Apple announces Apple One its services bundle starting at 14 95 per month

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Apple announces iOS 14 iPhone update will be released on Wednesday

There weren’t any iPhones announced on Tuesday, but all of Apple’s newproducts require Apple’s newest software to run. Apple CEO Tim Cook said thatiOS 14, the latest operating system for iPhones, will be released onWednesday, ahead of an expected iPhone launch next month. — Kif LeswingTue, Sep 15 20201:48 PM EDT

Apple announces Apple One, its services bundle starting at $14.95 per month

Apple has announced its long-rumored services bundle, Apple One. It comes inthree tiers with different services in each tier: * Individual: Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud storage, at $14.95 a month. * Family: The same services for up to five family members, at $19.95 a month. * Premier: The same services plus Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+, announced today, for $29.95 a month.— Kif LeswingTue, Sep 15 20201:34 PM EDT

Apple releases Fitness+, a fitness service for Apple Watch

The service will connect Apple Watch users to trainers. Users can access acatalog of workout videos on iPhones, iPads or on an Apple TV, synced to anApple Watch. New workout videos will be published weekly, and you’ll be ableto see live stats from your Apple Watch on your iPad or iPhone while you workout. Shares of Peloton initially dipped about 5% on the news, but quicklyrecovered.Apple Watch FitnessSource: Apple Inc.Workouts include yoga, dance, treadmill, rowing and more. Many workoutsrequire just a set of dumbbells or no equipment, Apple said.— Kif LeswingTue, Sep 15 20201:30 PM EDT

Apple’s new watches will be in stores on Friday

Apple Watch Series 6Source: ApplePreorders start today. The Apple Watch SE will cost $279, and the new AppleWatch Series 6 will start at $399. — Kif LeswingTue, Sep 15 20201:25 PM EDT

New Apple Watch will have a faster processor, better screen

Apple Watch Series 6Source: AppleApple said that the chip inside the Apple Watch Series 6, the S6, is 20%faster than its predecessor and is based on the processor in the iPhone 11. Italso has a brighter display for better readability outside. It starts at $399.— Kif LeswingTue, Sep 15 20201:15 PM EDT

Apple unveils Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6Source: AppleApple announced the Apple Watch Series 6, which will be able to monitor users’blood oxygen levels. The app will let you take a measurement in 15 seconds. Itwill be available in blue and red options for the first time ever. — JessicaBursztynskyTue, Sep 15 20201:11 PM EDT

5. Apple Watch Series 6

Show Dad you care with an Apple Watch Series 6. This Apple Watch does morethan just show you the time. This version of the Apple Watch adds many newhealth features that will help Dad stay healthy. He can track his blood oxygenlevel, a metric for understanding overall wellness. The electrocardiogram appcan detect atrial fibrillation. The new sleep tracker will help him understandhis sleep patterns, and the popular fitness tracker will help him track hisworkouts and stay motivated.

43. For the one who wants a smarter wrist: Apple Watch Series 5

Apple may have just unveiled the new Apple Watch Series 6, but it’s too newand untested for us to make a call on just yet. On the other wrist (er, hand),we love the Series 5. In fact, it’s our favorite smart watch right now. Ifyour giftee loves staying connected to all their apps and notifications but isalways busy with their face buried in their smartphone, one of the best smartwatches around might be the perfect gift.Get the Apple Watch Series 5 (44mm) from Amazon for $429

Apple Watch Series 4 reviews

It says something about people’s trust in Apple that there were huge numbersof Apple Watch Series 4 preorders even before any reviews landed.

Apple Watch Series 4: display

Possibly the most significant change with these new wearables is the largerdisplays. This made the overall device a bit bigger, but they don’t seem tofeel larger.As Dieter Bonn from The Verge pointed out in his review, “They really don’tfeel that much bigger on your wrist than the old sizes. I was using the 42mmSeries 3 and the 44mm size is only subtly bigger, but it’s also subtlythinner.”But Bonn did notice the larger displays: “The screen on the Series 4 is justincredibly good. Apple says it’s 30 percent bigger, which is one of thosespecs that’s easy to just sort of pass over when you read it. But 30 percentis a lot, and you absolutely notice it right away.”Brian X. Chen from The New York Times said, “This enlarged display makeseverything on the watch look better, including text.”

Apple Watch Series 4: performance

Apple promises that its latest wearable is up to two times faster than thethird-generation Apple Watch. Reviewers noted improvements.Wired‘s Scott Rosenfield wrote, “By virtue of hardware upgrades, it doesalmost everything just a little bit better.”Chen’s review in the NYT described the Series 4 as “faster” six differenttimes.

Apple Watch Series 4: battery life

A Watch is no good once its battery runs flat. Apple seems to have mademinimal improvements in this area.Rosenfield wrote for Wired, “Battery life on the Series 4 is as good or betterthan on the Series 3 Watch.”But The Verge‘s Bohn was more optimistic: “Battery life on the Series 4 is asgood or better than on the Series 3 Watch.”

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