Admission Decisions for Masters in Data Science Admissions

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Top Universities offering Masters in Data Science in Canada

International students who wish to study Masters in Data Science in Canada canapply to the following top universities:* There are two more specializations available with the University of Waterloo in MMath-Statistics, Data Science and MMath-CS, Data Science. However, admissions to these programs will be discontinued as of winter 2020.**Masters in data science and artificial intelligence

Admission Decisions for Masters in Data Science Admissions

Post-application deadlines, the admission decisions are released within a timeframe of 6-8 weeks. The applicants for masters in data science in Canada arereviewed on overall academic performance, professional references, and relatedinformation available in the CV. The decisions may be delayed in certaincases.

Cost for Studying Masters in Data Science in Canada

For an international applicant planning to study in Canada, the costs forstudying can be widely distributed into three categories. These are pre-arrival costs, cost of study, and cost of living. The cost of studying or thetuition fee MS in Data Science in Canada varies from 11,600 USD to 33,000 USD.

Masters in Data Science in Canada with Scholarships

There are various scholarships available for international students pursuingmasters in Canada. Some of the popular scholarships available to studentspursuing MS in Data Science are as follows:Scholarship | Amount Offered (USD) | University —|—|— Master of Data Science International Scholarship | 18,874 /year | Universityof British Columbia School of Graduate Studies University-wide awards | 5293.75/semester |University of Toronto Ontario Graduate Scholarship | 3781/semester | Carleton University Ontario Graduate Scholarship | 3781/semester | Ryerson University Ontario Graduate Scholarship | 3781/semester | University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarship | Varies | HEC Montreal

Data Science Course in Canada vs USA

The number of universities offering international students with a data sciencecourse is more in the USA in comparison with Canada. Factors to consider foran applicant looking for higher education in data science abroad are asfollows: * School Selection: the USA has a higher number of universities offering data science courses in comparison with Canada. Some of the popular colleges/universities offering data science in the USA are as follows: * Cost Efficiency: The overall cost of studying in the USA is extremely high in comparison with Canada. This makes Canada a better study destination. * Job opportunities: With more job opportunities, the USA also has a higher number of applicants looking for these jobs. However, Canada does have a comparatively lesser number of job opportunities but also has lesser candidates. * Work permit hassle: Getting a Canadian work permit is easier than H1B (work permit for the USA). This plays a major role for applicants who wish to stay abroad post-study. * Healthcare: Canada offers free healthcare to all individuals legally residing in the country. However, health insurance covers in the USA are expensive and mandatory for studying and working in the country.. * Immigrant friendly: Canada trumps over the USA in this category with its immigrant-friendly laws and welcoming atmosphere.Masters in Data Science from Canada is a lucrative program of study forgraduates of computer science or similar programs. With an abundance of jobprospects in the field, a master’s degree in Data Science will not just helpyou secure high-paying jobs, but also give you an extensive understanding ofhow various big companies like Amazon and Netflix collect and use data toestablish a prominent market.The possible benefits of a Data Science degree from Canada are manyfold andimmense. It is not just businesses that prosper with the application of DataScience, but the customers too. The customers benefit by seeing more relevantcontent, while businesses prosper by targeting the appropriate audience. As amatter of fact, the proper application of Data Science is capable of upliftingeconomies and countries alike.It goes without saying that a Masters’s (MS) degree from a technologicallyadvanced and educationally adept country like Canada is a good idea for anyprospective students planning higher studies from abroad. This field of studyis a trending subject and the demand for experts in it is only going up- notjust in Canada, but across the world.

