Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 1 GT Biopharma Inc

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Should You Buy These Tech Penny Stocks?

When it comes to penny stocks, speculation plays a large role. It’s the ideaof “what could be” that so many traders focus on. Since many of thesecompanies are in their early and developmental stages, the opportunities areendless. But this doesn’t mean you should go out and immediately buy brand newpenny stocks. It would help if you did some research first. What are thecurrent market trends? Are you looking at companies in hot sectors, or areinvestors selling their positions? Could certain stocks benefit from upcomingevents?Those are all good questions to ask yourself as you put together a pennystocks watch list. So what are the hot areas of the market today? Biotechremains a staple among traders and investors alike. However, we’ve also seen asurge in many technology companies recently. This industry is one, inparticular, that experiences its share of speculative trading. Pair it withcheap stocks, and you have yourself a perfect storm for big volatility.This week, most broader markets pushed higher. The tech-heavy Nasdaq mirroredthis move, helping to lead the charge. Furthermore, the benchmark Tech ETF(XLK) pushed higher as well. Last week, the XLK closed red after a multi-daydowntrend took it to lows of $127.18 on Friday. The slide came just a fewweeks after it put in new all-time highs before the New Year. In light of thismarket trend, it may not be a bad idea to have some companies on your radar.Will any of these be on your list of penny stocks to buy right now?

Time To Watch Biotech Penny Stocks?

What’s more, is that at some point, investors look for key levels for anopportunity. Usually, these are technical levels at the 200-day, 100-day, and50-day moving averages. As sectors (indicated by ETFs) and stocks approachthese key levels, some traders prepare for potential reversals. Now, whetheror not this happens before April is to be seen.But what we can say is that benchmark biotech ETFs like the Nasdaq BiotechIndex ETF (NASDAQ: IBB) and the S&P Biotech (NYSE: XBI) have both come withinrange of their 200-day averages. Is it time to start looking at biotech pennystocks right now? Here are 4 names that have begun trending during the secondhalf of the week.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch: GT Biopharma Inc.

Despite a slight pullback over the last few days, GT Biopharma Inc.’s sharesare still up around 20% for the month so far. The company has begun turningheads after a series of headlines sparked attention. GT Biopharma’s pipelineof cancer treatments built on its TriKE platform is at the center of theexcitement.This type of therapy combines proteins that bridge an immune cell and a tumorcell, then drive tumor cell killing power to exponential levels. It has led tonew first-in-human phase studies to treat leukemia. While its GTB-3550 trialshave played a bigger role, the recent news has emphasized the platform’sdynamic capabilities.This month, GT announced preclinical results for its ROR1 TriKE™ productcandidate as a prospective therapy for prostate cancer. GT explained thattargeting ROR1 on cancer cells with TriKE™ and redirecting NK cells to attackand kill cancer cells expressing ROR1 could result in a treatment that limitsthe metastatic potential and invasiveness of certain solid tumors. Based onthese results, the company said that it plans to evaluate this ROR1 TriKE inadditional IND-enabling preclinical studies to transition to a Phase I/IIclinical trial.Roth Capital also recently weighed in on the company. Not only did it issue aBuy rating on the company, Roth also set a $25 price target on the stock.

Top Penny Stocks To Watch In September: Myomo Inc.

The first penny stock on this list is Myomo Inc. (MYO Stock Report). Thecompany develops wearable robotics for medical use. Its offering allows forcertain functionality for those suffering from neurological disorders. If MYOstock isn’t immediately familiar there’s likely a reason why. Over the lastfew months, with certain exceptions, the penny stock hasn’t really traded morethan a few hundred thousand shares per day.We’ve discussed in the past about how volume is important when it comes tofinding top penny stocks. Considering the lack thereof, it’s no surprise thatit might’ve not been on your list. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t used tobig breakouts. In fact, earlier this year, Myomo announced that StatutoryHealth Insurance in Germany approved MyoPro for patients on a case by casebasis. German health insurer BARMER started covering the cost of the MyoProprovided through certified orthotics and prosthetics clinics in GermanyShares shot up to highs of $40 within days. It also came right back down;within days. Needless to say, Myomo came out with more news on Tuesday thatmay be a source of some excitement. The Centers for Medicare & MedicaidServices under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has authorizedthe company to be a Medicare Provider. So now Myomo can bill Medicare directlyin 39 states plus D.C.Something to be completely aware of is that this is a low float penny stock.Volatility can and obviously has played a huge role in the past. If MYO is onyour list of penny stocks please be completely aware that this could be ahigh-risk scenario depending on how the market digests this news.

