As an ABC program student does it matter what associate degree program I

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As an ABC program student at Ivy Tech am I guaranteed admission to Indiana

University?You are guaranteed admission to one of the three Indiana University regionalcampuses participating in the ABC program: IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IUSouth Bend. While you are guaranteed admission to any of these three IUregional campuses, based on your academic performance, you may or may not beadmitted to a small number of highly competitive majors such as dentalhygiene, nursing, or radiology.If you complete your associate degree at Ivy Tech, you also are likelyeligible for admission to another IU regional campus (IU East, IU Southeast)or to the IU programs at IPFW. You also may be eligible to transfer to IUPUIor IU Bloomington. By working early with an ABC Transfer Specialist andmeeting high academic standards, you can chart a course to transfer to any IUcampus—but you are only guaranteed admission to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest or IUSouth Bend by participating in the ABC program.

What advising will be available to me as an ABC program student at Ivy

Tech?Your ABC Transfer Specialist will assist you with transfer advice, courseselection, and personalized academic planning to complete both your associateand bachelor’s degrees in a minimum number of terms. As you are in the finalstages of your associate degree, the transfer specialist will introduce you(in person or virtually) to your major advisor —a member of the IU South Bendfaculty or staff. We want to ensure you remain on the right track, so werequire you to meet with your ABC Transfer Specialist at least once persemester.Your ABC Transfer Specialist also will connect you to IU’s financial literacymodule and to financial counselors. This will help you plan your finances tograduate on time and with minimal debt.Your ABC Transfer Specialist also will connect you to career counselingservices. Early career advising will help you to minimize the number ofcourses that won’t apply to your chosen degree and may provide opportunitiesfor early internships or even job opportunities in your chosen field.

How long will it take to earn my associate degree and bachelor’s degree if

I follow the requirements of the ABC program?We have designed the ABC program to enable students to complete both anassociate and bachelor’s degree within four years. Depending on when youenroll in the ABC program, you will have from two to five academic semesters(plus summers) to complete your associate degree. If you enroll at IU Kokomo,IU Northwest or IU South Bend the semester after you graduate with yourassociate degree from Ivy Tech, you will have four more semesters (plussummers) to complete your bachelor’s degree. You may take more time than foursemesters to complete the bachelor’s degree, but we encourage ABC programstudents to take advantage of all the financial benefits of the program bycompleting in no more than two years from the date of transfer.

As an ABC program student, does it matter what associate degree program I

am in at my Ivy Tech campus?Full-time students in all degree programs—including A.A.S. degrees—areeligible to enroll in the ABC program.

Why does the ABC Program require that I finish my associate degree before I

transfer to IU Kokomo, IU Northwest, or IU South Bend?Studies show that students who complete an associate degree before transferare much more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree, and they do so in a shorterperiod of time. If you complete an A.A. or A.S., you also will have completedyour lower division general education requirements, which means you won’t haveto redo them when you transfer to IU regional campuses or other publicuniversities in Indiana. Of course, you can still transfer to your IU regionalcampus without an associate degree if for some reason this is the best courseof action for you. Still, the completion of the associate degree is animportant milestone in your path to a bachelor’s degree and we encourage youto pursue the ABC program if you are eligible and interested in it. Lifehappens. If something delays or precludes the completion of your bachelor’sdegree, your resume will still show you successfully achieved an associatedegree at Ivy Tech, increasing your earnings and your eventual likelihood ofcompleting the four-year bachelor’s degree.

Will I feel like a student at IU? Will I have a chance to participate in

activities?ABC program students will fit in easily and successfully at IU Kokomo, IUNorthwest and IU South Bend. While attending Ivy Tech, ABC program studentswill receive regular notice of free activities and will be invited toparticipate. Ivy Tech students already may apply for on-campus housing at IUSouth Bend, and ABC program students will be given priority for limited placesin housing.

Will I find the bachelor’s program I want at an IU regional campus?

IU Kokomo, IU Northwest and IU South Bend offer the most popular majors suchas business, psychology, or communication, as well as a large variety of othermajors. Check early on with your ABC Transfer Specialist to focus on possiblemajors and ensure that your early course selection is flexible enough to reachyour goal of a bachelor’s degree if you’re not sure what you’d like to chooseas a major. While many majors are on all three campuses, some of the campuseshave unique majors. For more information visit their www.iusb.eduWhat Kinds of Jobs Can You Get with an Associate of Science Degree?Thinking about earning an associate degree in a medical- or science-relatedfield? Good for you! Whether you want to enter the workforce immediately or goon to pursue a bachelor’s degree, getting an associate of science (AS) degreecan open up a variety of career pathways for you.How long does it take to get an AS degree and what kinds of associate degreejobs can you get after you graduate? Tallo is here to tell you everything youneed to know about AS degrees.

