8 Excellent Companies For Outsourcing Technical Support

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What Is Outsourcing Technical Support?

Technical support is a service that most businesses provide to customers thathelps them deal primarily with technology or software issues.In technical support outsourcing, you hire a third-party to handle thetechnical support of your company’s products and services. This allows you tofocus on more important things that would help your business grow — likedeveloping a new product.Recently, technical support outsourcing has seen exponential growth due to theavailability of highly skilled support agents in regions with favorable salarybrackets, like the Philippines or India.But what kinds of technical support could you outsource?You could cover your customer’s entire pre and post-sales lifecycle byoutsourcing technical support tasks like: * Software activations. * Installation and repair. * Account management. * Warranty support.You could even outsource support for custom applications or any majorplatforms that your business integrates with.* * *

Is Outsourcing Technical Support The Right Option For You?

Outsourcing technical support gives your customers access to quick and simpleresolutions across multiple channels. This could range from mobile apps thatsupport virtual assistants to an email support help desk, or even contactcenters where a live support agent helps them resolve issues.And this isn’t just about outsourcing to inbound call centers that handlecustomer queries. You can also outsource to outbound call centers, who canextend customer care by following-up on updates or technical resolutions toensure that everything is still running smoothly.Sure, outsourcing technical support isn’t the only way to optimize yourtechnical support business process. But it’s one of the best ways as you saveon tons of costs like hiring and training support agents.However, outsourcing isn’t always viable.That’s why businesses need to know when they should or shouldn’t outsourcetheir technical support.

4 Pros Of Outsourcing Technical Support

There are tons of benefits that come with outsourcing your technical support.However, different benefits appeal to different businesses.So here’s a look at some of the most common reasons why people outsource theirtech support:

3. Focus On Your Core Business, Not Tech Support

When you run a business, your focus should always be on developing your corebusiness functions. So, whatever you consider as a secondary function shouldideally be outsourced.As most businesses don’t focus on IT support – and instead focus on otheraspects like product innovation, outsourcing their technical support makessense.Outsourcing technical support will let you focus on your primary product andon what you do best. Let your outsourced agents deal with daily technicalconcerns and customer interactions instead.

8 Excellent Companies For Outsourcing Technical Support

You now know what technical support outsourcing involves.But before you decide to outsource, here’s an idea of who you can consideroutsourcing to:Accenture is an international professional services company with headquartersin Dublin, Ireland, known for their network, data center and IT outsourcingsolutions. Their case studies show how they have aided clients across 40industries.Major clients: Oracle, American Express, 91 companies of the Fortune Global100Additional outsourcing services * Healthcare utilization management. * Employee and HR services. * E-commerce set-up and sales. * Support and procurement operations. * Cloud and infrastructure services.Wipro is a leading Indian outsourcing company that provides IT, customersupport and other business process outsourcing services. They cater to variousindustries like banking, retail, insurance and oil.Major clients: Airbus, Walmart, HP and VodafoneAdditional outsourcing services * Operations management. * Cloud and infrastructure services. * Digital marketing.IBM is an American IT company with operations in over 170 countries worldwide.Based in New York, United States, their technical support outsourcing servicesspan across several industries, including automation and finance. IBMspecializes in data center and network management.Major clients: Etihad, Volkswagen, Frito-Lay and GodrejAdditional outsourcing services * Artificial intelligence services. * Procurement strategy and consulting. * Real estate management. * Risk and fraud management. * Financial and consulting services.Infosys Limited is an Indian-based company providing information technology,business consulting, technical support as well as other BPO services. Theyprovide Business Process Management and digital transformation support totheir clients.Major clients: Cisco, PepsiCo, The Hershey CompanyAdditional outsourcing services * Contract analysis and management * Payroll management * Recruitment * Digital supply chainTata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a subsidiary of the Tata Group. It is thelargest Indian IT service and consulting corporation, that operates in 46countries across the world. They are a leader in IT outsourcing in the Bankingand Global Capital Markets for Europe.Major clients: Citibank UK, Asda, QantasAdditional outsourcing servicesCognizant is a company based in New Jersey, United States, offering digitalsolutions involving IT support, business operations and consulting. They havebeen a presence in the tech outsourcing space for 25 years.Major clients: ING, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo.Additional outsourcing services * Cloud enablement * Digital workplace services * Artificial intelligence * Wealth and asset risk assessmentHCL Technologies Limited is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprises, specializing inglobal technology consulting and information technology outsourcing services.They focus on fields like automation and IoT and provide their services to awide array of industries.Major clients: Endo Pharmaceuticals, AvagoAdditional outsourcing services * Content production * Sourcing and procurement * Order management * Cloud infrastructure and automation * Data center servicesScienceSoft is a Texas-headquartered IT services company with 13-yearexperience in IT support for banking, healthcare, manufacturing, professionalservices, retail, and other industries. They cover the whole range of supportservices, from L1-L3 help desk to continuous IT infrastructure monitoring andmanagement and support of particular applications and their infrastructure.Major clients: Walmart, eBay, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Baxter, IBM, Leo Burnett.Additional outsourcing services * IT consulting. * IoT consulting and development. * Cloud and infrastructure services. * Testing and QA.

