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How to find the top penny stocks for outsized returns

Nation there is no other investment like penny stocks to make you rich andthese companies are on fire this year! All you out there in the Nation, got inon shares of Veritone, ticker VERI, from our video October 7th when the shareswere just $8.15 each…that’s a 177% return in two months or shares of LNG playTellurian, ticker TELL up 130% since late September!In this video, I’ll show you how I find penny stocks to buy, the actualprocess I developed as a venture capital analyst. I’ll share a penny stockinvesting strategy that will take the uncertainty out of trading and thenreveal those five penny stocks to buy for 2021!We’re building a huge community on YouTube to beat your debt, make more moneyand start making money work for you. Click over to join us on the channel andstart creating the financial future you deserve! Join the Let’s Talk Money community on YouTube!

Best Biotech Penny Stock

Next on our penny stock list, Fortress Biotech, ticker FBIO, a $255 millionbiotech with most of its established products in dermatology but a strongpipeline of products across oncology, gene therapies and rare diseases aswell.The company already has five commercial products, which is rare for a smallbiotech, but these are driving $43 million in annual sales while the Fortressdevelops the rest of its pipeline.Revenue increased 17% over the last year and the dermatology segment, it’slargest producer, is growing sales at a 29% pace over 2019. The company hastwo candidates in phase three trials with potential revenue of $790 millionfrom Tramadol alone. Some other standouts here, a $175 million market on itsCUTX candidate for Menkes disease and two others with sales potential in thehundreds of millions.The pipeline is there and the company has over $218 million in balance sheetcash. That’s against just $55 million in debt, so plenty of cash survivabilityhere for development.

What Are Blockchain Penny Stocks?

The unprecedented rally in cryptocurrency since Q4 2020 has catapultedblockchain-based companies into the limelight. Nowadays, traders have accessto a glut of blockchain penny stocks, such as start-ups and other SMEsfocusing their efforts on blockchain-based technology.Penny stocks are defined by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) asfollows:‘Shares issued by a small company that are traded at a price below $5 pershare. The stocks also include the shares of certain private companies with noactive trading market.400,000 USDT To Be Won! Join now at Bybit.Shares are usually traded over-the-counter such as on the OTC bulletin boardor OTC link LLC but can also be traded on the securities exchanges, includingforeign securities exchanges.The shares are extremely illiquid. It can be difficult to price the stockssince price quotations for the shares cannot be easily obtained.’Put differently, penny stocks trade at $5 or less in the United States. InUnited Kingdom, the definition of penny stocks is any stock that trades at £1or less. Owing to low liquidity levels and high volatility, it is important tocarefully assess the merits of penny stocks, irrespective of the industry orsector being listed.

Overview: Blockchain Penny Stocks

Blockchain technology, the use of digital time stamps for orderingtransactions, has been around since 1991. Researchers W. Scott Stornetta andStuart Haber were looking for a way to create better document timestamps, butblockchain first produced a widespread real world utility as the underlyingframework for Bitcoin in 2009. Not too long later, as an objectively betterway to record transactions and prevent fraud, the concept of the blockchain isalready a part of many mainstream companies behind the scenes.Identifying when the first blockchain stock appeared is difficult. As Bitcoinbegan to expand, many small tech companies already on exchanges simply slidover into researching and producing blockchain technology. It is also truethat many penny stocks who claim blockchain are using the lexicon strictly formarketing purposes. Speculative tech is a relatively unregulated businessspace that many government regulators don’t even have the training tounderstand.The first well-publicized blockchain stock offering was conducted by Overstock(NASDAQ: OSTK) in 2016. The first blockchain ETFs showed up in the U.S. inearly 2018 following the Q4 2017 Bitcoin mania (1 BTC ≈ $20,000). Since 2018,the crypto securities market continues to expand as crypto’s market capconsolidates between a range of $150 billion and $330 billion.Today, blockchain stocks tend to rise and fall in tandem with the volatilityin Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies. Some experts have guessed thatthe connection is because low-information casual investors are making theirway into the market. Others think that “blockchain” is being used more like amarketing catch-all to attract new investors.The overlap of these theories may be the most interesting point: They bothbenefit from nontechnical investors who may not be interested in blockchain asanything more than a framework for a method of currency exchange. They areless interested in anonymity or security, and they may not need to know thatcompanies like IBM, Oracle and Amazon are already using blockchain in theirdigital transformations. Smart investors, however, follow the implementationof the technology in companies large and small. Blockchain has implicationsfor how businesses will conduct daily commerce in the next few years.

Blockchain penny stocks have been on an absolute tear

However, in the last year, several penny stocks in the blockchain space haveexploded and easily crushed market returns. The prices of Bitcoin and peercryptocurrencies have touched record highs on the back of institutionalinvestments and wider adoption all around the world.In the last few months, companies such as Tesla, Square, and MicroStrategyhave held Bitcoin on their balance sheet contributing to the rapid gain in theworld’s most popular digital currency.Bitcoin has surged 1,000% in the last year and is now valued at a market capof over $1 trillion. This means it has a higher valuation than tech giantssuch as Facebook, Alibaba, and even Tesla.This rapid rise in market cap has also sent shares of bitcoin mining orblockchain companies sky-high. Let’s take a look at a few penny stocks thathave gained exponentially since March 2020.

