Available Online Data Science Programs for Georgia

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Data Science Programs in Georgia

Overall, there are a number of different colleges in Georgia that have a datascience degree.The most popular degree at Georgia universities is the Master’s in DataScience degree. There are a number of options within the state, but there arealso two in-state universities with an Online Master’s option for Data Sciencerelated coursework.You might also consider other featured universities that are acceptingapplicants for their online Masters in Data Science program.

Quick Overview of Georgia Data Science Degree Programs

Schools in Georgia with data science programs include:Click to jump to the full list of Georgia data science programs, or consider learning more about one of the below online data science degreescurrently accepting applicants.

Available Online Data Science Programs for Georgia

Online Data Science Programs Based in Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology Online MS in Analytics

The Online Master of Science in Analytics at Georgia Tech gives students aneducation in big data, business intelligence, and operations research to becompletely prepared in any analytical situation they find themselves in. Alongwith 15 hours of core courses, 15 electives will be needed depending on thetrack taken: Analytical Tools, Business Analytics, or Computational DataAnalytics. Additionally, a six-hour practicum is needed to satisfy the degreeand can be completed through the school or employment.All courses will be completed fully online and will feature on-demandlectures, discussion boards, and more for convenience. Assignment rate and duedates vary by course and some exams may need to proctored. Students frequentlytravel to Atlanta for the commencement to meet with faculty and otherclassmates. A basic computer with a multi-core processor, 8 GB of RAM and 500GB of storage is recommended process datasets and complete programmingcoursework, along with the latest updates to browsers and operating systems.

Georgia Data Science Career Statistics Information

Number of people employed within the tech industry: | 361,894 —|— Change in jobs from 2017 to 2018: | 11,302 Average tech industry salary in Georgia: | $80,260 Estimated Georgia tech salaries range: | From $48,525 to $124,166 Male Employment: | 143,117 (66%) Female Employment: | 74,107 (34%) * Data sourced from CompTIA, CyberStates.org, a data aggregate for tech workforce analytics.

Best Georgia Data Science Programs

Includes list of campus-based and online data programsUniversity | Program | Location —|—|—

Online M.S. in Analytics

| Atlanta Students can complete the program at the Atlanta campus or 100 percent online.Curriculum consists of a practicum session to apply analytical concepts.Required courses include Analytics Modeling, Business Fundamentals, and Dataand Visual Analytics.

Ph.D. in Analytics and Data Science

| Kennesaw One of three different stages is confirming competency in calculus and datamodeling. Next, advanced coursework in theory and statistical analysis.Program culminates with completing dissertation research over the last twoyears. Completion in four to five years depending on prior course achievement.There is no option to complete the program online.

Will Employers Trust an Online Master’s in Data Science and Analytics?

Employers will trust a master’s of data science online degree because it showsyour initiative to receive your education by whatever means possible.Receiving your master’s degree in data analytics online shows that you werecommitted to getting your degree and took the steps that were needed toachieve that goal. Working for your data science master’s online allows you tocare for your family and continue to work while you are going to school.Earning your master in data analytics online will open the door for you inmany different industries, especially those who use big data to createsolutions and solve unique problems. Most employers welcome graduates who havecompleted an online degree program! They rely on employees who have the skillsets that are developed through strong educational programs and often look forspecific credentials on resumes. Your Master’s in data analytics degree youearned online will also allow you to work in your chosen field as you learn.This adds to your experience and will also add weight to your resume.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Data Analytics?

Data analytics salaries are steadily increasing with each passing year. TheMaster’s in data analytics salary potential can be as high as $92,500,possibly higher if the candidate has experience in the industry. Almost 90% ofemployees that were working as managers in data analytics had a graduatedegree, especially if they had minimal experience in the field. Candidates whopursue a Master’s in data analytics program online and continue to work whilethey attend school, offer employers both the education and the experience theydesire in an employee.Data analytics manager salaries steadily increased depending on the years ofexperience they possess and the type of degree they have. A data analyticssalary is primarily based on both experience and education. The higher thedegree and the more experience a candidate has, the more likely that the bigdata analytic salary offer will be. The potential for a higher salary steadilyincreases with experience. Include a graduate degree on your resume and yourearning potential for a Master in data analytics salary will increaseaccordingly. When you earn your Master’s degree in data sciences or dataanalytics online, you can create the career you want and continue to supportyour family.

Are Data Science and Data Analytics the Same Thing?

Data sciences and data analytics are similar in that they deal with the use ofdata. The difference between data sciences and data analytics involves theirscope and how they are used. Data sciences tend to focus on more the questionsthat need to be asked to find. Data analytics concentrates more fully onfinding the answers to those questions. While data sciences and big dataanalytics go hand in hand, they approach the information from differentdirections.Both data sciences and analytics are needed to find accurate and reliablesolutions, the differences in how they are used are significant. Earning aMaster’s degree in data sciences and data analytics offers you an opportunityto help companies who rely on big data to achieve their goals and find thesolutions they need to be successful. Having a career in data science andanalytics opens the door for you to make a difference in the world around youand make a good living in the process. Earning your Master’s degree in dataanalytics or data sciences online is a great way to continue to work while youtake the steps you need to secure your future.Related Rankings:25 Best Online Master’s in Information and Library Science25 Online Cybersecurity Master’s ProgramsGeorgia Tech MBA Full-Time Recruiter Answers 5 Questions

Business Analytics CenterEdit

The Business Analytics Center (BAC) brings together industry leaders, GeorgiaTech faculty, and business analytics students to supports business analyticsprograms offered by the College and Georgia Tech including an MBAconcentration in Analytics, an undergraduate Certificate in Analytics, andOne-Year Interdisciplinary Master of Science in Analytics at Georgia Tech.Students can participate in the business analytics club, practicums, speakerseries and more as part of their learning experience. [31]

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