Top Colleges for Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland

Some of the top universities offering a 1-year full-time Masters in DigitalMarketing in Ireland, according to QS News University Ranking for 2020, are asfollows:University | Course | Total Program Fees (in EUR) —|—|— Trinity College Dublin (TCD) | MSc. in Digital Marketing Strategy | 19,500 University College Dublin (UCD) | MSc. in Digital Marketing | 19,900 National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway) | MSc. in Digital Marketing| 16,900 Dublin City University (DCU) | MSc. in Digital Marketing | 16,000 MA in Social Media Communications | 15,000 Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) | MSc. in Digital Marketing Strategy |12,000 Institute of Technology, Carlow (IT Carlow) | MSc. in Digital Marketing |11,250 Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) | MSc. Creative Digital Media |20,250 MSc. in Digital Marketing | 13500 Dublin Business School (DBU) | MSc. in Digital Marketing | 13500 Why Study Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland?Digital Marketing has replaced the traditional methods of marketing in today’sera due to the increasing popularity of e-commerce, social media sites, etc.Thus, jobs in this field are also on the rise. Following are some of thereasons that suggest why pursuing a Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland isa good choice: * Digital Marketing Managers earn 35% more than the average salaries of all jobs in Ireland. * Digital marketing observed an increase in over 10,000 jobs in the last five years (i.e from 2015 to 2019) in Ireland. * 5% to 9% of the annual bonus is awarded to employees in the field of digital marketing which is almost equivalent to the country’s average of 7%. * An up-gradation from bachelor’s in Ireland universities to masters increases the salary by 23%. * With 5 to 10 years of experience in digital marketing, your salary will almost be double. * The average salary of the Digital Marketing Manager in Ireland is 17% higher than the average of all other marketing jobs.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland: Highlights

Duration | 1 year —|— Types of Degrees Available | MA, MSc Specializations Available | Digital Marketing Strategy, Social MediaCommunications, Creative Digital Media Admission Requirements | Minimum 60% in bachelors; 2 to 3 years of work experience Average Fees | 11,250 EUR to 20,250 EUR Entry-level Salary | 36,203 EUR Top Recruiters | Amazon, Apple, Cisco, Dropbox, Facebook, etc

Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland: Course Curriculum

A masters in digital marketing in Ireland will help students to kick start anamazing career in the business market. Students will develop a thoroughunderstanding of how digital technology can be used to improve theeffectiveness and efficiency of marketing at all stages of the business valuechain. Some course modules taught in this program are: * Strategic Digital Marketing * Inbound Marketing * Data and Digital Marketing Analytics * Search Engine Optimization and Analytics * Professional Development for Marketing * Social Media and Digital Advertising

Admissions to Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland

The admission eligibility for Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland is abachelor’s degree in any of the fields with the following additional criteria: * A minimum 2:1 honors degree or international equivalent i.e. 60%-80% (Grade Equivalent B+) at the undergraduate level. * 2-3 years of work experience * Non-native English speakers are required to provide proof of English language proficiency through one of the top exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.The table below shows the minimum scores required for admissions in topuniversities of Ireland offering Masters in Digital Marketing:University | Percentage in Bachelors —|— University College Dublin | 75% Trinity College Dublin | 65% National University of Ireland Galway | 65% Cork Institute of Technology | 70% Dublin City University | 60% Institute of Technology, Carlow | 60% Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) | 65% Dublin Business School | 60%

Cost of Studying Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland

This section includes the information on the costs involved in studying inIreland which include the pre-arrival expenses, tuition fees as well as livingexpenses.

Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland: Tuition Fees for Indian Students

The tuition fees for a master’s in digital marketing in Ireland ranges from11,250 EUR to 20,000 EUR. TU Dublin is the cheapest among them with totalprogram fees of 13,500 EUR. The other programs similar to Masters in DigitalMarketing include DCU’s MA in Social Media Communications and TU Dublin’s MSc.Creative Digital Media with a tuition fee of 15,000 EUR and 20,250 EURrespectively. The tuition fees for Indian students who wish to study mastersin digital marketing in Ireland are as follows:University | Fees in INR —|— University College Dublin | 17.28 lakhs Trinity College Dublin | 16.93 lakhs NUI Galway | 14.68 lakhs Dublin City University | 13.89 lakhs Cork Institute of Technology | 10.42 lakhs TU Dublin | 17.59 lakhs Dublin Business School | 11.72 lakhs

Scholarships for Masters in Digital Marketing in Ireland

International students willing to study Masters in Digital Marketing inIreland can opt for various financial aid options to support their educationand living costs. The table below caters to various international scholarshipsin Ireland:Scholarships | Awarding Body | Awards —|—|— Government of Ireland Scholarships | Government of Ireland | 10,976.22 EUR perannum NUI Galway International Students Scholarships | National University ofIreland Galway | 5,213.70 EUR Centenary scholarship program | Dublin Institute of Technology | 1,148.06 EUR Trinity College Dublin Scholarships | Trinity College Dublin | 5,213.70 -10,427.41 EUR Max Arthur Macauliffe Special Merit Scholarships. | National University ofIreland Galway | Full-tuition fees Sir Peter Freyer Special Merit Scholarship. | National University of IrelandGalway | Full Tuition Fees

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