Top Penny Stocks To Watch In September: Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Next up on this list of penny stocks to watch is Titan Pharmaceuticals Inc.(TTNP Stock Report). Titan is a pharmaceutical company that createstherapeutics for treating chronic diseases. On September 15th, Titan announcedthat its Probuphine commercialization partner, Molteni, has entered anexclusive distribution deal in Europe with Accord Healthcare. This is in orderto commercialize Sixmo, which is the name for Probuphine in Europe.The CEO and President of Titan, Sunil Bhonsle said this about the partnership,“Accord is a global pharmaceutical company with a strong presence acrossEurope; the decision to enter the addiction treatments’ space with Sixmoconfirms the attractiveness of our novel product as well as the potential ofour proprietary technology to contribute to the fight against the globalopioid epidemic.”Read MoreThe company further stated it is entitled to about $1.1 million in futuremilestone and royalty payments on the net sales of Sixmo, which begins in2021. This has triggered momentum for TTNP stock this week. The penny stockjumped from around $0.19 a share to $0.2344 a share at the high on Tuesday.

Top Penny Stocks To Watch In September: Oragenics Inc.

The last company on this list of penny stocks to watch is Oragenics Inc. (OGENStock Report). It’s a healthcare company that develops novel antibiotics thatattack infectious diseases and treatments for oral mucositis. It is activelydeveloping an antibiotic product called OG716. The company is also developingAG013 which is in Phase II for treating oral mucositis in cancer patients.Currently, Oragenics is focused on creating Terra CoV-2, its vaccine candidatefor the coronavirus.[Read More] 4 Robinhood Penny Stocks To Watch This WeekThere is some hype around OGEN stock at the moment. Oragenics plans onpresenting at the H.C. Wainwright 22nd Annual Global investment conferencethis week. This is where the CEO and President Alan Joslyn could provide someimportant updates for Oragenics progress on not only Terra CoV-2, but itsother treatments as well.The week of September 14th, OGEN stock is up 15% to $0.75 a share as ofTuesday’s close. The upcoming conference could be something to keep in mindheading into the rest of the week.* * ** * *Midam Ventures, LLC | (305) 306-3854 | 1501 Venera Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33146| news@pennystocks.comTop Penny Stocks To Watch Before Friday; 5 Biotech Stocks To Know

Top Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch Right Now

Are top biotech penny stocks on your watch list right now? If not, you maywant to take a look at the industry. Over the last two days, one of the smallcap stocks, Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. (APVO Stock Report) began captivating daytraders across the market. The reason behind it has a lot to do with whatwe’ve seen as far as sympathy trading trends. If you recall, a few weeks ago,day traders were focusing on renewable energy stocks. Then it was electricvehicle stocks. In late October, there was a slew of low float penny stockswith a relationship to businesses in China. Is this the week we start seeingbiotech penny stocks take off?[Read More] Could These 4 Biotech & Psychedelic Stocks See Bullish Interest in2020?While time will tell, it’s clear that attention is on biotech stocks. Aptevospecifically deals with immuno-oncology therapeutics. Yes, cancer treatmentstocks are back in the spotlight. For Aptevo, the company announced that,based on preliminary data, a patient in cohort 6 of the clinical trial showedcomplete remission.> “We are now in a critical phase of the study, as pharmacokinetic modelling> suggests that dosing in cohorts 5 through 8 is in a therapeutic range, which> could result in potential clinical activity of the drug.”>> Marvin White, President and CEO of Aptevo TherapeuticsNow, whether we see a focus on immunotherapy stocks or a broader biotechfocus, this could be something of note before Friday. So, heading into therest of election week, here are 5 biotech penny stocks to watch.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch:

1. GT Biopharma Inc. (GTBP Stock Report) 2. Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc. (CRBP Stock Report) 3. BioDelivery Sciences (BDSI Stock Report) 4. GlycoMimetics Inc. (GLYC Stock Report) 5. PDS Biotechnology Corporation (PDSB Stock Report)

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 1: GT Biopharma Inc.

