the fixedtimings by the user.

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