A streaming stick that transforms their regular TV into a smart TV

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List of Tech Gadgets To Make Life Easier

Just keep in mind, while some of these gadgets are practical, others arespecific, and others you might not have heard of until now. Read on!

Amazon Echo

Since the online retail giant Amazon had unveiled its cloud-based virtualassistant Alexa, it has introduced the Echo Dot, one of the cheapest optionsfor starting a smart home.All you have to do is call on Alexa, and the Echo can quickly respond to yourrequest. Such requests may include: * Call someone * Order food * Start a music stream. * Control the smart lights in your home, etc.While there are many other commands that you can tell Alexa, Echo Dot is thereto serve you in any task that you see fit.So, if you’re too busy to do a task manually, then Echo Dot is there to help!Also Read: Best Travel Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Explorers

A shower curtain that holds tech so they can watch tv in the shower

Smartphones, tablets, computers – we use these gadgets so often they arealmost appendages at this point, but there’s one place we can’t take them –the shower. Maybe that’s a good thing, but maybe your giftee wants to watchthe latest episode of Shameless from the comfort of their bath tub. For“screenagers” of all ages who hate parting with their beloved gadgets but alsocrave the luxuries of a warm bubble bath, this curtain (which has eightpockets to hold different-sized devices) lets them have the best of bothworlds.* * *

A set of smart light bulbs that they can control remotely and provide

ambianceSpending $US140 on a set of light bulbs is a lot, which is why some peopleprobably won’t buy these for themselves. That’s also why, as the gifter, youtotally should. These smart lights offer 50,000 shades of white light and canbe controlled with an app or their voice, so they can easily adjust the lightto create an ambiance that suits how they want to feel.* * *

A smart TV that has all of their favourite streaming apps already built in

With plenty of streaming options that offer great content and a lower pricethan cable, these days many are cutting the cord and saying goodbye to cablefor good. If you know someone who just did, or is planning to cut cable out, asmart TV is an awesome gift. Once connected to your WiFi, it lets them accessall of the most popular streaming apps for music, tv shows, and movies.* * *

A streaming stick that transforms their regular TV into a smart TV

If you want to give the gift of a smart TV without the price tag of an actualTV, the Roku is a great choice. This streaming stick has thousands of freestreaming channels, as well as their favourite paid streaming sites likeNetflix and Hulu. For tech, it’s a great value at $US30.* * *

A smart speaker that’s small but mighty

For those looking to enter the smart home realm, start them off with an EchoDot. This speaker is the smallest of the Echo family, but it’s Alexa-enabledjust like its siblings so they can use it to do all sorts of cool things likecontrol lights, listen to their favourite songs, or play Jeopardy. The modestsize and updated look mean that this gadget can pretty much live anywhere.*May arrive after Christmas* * *

2. Raspberry Pi 3

If your gadget lover is a build it, rather than buy it kind of person, thenthis is definitely the gift to give. Coming in at a much lower price pointthan the HTC Vive, this gift does require a bit of knowledge to get setup.However, this little tech gadget has all of the versatility your tech nerdcould ask for.Want to setup a gaming console with all of the classic arcade games? Well, youcan configure your Raspberry Pi to be just that. In fact, my girlfriend’sbrother did that for his little sister. Lifehacker has a nice tutorial ongetting this setup.However, don’t think that the Raspberry Pi is a one trick pony. My friend evenconfigured one to control the watering of one of his house plants since he’soften away on business. The possibilities are limitless.Check out the Raspberry Pi projects site to get started. A great gift for theprogramming veteran gadget lover or the aspiring youth.View Raspberry Pi on Amazon

Best Tech Gifts For Women: 30 Must-Have Gadgets For Her In 2021

* BY Editorial Staff * January 9, 2021If the woman you love considers herself high tech, on her birthday, Mother’sDay, Christmas or just because, add a twist to gift giving. Instead of scentedcandles or necklaces, a tech gift is something that will give her a bigthrill.But don’t worry. Whether she is a tech-savvy or non-techie woman, the giftsthat we pick in this collection are easy-to-use. Any mom, wife, girlfriend,and even grandma, will find these gifts practical and use these gadgets foreveryday activities.From smart devices that ease her house chores to accessories that give afuturistic sense and convenience in her hobbies and routines, you will findamong these tech gift ideas a gift that fits her.

Temperature Control Smart Mug

This smart mug allows her to keep her beverage hot, warm, or at any exacttemperature that she prefers.The mug has a 1-hour battery life on a single charge. Or she can keep the mugon the charging coaster (included) for longer use.* * *20 OF 30

Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock

This holiday, gift her this therapy alarm clock to wake her up every morningby natural sounds and real daylight. She will love being woken up graduallywith a nice and gentle way compared to traditional alarm clock or phones.This tech gift can also be a bedside lamp, night light, or a lamp for herreading at night.* * *22 OF 30

Makeup Mirror With Touch Control

This mirror can be rotated and can be magnified by up to 3 times to enable herto perfectly draw tiny details in the makeup procedure.It also has adjustable natural LED lights that will light up the face whileshe is making up.* * *30 OF 30

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