GT Biopharma Inc. is one of the immunotherapy stocks that’ve gained interestover the last few weeks. Mainly for its TriKE treatment platform, GT hascontinued making progress on several fronts. TriKE™ is a combination proteinthat bridges an immune cell and a tumor cell to drive tumor cell killing powerexponentially. It has led to new first-in-human phase studies to treat acutemyeloid leukemia via GTB-3550.The company recently completed treatment of the first patient enrolled at DoseLevel 3 in its GTB-3550 TriKE™ Phase I/II clinical trial. In short, thefindings showed promise including a noticeable decrease in AML blast levels.There was also an improvement in platelet and red blood cells numbers. Interimresults were also chosen for inclusion for presentation at the AmericanSociety of Hematology Annual Meeting. What’s more, is that GTB-3550 isn’t theonly thing that TriKE is being utilized in. The company has continuedexpanding upon several new initiatives.A recent publication in the journal Cancers also expanded upon TriKE’spotential. The company said that this specific a B7H3-targeted TriKE™ “has thepotential to enhance natural killer cell immunotherapy in solid tumorsettings”. Furthermore it supported its further clinical development.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 2: Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.

Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings Inc.has been trying to recover afterplummeting back in September. Corbus reported no significant differences inprimary and secondary endpoints for its Phase 3 lenabasum study. This is thecompany’s utaneous systemic sclerosis treatment candidate.> “We are surprised and deeply disappointed that the RESOLVE-1 trial did not> meet its primary endpoint. I would like to extend my gratitude to the> participants in the study and the clinical staff at the study sites, as well> as to the Corbus employees, for their hard work and dedication. We now look> forward to upcoming topline results from our study of lenabasum in patients> with cystic fibrosis.”>> Yuval Cohen , Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of CorbusAside from these data, what could have CRBP in the spotlight is itsrelationship to cannabis. We all know marijuana penny stocks are on the riseafter recent legislative moves in the U.S. Furthermore, big news from Aphria(APHA Stock Report) entering the U.S. market via the acquisition of SweetwaterBrewing Company has traders looking for sympathy trades. Corbus’ lenabasum, isan oral, selective cannabinoid receptor type 2 agonist that resolves chronicinflammation. We’ll have to see if Wednesday’s sympathy momentum carriesthrough the rest of the week.

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 3: BioDelivery Sciences

BioDelivery Sciences joins the list after catching some late afternoonmomentum on Wednesday. The specialty pharmaceutical company focuses onaddressing chronic pain diseases. Around 5:10 PM EST, the company came outwith several key updates. First, BioDelivery reported that Jeff Bailey wouldbecome the permanent CEO of the company. Bailey was acting as interim CEOsince May 2020 while continuing to serve on the Board of Directors. Hisexperience involves over 20 years at Jonhson & Johnson/JanssenPharmaceuticals. He also served roles at Novartis as well as Neurovance.Read MoreWhat’s more, the company also announced a $25 million share repurchaseprogram. CEO Bailey explained, “We remain focused on balancing our disciplinedapproach to capital allocation against growth opportunities available to BDSI,including continuing to invest in the organic growth of our portfolio alongwith pursuing strategic acquisitions that will continue to drive long-termshareholder value.”With that, shares popped during after-hours trading. Will BDSI be on the listof penny stocks to watch on Thursday?

Biotech Penny Stocks To Watch 4: GlycoMimetics Inc.

GlycoMimetics Inc. was a late-breaking mover on Wednesday. The company focuseson rare cancers and addressing metastatic spread. On Wednesday, GlycoMimeticsshares popped late in the afternoon following its latest update on upcomingpresentations. The company announced that 3 abstracts have been accepted fororal presentations and two abstracts have been accepted for posterpresentations at the 62nd American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting andExposition. These include data from the company’s clinical and researchportfolio.The data convey new insights into the critical role of E-selectin in bothmalignant and inflammatory, adhesion-mediated conditions, suggesting noveltreatment options for unmet need in sickle cell disease and AML,” said HelenThackray, MD, FAAP, GlycoMimetics’ Chief Medical Officer.Much like traders could track GTBP ahead of this conference, GLYC might alsobecome one to watch in anticipation for what’s to be presented at this majorindustry conference.

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