Barclays Internship Hiring Process

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Barclays Internship Assessment Tests

You should understand the significance of practice when facing the aptitudetests. Familiarising yourself with the types of questions and the structure ofthe tests gives you the incentive to complete the assessments with a highscore and within the given time frame. Practising with JobTestPrep’s PrepPackoffers you the material you will need to prepare for Barclays’ competitivehiring process.Click here to see all of Barclays’ position and preparation materialincluding: Barclays’ Teller PrepPack™, Barclays’ Analyst PrepPack™ andBarclays’ Community Banker PrepPack™.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

You must be comfortable working with numerical information provided in tablesand graphs to answer the questions. To complete this test you should have ahigh command of basic mathematical computing such as calculating decimals andfractions, the four basic operations, percentages, and equations.

SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

As a potential candidate for Barclays’ internship, you must understand andanalyse verbal information efficiently to answer the questions. It is crucialyou practise reading quickly to complete the test within the given timeframe.

SHL Logical Reasoning Test

CEB SHL logical or inductive reasoning test examines your abstract reasoningabilities. In this test, you must identify the logical relationship betweenthe displayed shapes and select the figure that would suit the sequence. Themost common types of question are when you should choose the next diagram in aseries or find the missing piece of a matrix of figures.

Barclays Internship Hiring Process

To successfully earn an internship placement at Barclays you must pass allthree stages of Barclays’ internship application process. First, you submityour CV alongside with a completed questionnaire. This will lead you either toonline aptitude tests or to a telephone interview. As described earlier, youcan encounter one or more online assessment tests such as CEB’s SHL numerical,verbal and logical reasoning test, a personality test and a situationaljudgment test. Finally, you should participate in a face-to-face interview.Start preparing now with JobtestPrep to excel at the online tests and theinterviews of Barclays Internship recruitment process.* * *

The Barclays Application Form

To start Barclays’ Internship hiring process you must submit your CV and fillout the questionnaire as requested on Barclays’ application site. You shouldlist your education, past experience, and further accomplishments. Finally,you should give a concise answer to a competency-based question. In youranswer, you should address Barclays’ core values such as respect, integrity,service, excellence, and stewardship.* * *

The Schlumberger Interview

Once your application has been received, reviewed, and progressed further, youare invited to a first interview. At this stage, the interview could be eitherface to face or a phone interview. This interview is designed as a two-wayconversation. Not only are Schlumberger aiming to find out about you, but thisis an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn about whether or notSchlumberger is a place you want to work. This interview will discuss youracademic background and aptitude for the position. You are expected todemonstrate your experience through your answers to questions. The intervieweris looking for you to show the core skills of approach to challenges such as: * problem-solving * teamwork * self-motivation * stress management * approach to workThey are also looking for evidence of your creativity, preferred workenvironment and how you adapt to new situations.

Schlumberger Assessment Centre

The second interview is held during an all-day assessment centre which alsoincludes aptitude tests, group exercises, a presentation, and a technicaltest. This all takes place at the Schlumberger offices. Remember that you arealso being assessed on the day as a whole, so use the time outside of thevarious assessments to talk to others, get involved, ask questions and findout more. You will receive the schedule of the day in advance, so read itcarefully as you will be asked to prepare for the day.* * *

Schlumberger Aptitude Tests

If you are applying for a technical role with Schlumberger, the type ofaptitude tests you can expect are technically based. For those applying to acommercial and business position, you face a numerical and abstract reasoningtest.

Schlumberger Technical Test

Applicants for engineering positions are asked to put together a valve using atechnical drawing and a bag of components. This task has a time limit of fiveminutes, and although it is not difficult, it is good to know about it inadvance, as the time frame can create pressure on you.

Schlumberger Interview

The interview is the final stage of the assessment day. It is a 30-minutecompetency based interview. The interviewer may ask you questions aboutyourself, the job description and your skills and experience matching therequirements of the job. They may also ask you about the divisions in thebusiness area you have applied to, so do your research on the company ahead ofyour interview. Some questions will be technically based, and for thesequestions, they are interested in your thought processes and how you workthings through, not just your answers.Ahead of the assessment day, don’t forget to review your resume, and to reviewyour examples for use in answers. Look at the job description and prepareexamples for the key job requirements. Brush up on your interview skills witha mock interview.

Schlumberger Interview Questions

Below is a list of interview questions that have been asked at Schlumbergerinterviews in the past. These questions are an illustration of what you canexpect to experience in the interview. * Give me an example of when you’ve been shouted at or told off by a customer or coworker who wasn’t happy with your work. * How do you handle negative feedback? * What is your biggest weakness? * Why does the oil industry need you? * Why Schlumberger? What is involved in the position you have applied for? * What is your ideal job? * If you were a manager and the vendor put the operation in danger, how would you deal with it? * Tell me about a time where you were involved in a conflict at work. What did you do to rectify the situation? * Where do you see yourself in Schlumberger in five years?

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