Benefits of outsourcing

Writing in LinkedIn, Charlett Adams described how, after becoming owner of acommercial cleaning company in 2011, she found herself inundated by clientdemands and meetings. So, she tracked her time and thought carefully aboutwhat roles to outsource: She hired a bookkeeper, a CFO-level person, an ITperson and someone to handle her marketing, as well. By outsourcing, she freedup the time she needed to focus on her company’s growth.You may want to emulate Adams’s example. If you take the time to thinkstrategically about what you aren’t good at, what you don’t have time for andwhat you need help with, outsourcing might benefit your business. If you leapwithout looking, though, outsourcing could end up costing you more than youbargained for.The main benefits of outsourcing boil down to three things: 1. Access to a larger talent pool 2. Cost savings 3. More timeRelated: 7 Things Startups Should Know About Outsourcing Development

What is outsourcing technical support?

Outsourcing business processes like technical support is essentially having athird-party company handle all that this department covers. There are manybenefits to using this route, and many organizations have been enlisting inthese services for years with great success.

Technical support outsourcing projects

In some cases, outsourcing technical support does not need to be an ongoingprocess. An organization may require specialized IT support while they upgradeall of their computer systems.Other technical support tasks that a company may outsource temporarily mayinclude the following:GET 3 FREE QUOTES: 700+ BPO SUPPLIERSLEARN MORE * Installation and configuration of a computer hardware operating systems or applications. * Computer network and systems maintenance. * Testing and evaluation of new technologies. * Diagnose and repair hardware or software problems. * Conduct an electrical safety inspection for the company’s computer equipment.Opting for a third-party company in the short-term rather than training in-house staff is a cost-effective way to get the project completed quickly andeasily. On top of that, there will also be no need for companies to hireadditional workforce to get the aforementioned tasks done.

Outsourced technical support services

There are many services that organizations require on a day-to-day basis thatcan be fulfilled by a third-party company. Technical support is one of themany popular departments that can be successfully done through outsourcing.One of the many advantages of outsourcing in general is flexibility. As fortechnical support, outsourcing providers usually have a pool of MaintenanceEngineers, Helpdesk Support Operators, and Application Support Specialists.These experienced experts are readily available to handle new clients anytime.If you are looking for a way to support your business while reaping thebenefits, outsourcing may be the option for you.

Remote IT support services

Organizations also have the options to outsource their technical supportonshore, nearshore and offshore. Onshore means that a third party is locatednearby, within the national borders. Nearshore pertains to outsourcingproviders that are located in a nearby country. Lastly, offshore outsourcingwhich refers to outsourcing companies that are located in a distant country.A lot of businesses nowadays opt to outsource their IT support remotely oroffshore to developing countries like India and the Philippines. Back-officesupport is one of the popular IT services that foreign companies offshore toboth these countries. In doing so, they are able to save on their overheadcosts without having to sacrifice the quality of work being outsourced.The success of offshoring your IT support will depend on several factors, butmainly on how you communicate with your offshoring partner.

Benefits of outsourcing technical support

With any business strategy, there will be benefits and disadvantages. We listsome of the major benefits of outsourcing here for you to assess on behalf ofyour company.GET THE COMPLETE TOOLKIT – FREELEARN MORE * Cost-Effective * Enhanced customer satisfaction * Higher quality service * Convenient * Less downtime for employee training

Higher quality service

Third-party outsourcing companies will typically have a higher quality servicewhen compared to what you would possibly have with an in-house technicalsupport department. It is their livelihood to keep up with the latesttechnological advances, trends, or issues and are highly skilled at their job.Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support

Benefits of Outsourcing

The first benefit that will come to mind for the fiscally conservative is costreduction. Let’s set aside for a moment the cost of maintaining telephonicsystems and paying for VOIP services, outsourcing your technical support to athird-party specialist transfers the cost burden associated with hiring andtraining tech support specialists, setting up resources, and maintain systemsto the outside specialist.Outsourcing your technical support reduces the people cost your businessfaces, while also providing the peace of mind that knowledgeable, highly-trained associates will be assist your clientele when issues arise.Next we come to flexibility. As your business grows you need your systems andinfrastructure to keep pace so that customers don’t pay the price for hiccupsin service or coverage. If you keep your technical support service in-housethere are two potential problems involved when it comes to scalability.If your business experiences rapid growth, you might struggle to find qualityteam members to work in your technical support group and clients will sufferthrough longer waits. On the flip side, if you find your company has too manytechnical support specialists, you are burning money on employees sittingaround waiting to tackle problems that aren’t popping up.By outsourcing your technical support to an outside vendor, you havetransferred the responsibility for scaling up or down to them. You are payingthem to add qualified staff during expansion or scale down services whencontraction occurs. It is their responsibility to absorb those shocks andadjust on the fly.Last but not least, there is the concept of the company’s focus. Every companyhas a limited budget and limited resources, and those resources need to beable to tackle all of your business’s needs appropriately. Outsourcing yourtechnical support services to a third-party vendor can free up resources(funds, people, and infrastructure) for use on core business processes.Without the burden of staffing, funding, and maintaining a technical supportgroup, your company can focus its efforts on perfecting its core businessprocesses to ensure clients are receiving the best possible services andproducts directly from your company.

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