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AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order by Kai-Fu

LeeHoughton Mifflin Harcourt / 272 pages / September 2018 Josh has been a prolific reporter and critic of social network and mediacompanies like Facebook and Twitter. These days, though, there is a new socialnetwork that is garnering outsized attention: Tik Tok. Josh has been coveringthe company and its predecessor for years, and has also beenwriting about how Facebook should confront this new competitive threat. Soperhaps it’s no surprise that Josh’s first recommendation is for a book thataddresses precisely the rise of Chinese-owned apps and the fight for thefuture of artificial intelligence:> If you want to understand how artificial intelligence is going to impact> employment and geopolitics, this is a must read from the former head of> Google China. It recounts wild stories of tech startup competition and the> rise of the ecosystem in the country, and explores why every country but the> US and China have hard times ahead.AI Superpowers was also the most recommended book by Extra Crunch readers inour survey, and also a book I can personally endorse as well (thanks Josh forstealing my recommendation).Price: $13 on Amazon

Gimars Enlarge Superfine Fibre Soft Gel Memory Foam Set Ergonomic Mouse

Pad🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $18.76Like a good keyboard, a good mouse pad can help prevent problems like carpaltunnel and joint pain, making this a great cheap tech gift idea. The memoryfoam provides comfort and support, reducing the stress on the wrist, elbow,and shoulder.

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Programmers can use these to get the ready-to-use design assets they need fortheir creative/development projects, e.g. fonts, graphics, icons, and mockups.💰 $20, $50, or $100🛒 Buy it on Creative Market * Use the above link to log in or create an account * Then buy a gift card here (must be logged in to buy)

[Book] The Inevitable: Understanding The 12 Technological Forces That Will

Shape Our Future🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $19.29Hunting for gifts for computer science majors? This book explains and examines12 technological imperatives that will shape the coming decades. It’s perfectfor someone who wants to amp up their knowledge and pick a successful techspecialty that will remain exciting and relevant for years to come.

[Book] AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, And The New World Order

🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $16.49For programmers who enjoy an international perspective on technology, thisbook offers a look into China’s astonishingly rapid developments in theartificial intelligence space recently.Head back to the table of contents »* * *

Gifts for Tech Job-Hunters

If your giftee is a graduating computer science major or a career-changerlooking to move into tech after they’ve learned to code, these gifts arespecifically designed to help them prep for the job search.

[Book] Swipe to Unlock: The Primer on Technology and Business Strategy

🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $23.39Technology and business are closely linked in many roles. Great for readerspursuing any kind of management, consulting, or strategy role in tech.Head back to the table of contents »* * *

Gifts for Smart Home Enthusiasts

Know someone who loves to upgrade their home with modern inventions? These aresome of the coolest tech gifts you can get them!

Gifts for Gamers

For those in your life who enjoy immersing themselves in other worlds throughgames, these high-tech gifts for gamers will definitely upgrade theirexperience.

Tech/Coding Gifts for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Kids are never too young to start learning new things and exploring theirpassions. Since the new generation is growing up side-by-side with tech,chances are they’ll take to these coding-for-kids gifts like a duck to water.


🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $9.99Another fantastic coding-for-kids gift book filled with puzzles, mazes, andgames that introduce crucial coding concepts and teach logic and criticalthinking. (for ages 5-7; $12.99)* * *

Amazon Echo Plus

🛒 Buy it on Amazon for $74.99The Echo Plus is a premium speaker and smart home hub that can work withcompatible smart devices to use voice control on things like lights,temperatures, and door locks. Ask Alexa to play your favorite music and adjustthe equalizer settings so the sound is the way you like it. You can also askfor weather, sports scores, and more.

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