Benefits of Animation Videos for Your Business

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4. Trending video topics

Posting videos daily is a tough job, but if there’s hunger in you then canpass the 1000 subscribers easily. Creating videos daily is tough and gettingtopics for the video is more difficult. I have a great idea for trendingtopics.Go on google and in the search bar type google trends and hit enter. This isthe free tool by Google itself. Go in the Google trends section and thereselect your country (India) and the category on which you create content(Sci/Tech)There you’ll get the results which topic is trending now. As soon as you get atopic from there start making videos and upload it. Be the first person toupload trending topics video explaining in a good way and an easy manner.

6. Facecam, Quality Videos

Show your face in the videos because people will have a trust in you if youmake videos which include your face over it. And doing facecam can also helpyou towards 1000 subscribers.Create HD videos which have good quality. Especially I love watching videos ofMarques Brownlee and Tech Burner. Watching a poor quality video feels us boredbut watching the high-quality video will definitely keep the audience untilthe last minute of the video. So make sure you create high-quality video. Notnecessary with the Nikon or Canon cameras but mobile will definitely work. Asquality matters.

8. YouTube SEO

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is a term which helps your video to reach morepeople.SEO helps your video to rank in the top for a particular term. For this, youhave to add correct tags on your video and use the simple and good title foryour video. You can take help of Tubebuddy and Google keyword planner. Theseboth tools will definitely help you to rank your videos.And on the topic, you have made the video just in description box make aparagraph by repeating the main keyword of yours. Let me tell you in detail.Eg: (Tittle) How to get 1000 subscribers fast | Hindi | 2020-Trick(Description) —-All Links—Your Queries-How to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time?How to get 1000 subs fast?How to get 1000 subscribers in a month? How to get 1k Subscribers on YouTube?

9. Promote your video (Paid)

You can promote your video if you have enough money (minimum 500 bucks).Promoting video with the help of Google itself is totally an organic way.Promote your own video with the help of Google Adds. Run campaigns and getviews and subscribers on your video. Make sure that when you go for thismethod, the video you are promoting should be the best video of yours

Uploading Time Matters

After uploading a couple of videos you can get a clear idea of when to uploadyour videos. Probably in the afternoon or you can go in the analytics sectionand analyze the best time where you got more audience retention and then atthat particular time you can publish your video.

What is Animation Video

­Animation video is a technique in which images go through the process ofdesigning, layout addition and photographic sequences to create an illusion ofaction. Video animation can be better understood as a simulation of movementthat is created by showing a series of pictures. Animated video for businessengages the viewers and makes for an interesting story-telling experience.Why is Animation ImportantAnimated videos are a visual treat! Be it a long video conveying a message tothe viewer or simply a filler, animated videos for business have become a hitin the realm of social media marketing. Cartoons and animations generateinstant attraction and convey the social media marketing message effectively.Created with animation video maker online, such animated videos keep the moodlight while silently getting the message across to the target viewers.

Benefits of Animation Videos for Your Business

Videos come in various formats. The most popular way for social mediamarketers to tell a story is through animation. Animated videos have manybenefits. These simplify complex ideas, provides entertainment, and customizeseach video for diverse viewers.Animation integrates colors, logos, images, etc. to convey a message orinformation. It converts your story into a visual treat. Here are some of themost obvious benefits of using animated videos for marketing. * Retain Viewer’s AttentionPosts based on animation grabs the attention of the viewers. It initiatesdiscussions and can further be used for promotional activities. Animated postsare enjoyed by all kinds of viewers, irrespective of their age or profession.Animated Posts can bring content to life. When ideas are converted intoanimated videos, you can make your character say and do things in your favor.If you have a complex topic in mind, you can easily depict that with the helpof animated videos. * Hit the Chord with Target AudienceAnimated posts bring back memories as most of us connect with cartoons. Itmakes us sentimental which is one the most effective feelings in contentmarketing. It provides more impact and sends your message to the masseseasily. * Everyone Enjoys Watching Animated VideosAnimated posts can be full of information and can be entertaining as well asengaging. And when posts are interesting, they become viral over social mediachannel like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. * Animated Posts are Time & Cost-EffectiveAnimated videos are comparatively more cost friendly that shooting a videowith real people. 2d and 3d animation video can be created easily withanimation video maker online. Whereas, a full-fledged video wherevideographers, actors, and whole camera setup is involved, require hugeinvestments.Animations are not just effective in engaging your customers, but alsomotivates them to buy your product or service. The idea is to include animatedvideos as an important part of your digital marketing efforts. You can includeanimated videos on your landing pages so that your prospects get to know aboutyour deliverables in detail. * Help Clients Understand Your ProductAnimated videos are most effective when it comes to storytelling. Through freeanimation videos, you can showcase real-life instances of how your product orservice can be useful for your target audience. This will surely work wondersfor your conversion prospects.

How to Make Animated Videos

Now that we know the animation types better, let’s look at how one can make ameaningful animated video and still captivate the viewer’s attention. Anonline animation maker makes each individual a pro at making animated videos.It enables one to make ‘do-it-yourself’ animated videos without compromisingon quality.Blender, Animaker, Biteable and Renderforest are some animated video makersone must consider while making an impressive animated video. This is your stepby step guide so go ahead and create your very own animation video. You cancreate your own animation video with the help of any animation software.

Step 4: Choose Your Animation Video Style

One can chose from the various animation styles to make a video that suitstheir purpose the best. Each style of animation has its own significance. Ifone gives the video some fun element, the other may give the animated video aserious look and feel.The most common animation video styles are 2D animated videos, whiteboardanimated videos and Infographic animated videos.

Download Video Editing Software

Once you have recorded all your gameplay and audio, you’re going to need somesoftware to put it all together. There are many free or low-priced videoeditors out there that you can use. For free options, there is Movie Maker forWindows, or iMovie for Mac users. If you’d like something with more features,Davinci Resolve is free and provides users with a high-end editing software.Once you’ve found the software you want to use, import all your video andaudio recordings. To streamline this process, watch all your captured videosfirst and decide what you want to keep in and cut out. Also be sure your audiomatches up to the gameplay where you want it to.You can also add effects such as music or text if you wish. Just be sure youdon’t overdo your effects, as this takes focus away from the actual gameplayand could make viewers click away.

Create a YouTube Video Thumbnail

One of the most important things you can do to get more views on your video isto create an eye-catching video thumbnail. You can do this in most photoediting software pretty easily. Here’s an example of one of our own from ourYouTube channel.To make a good thumbnail, include some bright and colorful images related tothe game you’re playing, or a good reaction shot of your face if you’reincluding yourself in your videos. Adding text to your thumbnails can alsohelp, and this should be bright and noticeable as well.The important part of making a thumbnail is to make your viewers want to clickon a video, as if they will miss out on something important if they don’twatch it. Making the thumbnails colorful overall can help indicate that thevideo is going to be a fun and interesting watch.

Link To Your Channel & Other Videos

When uploading your video, add links to your channel and other videos so thatviewers can easily locate them. You can also place clickable links directly inyour videos using annotations in YouTube’s video settings.Just click on the video you’d like to add these to and select EditAnnotations. You should be able to go to any point in your video to add anannotation. Most YouTubers, though, like to add these at the end of the videoso they aren’t distracting to viewers during the main content.By linking to your channel and videos, you’re much more likely to increaseyour views and subscriber count overall.10 Best Free Animation Software Program to Make Marketing Videos in 2021

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