Benefits of Earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree

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Can you earn a medical lab technician degree completely online?

Many schools allow you to complete all the coursework components of a medicallab technician degree without ever setting foot on campus. Clinicalrequirements, however, must be done in person. You will work with a practicumplacement specialist to find a location near your place of residence.

How long does it take to earn a medical lab technician degree online?

Timelines for completing your medical lab technician training depends on thelevel of education you undertake. Diplomas, for example, can usually be donein 9-12 months while associate degrees take approximately two years tocomplete. First-time bachelor’s degree seekers often need four years tograduate. It also depends whether you enroll on a full- or part-time basis,though some schools now provide accelerated options for learners looking tograduate as quickly as possible. Speak with program directors of potentialschools to learn about available timelines.

How much does an online medical lab technician degree cost?

The cost of medical lab technician schools online varies by institution, butthere are ways to save money as a cost-conscious student. Associate degrees,for instance, tend to cost less in tuition than a four-year program. Publicschools in your state almost always cost less than private institutions.Before enrolling in any program, make sure you understand how much it willcost. We look at tuition rates for three programs below to give you an idea ofwhat to expect.

How do I get into an online medical lab technician school?

Admission requirements for online medical lab technician programs vary byschool but typically hold some similarities between institutions. They alsovary based on degree level. Some of the more common requirements include: * Completed application and application fee * Transcripts from any schools previously attended * Evidence of GED or high school diploma * Minimum GPA * Letters of recommendation * Statement of goals/purpose * Particularly competitive programs may require an interview * International students must provide passing TOEFL scores

Benefits of Earning an Associate of Applied Science Degree

Many of the benefits associated with earning an associate of applied sciencedegree are the same as those for other associate degrees, but the biggestbenefit of earning an AAS is that it is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways of preparing for a career.Typically, a bachelor’s degree is the best preparation for entry-level careerpositions. However, when you take into account that an associate of appliedscience degree is far less expensive and that the programs teach real-worldskills that are immediately applicable in the workplace, the argument could bemade that an AAS is a better option in some situations. These degrees can beparticularly valuable in fields like IT and computer science where employersare less concerned about your degree and more concerned about your skills set.

Popular Associate of Applied Science Jobs

You will have earned the degree minimum for these jobs if you earn yourassociate in applied science. * Registered Nurse (RN) – $67,480 per year * Physical Therapist Assistant – $42,980 per year * Certified Medical Assistant – $30,590 per year * Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA) – $54,520 per year * Administrative Assistant – $36,500 per year * Dental Hygienist – $72,330 per year * Web Developer – $64,970 per year * Chemical Technician – $44,660 per year * Geological And Petroleum Technician – $55,610 per year * Architecture and Engineering Drafters – $52,720 per yearEarn Your Associate of Applied Science Degree Online. You May Qualify For$6,095 in Grants!

Associate of Applied Science Program and Degree Requirements

Many of the requirements for earning an AAS are the same as those required foran AA or AS. However because an AAS is intended to prepare students to godirectly into the workforce, these programs typically require the completionof 60 to 80 credit hours instead of 48 to 60 credit hours. Additionally, amuch greater emphasis is placed on technical and career training throughoutthe program. Most programs require students to complete coursework in generaleducation, technical specialization, and general electives and are typicallyrequired to earn a minimum number of credits in each area. Most schools alsorequire students to maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher in order tograduate.

Associate of Applied Science in Accounting

Given that much, if not all, of its course curriculum, can be hosted on theinternet, the Associate of Applied Science in Accounting is one of the mostpopular of all available online degree programs. Not only is this programextremely flexible, it provides students a very useful and marketable skillset.Topics covered in the AAS in Accounting online degree program include basicsof accounting, financial analysis, economics, and communication. All subjectmatter addressed in this program can easily be performed and tested via anyInternet-enabled computer terminal. Also, if you earn your AAS in Accountingfrom a regionally accredited institution you’ll (1) be qualified for entry-level career positions and (2) be able to transfer to a 4-year university topursue a bachelor’s degree if you choose.

Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

This flexible degree program is ideally suited for aspiring businessprofessionals and managers who are seeking to increase their skill set or arelooking to position themselves for entry-level managerial, operations,finance, bookkeeping or other business-related positions.Typical topics covered in this program include accounting, finance, humanresources management, communication, product management, organizationalmanagement, small business entrepreneurship and business management.Earn Your Associate of Applied Science Degree Online. You May Qualify For$6,095 in Grants!

Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice

This degree program is primarily designed for working adults and aspiringcareer professionals who want to advance their current career or transitioninto a career in law enforcement and criminal justice. The online AAS inCriminal Justice covers a large variety of topics including criminalinterviewing and interrogations, criminal law, constitutional law, terrorism,criminal evidence and procedure, corrections, and several other relatedsubject areas.

DTA/MRP Associate of Arts Degrees

Renton Technical College offers three AA DTA/MRP Associate of Arts degreeprograms that lead to direct transfer to four different four-yearuniversities. Begin your career in nursing, business, and construction atRenton Technical College TC and in just six quarters, you’ll be prepared tofinish your bachelor’s degree at one of Washington’s outstanding universities.

Associate of Applied Science Transfer Degrees

Renton Technical College offers several Associate of Applied Science Transfer(AAS-T) degrees as well and has agreements with a number of educationalinstitutions to accept certain course credits earned at RTC. These include thefollowing:

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