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Apple iPhone 11

Apple’s $699 iPhone 11 has two cameras, including an ultrawide that allows forsome fun shots, a terrific battery, the company’s speedy A13 Bionic processor,and it comes in six colors. It should be a great iPhone if you’re in themarket for a new one but don’t want to spend $1,000. Price: ~$699AppleBest Buy

What’s the difference between the Apple watches?

Some differences are based in the hardware; the Apple Watch Series 5 is theonly version that can support always-on display and a compass.Similarly, the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5 are the only models able to checkfor an irregular heart rate. However, some features are rolled out with updates to the operating softwareand will work with older models – for instance the cycle tracking and hearingapp.

Is an Apple watch worth buying?

For anyone with the money to invest, the Apple Watch is the ultimate allrounder. You won’t find another smartwatch that so seamlessly integratesactivity and workout tracking with everyday phone functions like texting andemails.Oh, and once you’ve lived with Apple Pay on your wrist, you’ll never go back.* * *Like this article? SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER to receive your weekly dose offeatures.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported ontothis page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to findmore information about this and similar content at piano.ioTop 10 Fitness Trackers of 2020Several years ago, fitness trackers came on the scene to help us monitorthings like steps, workouts, and mileage. Now, I think it’s safe to say,they’ve come a long way!While they still certainly have a focus on movement, today’s fitness trackerscan meet a variety of needs, from tracking exercise, sleep, heart rate, andmore.They not only help you track progress but can be beneficial in motivation andhelp to improve your overall health!They are lauded as great tools for becoming more active, changing habits,reaching goals, and tracking the overall health of your body.If you’re looking for a fitness tracker for the first time or want to improveon the model that you already have, here are what we’ve found to be the 10best fitness trackers of 2020.Take a look at their listed features to see which brand and model would bestsuit your needs, goals, wallet, and health.legacy

2- Apple Watch series 6

If you have an iPhone, this tracker rivals as a number one pick.The Apple Watch series 6 is the newest smartwatch available from Apple.A primary perk for many in choosing a smartwatch over a fitness tracker is thefact that they come with far more capabilities beyond fitness tracking.But, in simply looking at health, the series 6 here offers many perks.Not only does this model allow you to monitor your heart rate throughout theday, but it also measures your blood oxygen levels.Paired with the ECG app, you can actually take an electrocardiogram from thewatch at any time.It also monitors your sleep and allows you to improve sleep habits by settingsleep goals each night.The Apple Watch series 6 allows you to track a wide variety of workouts fromrunning and hiking, to yoga, swimming (water resistant up to 50 meters),dancing, and more.Being a smart watch, it also allows you to receive calls and texts, use ApplePay, as well as play music.It boasts a bright display and stylish, customizable faces.And, if you’re thinking…well, why didn’t you list this one as number one withall of these features? Remember, while it doubles as a great fitness tracker,it’s a smartwatch first, and it’s primarily for iPhone/Apple users.

Best High-End: Apple Watch Series 6

While the Apple watch series 6 is technically a smartwatch, it also boasts allof the features of a fitness tracker.It does come with a hefty price tag though. Right now on Apple’s website, theprice for the series 6 smartwatch ranges from $399 to $749.Speaking strictly of fitness tracking, the Apple watch series 6 offers: * Sleep monitoring * Workout tracking * Heart rate monitoring * Blood oxygen level information * Is water resistant up to 50 meters * Tracks all day calorie burn * Has a built in GPS…you can even take an ECG at any time.Check out 2 above for a complete list of its features.

9. For the book lover: The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The book lover in your life may already have a Kindle, but who doesn’t enjoythe latest and greatest technology the world has to offer? This is the bestKindle we’ve tested and over 94,000 reviewers on Amazon agree. It has tons ofstorage space, is glare-free, and is waterproof.Get the Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon for $149.99

16. For the one obsessed with all things Apple: Apple Watch

If they don’t own one already, an Apple Watch would be a fantastic gift forthe one who is always on their iPhone. We tested the brand new Apple WatchSeries 6 and it is the best smart watch we’ve ever tried. Give the gift of ourfavorite smartwatch so they can have all of their notifications, music, andtexts at their fingertips all the time.Get the Apple Watch Series 6 at Best Buy for $399.99

Apple One subscription

Apple has been gradually shifting its focus over the past few years, fromhardware to software services that run on that hardware – Apple Arcade, AppleMusic, Apple TV+ and so on. This process culminated this autumn in the launchof Apple One, a bundle that includes multiple subscriptions at a reducedprice.The individual and family plans include the three services listed above, plusan expanded allocation of iCloud storage. There’s also a Premier tier thatadds more storage, News+ and – when it finally launches – Fitness+.We’ve asked Apple if there’s a clever way to gift someone a subscription, butthe best solution may be to give them a gift card for the subscription’s valueover a particular period of time.

Apple Watch Series 4

Finally, what is likely to be one of the more popular gifts this Father’s Day:the Apple Watch Series 4.Apple has had the world’s best-selling smartwatch since the Apple Watch firstlaunched in 2015. And every year, Apple has relentlessly improved it. When theApple Watch Series 4 launched last fall, it got its first major re-design,with a display that’s 30% larger and higher resolution (without gettingphysically larger). Apple also added new health and safety features, with abuilt-in ECG app for heart testing and fall detection. So this smartwatchdoesn’t just look cool and do cool stuff, it also offers a bit of peace ofmind.One qualifier: if Dad owns an Android smartphone, then the Apple Watch isn’tsuch a great choice. It’s really designed for those who embrace all thingsApple. The Apple Watch Series 4 starts at $399.

7. For the one obsessed with all things Apple: The newest Apple Watch

If they don’t own one already, an Apple Watch would be a fantastic gift forthe one who is always on their iPhone. We tested the brand new Apple WatchSeries 6 and it is the best smartwatch we’ve ever tried. Give the gift of ourfavorite smartwatch so they can have all of their notifications, music, andtexts at their fingertips all the time.Get the Apple Watch Series 6 from Amazon for $399

8. For the watch enthusiast: A high-quality watch from Hublot

Few things make a bold statement quite like a watch, especially if you opt fora big-name brand like Hublot. The Swiss luxury watchmaker is known for itstimeless and sleek selection—and right now, you can snag pre-owned authenticHublot watches from eBay backed by the site’s Authenticity Guarantee.Essentially, eBay independently vets every watch sold by its vendors, meaningif it’s a dupe, you’ll know before you buy. Knowing that authentic Hublotwatches feature smart cards specific to each band, you can shop withconfidence knowing that you’re snagging the real thing.

21. For the one always listening to something: Apple AirPods Pro

According to our tests, Apple’s cult-favorite AirPods Pro are the best truewireless earbuds money can buy. If you’re shopping for a lover of all thingsApple, they will adore a pair of these. For listening to music while workingout, using Bluetooth for phone calls, and even listening to podcasts whileloading and unloading the dishwasher, AirPods Pro make a great gift.Get the Apple AirPods Pro from Amazon for $199

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