Where to Buy Blockchain Technology Stocks

It’s always crucial for investors doing their own due diligence beforeinvesting in blockchain companies stock. It’s also important to note that mostpure-play blockchain stocks are traded on the OTC market. Now, where to buyblockchain stocks?You can buy blockchain companies stock through online stock brokerage tradingfirms like: * TD Ameritrade * Scottrade * eTrade * And any other stock trading broker you have an accountFor many people, these are the most common to start looking to buy blockchainstocks. Alternatively, if you like the convenience of trading directly fromyour iPhone you can use the commission-free stock trading app, Robinhood.The US-based stock and crypto trading App RobinHood allows for trading Bitcoinand crypto-related stocks without paying any fees.Ready to learn how Robinhood works? Read our RobinHood App Trading Guide.Click here to begin!If you’re trying to figure out how to buy blockchain stocks, here are the insand outs:

How to Buy Blockchain Stock

Before you think of what blockchain stock to buy in 2019 here are three factsto take into consideration: * Only buy top blockchain stocks that are developing genuine blockchain technology. * No investment is risk-free, so better invest your money in well-established companies that won’t vanish overnight. * Research, research, and research. The more you educate yourself, the higher the chance you’ll come with a winning list of blockchain stocks to buy.Tech giants like IBM, MasterCard, Facebook, Google, NVIDIA, Hitachi or Bank ofAmerica are some of the blockchain stocks to buy and start building aportfolio. These top blockchain stocks offer a wealth of opportunities forcrypto investors.Now the process of buying blockchain stocks is the same as the process ofbuying any other stock.Do yourself a favor and start by learning how to day trade online stocks withour day trading for dummies guide.Just make sure you’re buying a blockchain stock that has a solid business tofall back in case the blockchain technology doesn’t live up to his hype.Now, let’s see at what to look for in blockchain penny stocks and 3 blockchainpenny stocks to keep an eye on.See below:

How to Trade Blockchain Penny Stocks

Since the blockchain technology is still a relatively virgin territory, don’texpect to find too many pure-play blockchain stocks just yet. We consider apure-play blockchain stock any company that focuses solely on the blockchaintechnology.In general, penny stocks are very volatile and speculative in nature. And,that’s even more true for companies that develop technologies that are stillnot widely adopted. The blockchain penny stocks present an interestinginvestment opportunity if you want to invest in companies that are focusingonly on the blockchain technology.Many blockchain stocks are startups or privately held companies, but there area few stars developing blockchain projects that you can invest in.Here are our top blockchain stocks to invest in:

Blockchain Penny Stocks 1 Hive Blockchain

Hive Blockchain Technologies is probably one of the best pure-play topblockchain stocks to buy 2019. This is a Canadian-based company that seeks toclose the gap between the blockchain technology and the financial markets.Hive also has a strategic partnership with Genesis Mining, which is theworld’s largest cryptocurrency mining company. Basically, Hive owns multiplemining farms that are used to validate cryptocurrency transactions.Since it’s a public company, Hive also looks to generate a profit for itsshareholders so buying it now at 0.48 Canadian dollars is a steal.

Blockchain Penny Stocks 2 Kodak

Kodak’s pivot to blockchain technology has revived investors’ interest in acompany that revolutionized the photo industry. Even though the KodakCoin ICOwas delayed due to increased regulatory pressures, Kodak has now revealed thatit wants to use the blockchain technology to help companies and governmentsaround the world to keep sensitive documents safe and secure.When KodakCoin was first announced, the stock price jumped from $3.10 to$13.28 in a single day. Now, imagine if these new developments come fruitful,how much more the stock price is going to skyrocket.As of July 23, 2019, Kodack shares are trading at $2.40.

Blockchain Penny Stocks 3 RIOT Blockchain

If you want to take advantage of the recent bitcoin bullish run and buy it forpennies you can consider investing in RIOT Blockchain. If Bitcoin price makesa nice comeback and breaks to new highs, you will be able to take advantage ofthe same hype by learning how to invest in blockchain stocks.RIOT Blockchain is a former biotech company that shifted its focus on theblockchain technology and saw its shares skyrocketing to more than $45 pershare during the 2018 crypto craze.These beaten-down blockchain penny stocks have great potential to skyrocketduring the next bullish run in the crypto space.Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt the way we conduct trading.We’re going to offer you some reasons why the blockchain technology can be thedriving force of tomorrow’s stock market.Let’s dive into why you should invest in blockchain stocks:

Penny Stocks To Buy [or avoid]: Future Fintech Group

Relating more closely to bitcoin and blockchain penny stocks, Future FintechGroup has become one of the more volatile names to watch this quarter. Thepenny stock is known for its volatility spikes. Earlier this month, FTFTshares reached highs of $3.38 thanks to excitement within the crypto/techindustry.How is the company tied to this arena? Future Fintech is a blockchaineCommerce company providing service for financial tech. The company providesthings like blockchain-based online shopping platforms like Chain Cloud. Italso has an incubator for blockchain-based app projects. Considering theinterest building within the space, Future Fintech Group could be a name totake note of heading into the new year.Just a few weeks ago, the company appointed a new CFO. That was shortly afterappointing a new COO as well. The management shakeup adds to the company’soverall strategy to build a global banking and payment platform. Furthermore,the company has taken an M&A strategy to do so. Aside from the blockchainindustry catching momentum, it will be important to monitor any potentialacquisitions the company is contemplating heading into 2021.

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