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Health Informatics Degrees

There are many ways that the advancement of technology impacts the ability ofhealthcare providers to diagnose and treat patients. New medical devices canhelp to monitor symptoms, cutting-edge techniques can offer relief to patientswho were once unable to find it, and the data that healthcare providerscollect can help to improve the delivery of healthcare to all.A degree in health informatics teaches students how best to collect, store,retrieve, and analyze complex health data in order to improve patient outcomesand advocate for the best possible treatment protocols.Because healthcare providers are collecting an increasing amount of data fromyear to year, the need for health informatics professionals is expected toincrease over the next decade. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS 2017)collects details on the health information technician profession (HIT), whichcorrelates closely to those with health informatics degrees. According to theBLS, the need for these types of specialists will increase by 13 percentbetween 2016 and 2026, adding nearly 28,000 new jobs.Although it is possible to get an entry-level job in the healthcareinformatics field with just an associate degree, the most competitive andbest-paying positions will require a bachelor’s or master’s degree.Fortunately, there are many reputable programs available to interestedapplicants. Both on-campus and online course delivery are available, making itpossible for anyone who is dedicated to learning to earn their degree andstart towards a career in this growing field.

List of Health Informatics Schools

School | City | State | Website | grads (2018) —|—|—|—|— University of South Florida-Main Campus | Tampa | Florida | www.usf.edu | 81 The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston | Houston | Texas |www.uth.edu | 63 Duke University | Durham | North Carolina | www.duke.edu | 60 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor | Ann Arbor | Michigan | www.umich.edu | 48 University of Cincinnati-Main Campus | Cincinnati | Ohio | www.uc.edu | 47 Stony Brook University | Stony Brook | New York | www.stonybrook.edu | 44 Northwestern University | Evanston | Illinois | www.northwestern.edu | 41 University of Missouri-Columbia | Columbia | Missouri | missouri.edu | 36 Sacred Heart University | Fairfield | Connecticut | www.sacredheart.edu | 32 Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis | Indianapolis | Indiana |www.iupui.edu | 29 Stanford University | Stanford | California | www.stanford.edu | 27 University of North Carolina at Charlotte | Charlotte | North Carolina |www.uncc.edu | 25 University of San Diego | San Diego | California | www.sandiego.edu | 25 Medical University of South Carolina | Charleston | South Carolina |web.musc.edu | 23 University of Utah | Salt Lake City | Utah | www.utah.edu | 23 Nova Southeastern University | Fort Lauderdale | Florida | www.nova.edu | 19 SUNY Downstate Medical Center | Brooklyn | New York | www.downstate.edu | 19 University of San Francisco | San Francisco | California | www.usfca.edu | 18 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee | Milwaukee | Wisconsin | uwm.edu | 18 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center | Lubbock | Texas |www.ttuhsc.edu | 17 University of Miami | Coral Gables | Florida | welcome.miami.edu | 15 University of Washington-Seattle Campus | Seattle | Washington |www.washington.edu | 14 Drexel University | Philadelphia | Pennsylvania | www.drexel.edu | 13 Harvard University | Cambridge | Massachusetts | www.harvard.edu | 13 Lane Community College | Eugene | Oregon | www.lanecc.edu | 12 Lipscomb University | Nashville | Tennessee | www.lipscomb.edu | 12 Montana Technological University | Butte | Montana | www.mtech.edu | 11 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill | North Carolina |www.unc.edu | 11 University of South Alabama | Mobile | Alabama | www.southalabama.edu | 10 Fairleigh Dickinson University-Florham Campus | Madison | New Jersey |www.fdu.edu | 9 Saint Louis University | Saint Louis | Missouri | www.slu.edu | 9 Western Michigan University | Kalamazoo | Michigan | wmich.edu | 9 Marshall University | Huntington | West Virginia | www.marshall.edu | 8 Texas Woman’s University | Denton | Texas | www.twu.edu | 8 Columbia State Community College | Columbia | Tennessee |www.columbiastate.edu | 7 Trocaire College | Buffalo | New York | trocaire.edu | 6 Harrisburg Area Community College | Harrisburg | Pennsylvania | www.hacc.edu |6 North Idaho College | Coeur d’Alene | Idaho | www.nic.edu | 6 CUNY Brooklyn College | Brooklyn | New York | www.brooklyn.cuny.edu | 5 University of Iowa | Iowa City | Iowa | www.uiowa.edu | 5 Vanderbilt University | Nashville | Tennessee | www.vanderbilt.edu | 4 Volunteer State Community College | Gallatin | Tennessee | www.volstate.edu |4 Western Kentucky University | Bowling Green | Kentucky | www.wku.edu | 4 Georgia State University | Atlanta | Georgia | www.gsu.edu | 3 Rogue Community College | Grants Pass | Oregon | www.roguecc.edu | 3 University of California-Davis | Davis | California | www.ucdavis.edu | 3 Metropolitan State University of Denver | Denver | Colorado |www.msudenver.edu | 2 Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom | Lakewood | Washington | www.pierce.ctc.edu |2 Simmons University | Boston | Massachusetts | www.simmons.edu | 2 University of Massachusetts-Boston | Boston | Massachusetts | www.umb.edu | 2 University of Pennsylvania | Philadelphia | Pennsylvania | www.upenn.edu | 2 Columbus State University | Columbus | Georgia | www.columbusstate.edu | 1 CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College | New York | New York |www.bmcc.cuny.edu | 1 Eastern Iowa Community College District | Davenport | Iowa | www.eicc.edu | 1 Kent State University at Kent | Kent | Ohio | www.kent.edu | 1 Loyola University Chicago | Chicago | Illinois | www.luc.edu | 1 Medical College of Wisconsin | Milwaukee | Wisconsin | www.mcw.edu | 1 Milwaukee School of Engineering | Milwaukee | Wisconsin | www.msoe.edu | 1 Northeastern University | Boston | Massachusetts | www.northeastern.edu | 1 Roane State Community College | Harriman | Tennessee | www.roanestate.edu | 1 Rochester Institute of Technology | Rochester | New York | www.rit.edu | 1 SUNY College at Oswego | Oswego | New York | www.oswego.edu | 1 University at Buffalo | Buffalo | New York | www.buffalo.edu | 1 Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine | Kalamazoo| Michigan | med.wmich.edu | 1 2017-2018 School Data from IPEDS (Sourced in November, 2019)