Can I pursue a bachelor’s degree after I complete an associate degree?

Students interested in continuing their education to pursue a bachelor’sdegree can consider transferring to a four-year college or university. COTChas several transfer agreements with four-year colleges.

Earning an associate HVAC degree online

How long does an associate HVAC degree program online take?HVAC programs that lead to an associate degree typically take around two yearsof full-time study to complete. Students may be able to take larger courseloads per semester and shorten the total time spent in school, or may chooseto attend their program on a part-time basis and stretch it over a longerperiod.What are the requirements to start an associate HVAC degree program online?It’s a general rule that associate degree programs at accredited institutionsrequire one or more of the following before you can enroll: * A high school diploma or equivalent (GED, TASC, etc.) * English language proficiency * Transcripts of any previously completed college coursesCheck with your advisor to learn about the specific requirements at yourchosen school.Why earn an associate HVAC degree online?Fully online HVAC associate degrees are rare, but students may be able to takecertain courses online to help balance their schedules. Completing your HVACtraining partially online can bring the best of both worlds to the rightstudent, allowing for the familiar environment of a brick-and-mortar classroomas well as the convenience of online instruction.

Associate HVAC Degree Program Timeline

Year oneThe first year of an associate degree program serves to lay a solid foundationof understanding for HVAC students. Many of the subjects studied in first-yearcourses, such as heating, ventilation and refrigeration, are revisited from amore advanced perspective once you’ve moved on to the second year of yourprogram.Year twoThis level is typically where different types of HVAC associate degreeprograms diverge from one another. If your program focuses on eithercommercial or residential HVAC, your second year is likely to focus youreducation on the specific demands and solutions of your chosen avenue withinthe profession. * 1.Common Courses * Heating principles * Ventilation principles * Refrigeration principles * Air conditioning control principles * Basic electricity * Business communication * 2. Common Careers: * HVAC technician * HVAC installer * HVAC repairer * HVAC team manager

Prerequisites for Radiologist Degree Programs

Associate degrees in radiology allow students to focus specifically on classesin this field. Associate degrees typically require a high school diploma orGED. Aspiring professionals may opt for associate degree programs because asof January 1, 2015, the minimum AART requirement for those taking thecertification exam is an associate degree or higher.Certificate programs have varying prerequisites depending on thespecialization, but programs come in two main varieties: * Entry-level radiology certificate programs designed for individuals who have never worked in radiology * Programs for those who already work in radiology but want to expand their skill setFor the second category of certificates, applicants usually need to beemployed as rad-techs, which in turn means they have completed an approvedtraining program and earned certification in basic radiology skills. Thissecond type of certificate, which the AART calls the post-primary pathway, cancover subjects such as:Bachelor’s degree programs in radiology generally require an associate degree,not necessarily in radiology. There are some exceptions made to these rules.For example, a school may allow radiology professionals with several years ofon-the-job experience to substitute it for certain educational prerequisites.If you are in doubt about your unique scenario, the best thing to do is to askthe school of your choosing about the radiology bachelor’s degree program andthe program’s pre-reqs.Master’s degrees in radiology typically require candidates to have abachelor’s degree, and in some cases, professional experience.Again, prerequisites can vary by program, so request information from theschools to get specifics about each option.

Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees Programs

When starting education, everybody is interested in how long this processlasts.Now, you are probably wondering how long it takes to become a vet tech, and wehave to tell you that it depends on the type of degree program you pursue.In vet tech schools you can choose between two degree options: associatedegrees and bachelor’s degrees.An associate degree can be successfully completed in two years while abachelor’s degree is a four-year program.However, you need to bear in mind that the timeframe is not the only thingthat makes a difference between an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree.Associate degree – Most accredited schools in veterinary technology offer anassociate degree which is designed to cover all the basics needed to work inprivate clinical practice.The curriculums will cover small and large animal care, surgical procedures,pharmacology, and dentistry among other topics related to vet techniciancareers.The only way of being admitted to an online vet tech associate degree programis by completing some general education classes.Students may do that by first enrolling in their selected school in a non-major program, complete their prerequisite classes ad apply for admission tothe vet tech program.An associate degree is designed and considered an ideal solution for peoplewho know they want a hands-on career with animals and would like to enter theworkforce quickly.Bachelor’s degree – this kind of degree is often chosen by individuals whowant to be veterinary technologists or who would like to become veterinarians,that is, who are determined to continue their education.Online bachelor’s degrees may require students to possess an associate degreein veterinary technology so that they can be admitted to the program.This is a four-year degree program that will provide more advanced educationin the care of animals, meaning that the enrollees will not achieve skillsneeded to work in private clinical practices, but they will also be preparedto work with laboratory animals in research facilities.A bachelor’s degree program graduates may become veterinary clinicadministrators, pharmaceutical sales representatives, or instructors inassociate degree programs.­­­­

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