AVMA Accredited Veterinary Technician Programs

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Veterinary Technician Programs In California

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Veterinary Technician Salaries

Vet techs working in Louisiana make an average annual salary of $27,410. Thisis lower than the national average salary for vet techs, but the low cost ofliving in the state makes up for the discrepancy. Additionally, top earners inthe state can make as much as $36,470 per year. Vet assistants and caregiversearn less, at $23,520 annually, but do not have to be licensed.

AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technician Programs

Vet techs in Louisiana must have completed an educational program accreditedby the AVMA. These programs are designed to prepare students for the skilledwork that vet techs perform and to pass the VTNE. Hopeful vet techs have fourprograms to choose from in Louisiana:

Veterinary Technician Employers in Louisiana

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1,300 vet techsand over 1,200 vet assistants and animal caretakers currently working inLouisiana. They are employed by private practice veterinarians, animalhospitals, kennels, rescue centers, wildlife organizations and animalemergency hospitals. Some of the important employers in the state include:

Veterinary Technician Professional Organizations

In addition to the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America,a professional organization that offers vet techs nationwide resources, vettechs in Louisiana can join the Louisiana Association of VeterinaryTechnicians. This organization provides vet techs in the state withinformation about licensing, continuing education and professional networkingopportunities.

Veterinary Technician Salaries

The average annual salary for a vet tech in Idaho is $28,810, a little lowerthan the national average salary, although the cost of living in the state isalso lower than the national average. The top earners in the field can expectto make as much as $37,290. Because they require less education and trainingand no certification, vet assistants and animal caregivers earn less than vettechs with an average salary of $23,640.

Veterinary Technician Employers

Vet techs in Idaho can find jobs with veterinarians working in privatepractices, at animal hospitals and specialist clinics, at research facilitiesand with emergency veterinarians. Animal caregivers and veterinary assistantsare often employed in similar facilities, but with fewer responsibilities.

AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technician Programs

To become a licensed vet tech in Indiana, candidates must first complete aveterinary technology program. There are several programs in the state thatare approved by the Indiana PLA and accredited by the American VeterinaryMedical Association (AVMA):

Veterinary Technician Employers in Indiana

There are currently 1,470 vet techs and 1,560 vet assistants and animalcaregivers working in Indiana. These workers are employed in animal hospitals,veterinary emergency centers, research laboratories, kennels and shelters.Some examples of vet tech employers in the state include:

Veterinary Technician Salaries

The national average salary for a vet tech is $32,350, while in Illinois it is$32,050. Veterinary assistants and animal caregivers, who require lesstraining and don’t need to be certified, earn an average of $25,090 per year.Top earners in each field can make $44,510 and $33,120, respectively. Thesesalaries can go a long way in Illinois, where the cost of living is more thanfour percent lower than the national average.

Veterinary Technician Employers in Illinois

The 3,700 vet techs and 1,560 veterinary assistants and animal caregiversemployed in Illinois work in a variety of settings. These include veterinaryclinics, animal hospitals, veterinary specialty centers and emergency rooms,animal research facilities, rescue shelters and kennels:

Veterinary Technician Salaries

Vet techs in Colorado earn a good living with an average annual salary of$30,880. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the top earners in thefield are making up to $39,640 each year. Vet assistants and animal caregiversworking in shelters or laboratories earn less, with an average salary of$25,490 and top earnings of $32,410.

AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technician Programs

The AVMA accredits vet tech programs across the country, and there are severalsuch programs in Colorado:

Veterinary Technician Salaries

The average annual salary for a vet tech in Florida is $30,080, but topearners can get as much as $39,910 working in this field. The average salaryis a little lower than the national average, but so is the cost of living inFlorida. Vet assistants and animal caregivers require less training, whichmeans they earn a lower average salary of $22,560.

AVMA-Accredited Veterinary Technician Programs

The AVMA has accredited several programs at Florida schools for veterinarytechnicians. While not required to work as a vet tech in Florida, employersprefer to see that new vet techs have completed a program at one of theseschools:

Veterinary Technician Employers in Florida

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 8,190 vet techs and4,350 vet assistants and animal caregivers working in Florida. They holdpositions in research facilities, on farms, in veterinary offices andhospitals, at emergency animal clinics and with rescue groups:

Veterinary Technician Salaries

Licensed vet techs in Kentucky can expect to earn an average annual salary of$27,980 or as much as $38,230 for those with more experience. Animalcaregivers and veterinary assistants don’t have to earn a degree orcertificate, which means they earn less. A typical average salary for vetassistants and caregivers in Kentucky is $19,950.

Veterinary Technician Employers in Kentucky

There are over 1,300 vet techs and more than 1,000 veterinary assistants andanimal caregivers working in Kentucky for varied employers. These include:

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