Online Master’s Degrees in Health Informatics

Over the past decade, the use of information systems to keep track ofhealthcare information has exploded within the public and private sector. Theexplosion has led to the need for individuals trained not only in how to usesuch systems but individuals who can contribute to designing systems forlarger institutions. As a result, healthcare, insurance, and businessinformation can all be integrated, allowing for a more efficient health caresystem.Typical careers for students who pursue a Master’s degree in HealthInformatics include health service managers, healthcare IT project managers,and chief medical information officers, among others. According to the Bureauof Labor Statistics, employment under the umbrella of Medical and HealthService Managers are expected to grow by a whopping 20%, which far outstripsthe six percent average. And many of these jobs come with significantbenefits, like a much higher salary.If you have the time on your hands, then an online Master’s Degree in thefield of Health Informatics might be just what the doctor ordered. Check outBest College Reviews’ 25 Best Online Master’s Degrees in Health Informaticsfor 2020!


MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MEDICAL INFORMATICS Website Score: 92.3Located in the city of Houghton, Michigan Technological University offers aMaster of Science in Medical Informatics. The program brings students intocontact with both faculty, and local physicians and students can focus onareas like Imagining Informatics, Health Information Systems, and ElectronicHealth Records. Students can choose a thesis option, a coursework option, andan opportunity with a research project and report. Classes in the programinclude Introduction to Medical Sciences, Human Pathophysiology, andHealthcare, and Human-Computer Interaction in Healthcare, and StatisticalMethods for Intrusion Detection. Net Price: $19,350

Our Method: Ranking the Most Affordable Health Informatics Programs

Working nurses and healthcare managers who want to improve their credentialsor move into a new career like informatics have a lot of concerns, but one ofthe most important is cost. That’s why the BHD ranking of the most affordablenursing and healthcare informatics programs is focused on one main criteria:tuition cost, as reported to IPEDS. Only accredited, reputable institutionsare considered.

3. Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Texas Tech University’s MSN nursing informatics online program is offeredthrough the institution’s Health Sciences Center. While the 39-credit programis fully online, students might have to travel to the institution’s campus inLubbock for immersive sessions. Students can choose to specialize in suchcourses as education, administration, family nurse practitioners, which isfurther divided into nursing informatics and midwifery. Such diversificationmakes this one of the top health informatics programs in the country. Theprogram requires clinical experience through an applied course or practicum.The course is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education(CCNE) and is suitable for nurses or healthcare providers who want to honetheir leadership and management skills. The course also certifies students forCPHIMS and ANCC Board Certification exams.Established in 1923, Texas Tech University is famous for its Larry CommunityHealth & Wellness Center, which accommodates about 7,500 low-income patients.The U.S. News & World Report ranks the institution 91st across the country.Degree: MSN Nursing Informatics

Our Method: Ranking the Best Health Informatics Programs in the US

Best Health Degrees is focused on providing healthcare professionals andaspiring healthcare students with the best choices for their career goals.With that in mind, BHD editors sought out nursing and healthcare informaticsprograms across the US with 5 criteria in mind: * Cost * Graduation Rate * Job Placement * National Reputation * Salary PotentialWith these practical considerations, we trust that students will find theprogram that will make the difference in their lives.

What is Health Informatics?

Another question of degree seekers is: “What is healthcare informatics?”Healthcare informatics is a broad field that involves the nurse workingdirectly for the benefit of organizations. Instead of only focusing onimproving the job of nurses, a health informatics specialist will look forways to improve all aspects of a facility’s IT infrastructure. Healthcareinformatics is concentrated on the administrative aspects of an organization.Healthcare informatics job duties will likely include data security, databasemanagement, and systems analyses. For health informatics, the needs of theentire organization will be addressed. Responsibilities may even extend tolooking to improve societal health outcomes. Jobs within health informaticsinclude healthcare consultant, health information director, chief informationofficer, and coding auditor.Nurses may ask “Is health informatics a good career choice?” Healthcareinformatics is a highly competitive field with lucrative pay and benefits.Most organizations will require a master’s level degree for health informaticspositions. To reflect the nurse’s educational background and experience,salaries are likely to exceed $100,000 annually. In comparison, entry levelnurse informatics jobs will have an average salary around $40,000 per year.Job outlook within the field of health informatics is good too. Growth in thefield over the next ten years is expected to increase by as much as 11percent. This is much faster than the average for all other careers.

Louisiana Health Informatics

Featured Program Options:Southern New Hampshire University offers a CAHIIM accredited B.S. in HealthInformation Management that prepares graduates to sit for the RHIAcertification exam. SNHU offers several additional Bachelor’s and Master’sprograms. Click here to learn about the B.S. in Health Information Managementand SNHU’s other programs.Liberty University, ranked in the top 1% of online universities, offers aMaster of Science in Health Informatics. Being a nonprofit universityaccredited by the SACSCOC, Liberty University provides the recognition to setgraduates apart from others in the field. Click here to learn more aboutLiberty University and their programs.Health Informatics professionals are in high demand in Louisiana. This fieldcombines health care, information technology, and computer science in thecollection, modeling, and study of medical information. Jobs in this fieldvary greatly, from educational settings to jobs in government, legal counsel,insurance companies, prisons, emergency facilities, and research positions.Professionals in this field typically work “behind the scenes” in healthcare,ensuring the integrity of medical practices.

Louisiana Health Informatics Jobs

Ideal candidates for work in Health Informatics have strong communicationskills and an aptitude for biology and computer technology. It is an excellentfield for both recent high school graduates and adults desiring a careerchange. The job outlook is excellent, with a projected growth of 20% from2008-2018. In Louisiana, health informatics workers find jobs with the largesthospitals in the state, such as Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Centerand CHRISTUS Shumpert St. Mary Place. Entry level positions in medical codingat these hospitals require only a high school diploma.

Health Informatics Education & Certification Requirements in Louisiana

The entry-level positions in coding require a certificate, while mostInformation Technician jobs require an Associate’s Degree in HealthInformation Technology and some also require certification as RegisteredHealth Information Technicians, or RHIT. The certification is given by CAHIIM, the Commission on Accreditation of Health Informatics & InformationManagement. Some employers consider certification by CAHIIM to be moreimportant than a program degree for advancement in this field. Onlyprofessionals certified by CAHIIM are eligible to join the Louisiana chapterof AHIMA, the American Health Information Management Association. LouisianaAHIMA provides a network for top professionals to share information and joblistings. For more information, visit the Louisiana AHIMA website,http://lhima.org/rt1/.

Louisiana Health Informatics Degrees

In Louisiana, Associate’s Degrees in Health Information Technology are offeredby Delgado Community College (New Orleans), Louisiana Tech University(Ruston), and Southern University at Shreveport to name just a few. Each ofthese programs focuses on essential skills of the field, beginning withstudies of communication, biology, human anatomy & physiology, and basiccomputer science. Program courses cover coding, data analysis, pharmacology,pathophysiology, legal aspects of healthcare, and reimbursement procedures.All students must complete an internship prior to graduation.At the Bachelor’s Degree level, Lafayette University and Louisiana TechUniversity both offer approved Health Information Management programs. Bothprograms prepare students for the managerial and human resource aspects ofhealth information technology, as well as covering further legal aspects ofhealthcare and advanced data-modeling techniques. Louisiana Tech Universityalso offers a program to allow students who received their Associate’s Degreeand certification as RHIT to progress to RHIA certification. This programoffers condensed courses in an online format, ideal for technicians alreadyemployed in the field. Lafayette University program graduates pass the RHIAexamination at a higher rate than the national average. The Health InformationAdministration program is part of their Louisiana Center for HealthInformatics, created in 1999 to improve public health in Louisiana.At the Master’s level, only Louisiana Tech University offers a CAHIIMcertified Masters of Health Information Management program. Master’s programsin this field prepare workers for executive managerial positions in hospitalsand companies. Lafayette University is also developing their own master’sprogram, which will soon be available. There are also other masters in healthinformation systems programs available in Louisiana that are not CAHIIMcertified as well as a number of online programs options to choose from.

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