Computer Science Scholarships for Tennessee Students

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Computer Science Masters Program Curriculum

Comp sci graduate programs vary among schools. It’s important to ensure yourpersonal research interests align with those at the schools to which you areapplying. The coursework and prerequisites for graduate students will vary.This is based on the program and classes. There will be core classes andelectives that will need to be taken. A typical master of science in computerscience graduate program might include the following courses: * Computer networking * Databases * Human computer interaction * Mathematical foundations of computing * Programming methodology * Programming abstractions * Artificial intelligence * Network analysis * Cloud computing * Design and analysis of algorithms * Data Science * Computer engineeringStudents can choose from the master of science or a Ph.D. in computer science.The average master’s program lasts from one to two years. It will vary on ifit is an online masters or standard. The number of credit hours per academicyear needed will vary from MS program to MS program. The average Ph.D. programtakes four to six years to complete. Depending upon the program, completion ofthe master’s might involve a thesis or independent project. Completion of acomp sci doctorate involves a passing grade on exams. It also will need adissertation or an independent project. Some programs may have a thesis optionas well. The degree requirements will vary based on the school. The type ofprogram will also matter.

What Can You Do With a Masters in Computer Science?

Qualified computer scientists with an MS degree might be able to pursue avariety of careers. Those holding a Ph.D. may find work as professors orresearchers in a university setting. Other doctoral and graduate levelprofessionals might work with business, governmental or scientificorganizations. In areas ranging from traffic control to security toautomobiles. There a number of different fields and positions that are outthere in information technology. Look at the area to see where it is you wouldbest be able to apply the skills you want to learn. Jobs in big data are alsooptions in places such as New York and Pittsburgh. The following are examplesof popular computer science careers: * Computer scientist * Computer programmer * Software engineering * Computer systems designer * Network administrator * Cyber security * Data Mining

Types of Computer Science Degrees

In Arkansas, students can strive to earn an associate degree, bachelor’sdegree, master’s degree, or even a Ph.D. in computer science. Each degreequalifies you to apply to higher positions and can help you advance faster inyour career.If you already have a particular Arkansas employer in mind, considerresearching the minimum education requirements for your preferred positionprior to enrolling in a program. That way, you know what minimum level ofeducation you should pursue to qualify for your ideal job.

Associate in Computer Science

An associate degree in computer science introduces students to programmingbasics. Aside from general education requirements needed to graduate, studentscan also expect to learn about computer systems, programming languages, andinformation security. Courses include introduction to programming, networking,and computers.This degree lays the foundation for higher education in bachelor’s or master’sprograms. Some companies may accept an associate degree for entry-levelpositions, but most will want at least a bachelor’s degree. The ideal studentfor this program is someone who wants to get a feel for computer sciencebefore committing to an entire bachelor’s program. The average length of anassociate degree is 2-3 years and the average number of credits is around 60.

Bachelor’s in Computer Science

A bachelor’s degree in computer science satisfies the minimum educationrequirement for most entry-level tech jobs in Arkansas. It usually requires120 credits and takes 3-5 years to complete — less if you already have anassociate degree or previous transfer credits. Courses you can expect from abachelor’s program include data design, computer architecture, datacommunications, and systems analysis.While most companies require you to have a bachelor’s degree in order toapply, some will hire candidates who are still completing their education.This usually happens close to graduation, and often those candidates arealready enrolled in internships at those companies. It is always best to checka company’s minimum education requirements before applying to a position.

Master’s in Computer Science

A master’s degree in computer science is the next step for those who havealready earned a bachelor’s degree and want to expand their education. Agraduate program is ideal for those who are either already working in thefield and want to pursue higher-paying opportunities, or who want to focus ona particular specialty. Some standard courses for a master’s program includedata structures, database concepts, computer organization, and assemblylanguage.The average length of a master’s program is 1-2 years, depending on whetherthe student enrolls part- or full-time. Typically, you need 24-36 credits, andin some cases you can teach within the field at a college level while pursuingthis degree.

Ph.D. in Computer Science

A Ph.D. in computer science is ideal for students interested in computerscience research and publication, or who want to teach at a college level ordo behind-the-scenes data analysis work. The ideal Ph.D. candidate already hastheir master’s degree in computer science, though there are dual degreeprograms available for bachelor’s graduates who want to earn master’s anddoctoral degree simultaneously.Ph.D. courses include advanced virtual worlds, advanced algorithms, machinelearning, and embedded systems. A Ph.D. program can take 6-8 years tocomplete, depending on whether you decide to earn your master’s degree at thesame time. Candidates must also complete a dissertation, which often must bepublished in an academic journal as part of the degree requirement.

Computer Science Scholarships for Tennessee Students

If you’re worried about how to pay for your campus-based or online IT program,be sure to see what scholarships or grants may be available to you. Here aresome specific to technology or computer science in Tennessee.

Theoretical computer science

It deals with the fundamental questions of processing, structures,transmission, reproduction, and how these are related. Contents include thetheory of formal languages, algorithm theory, logic, automaton theory andinformation, and database theory. Phrases, algorithms, and solutions toproblems have emerged from mathematical abstraction using models obtained.Thus, [theoretical computer science] forms a formal skeleton that informs[computer science] with accurate knowledge and methods.

Practical Computer Science

The field of actual computer science deals with the performance, reliability,efficiency, and security of applications and computer-based solutions. Inaddition to a good understanding of logic and formal procedures, mathematical-statistical basics are also an essential prerequisite for practical [computerscience]. Another important aspect of actual computer science is softwareengineering, the operating system, and the associated [computer sciencelanguages].

Computer Engineering

This is another [major field of computer science], which at the same time alsoforms the interface between [computer science and electrical engineering].Technical computer scientists design, produce, implement, and operate thecomponents of communication and information systems and also work, especiallywith hardware components and system-related software. The course of study ofthe computer engineer includes many practical elements and is stronglyscientific / mathematically oriented.

Applied [Computer Science]

As applied computer science eliminates the problem areas for the use ofinformation-processing technology and prepares application programs; It is inclose communication with society. Therefore, [applied computer science] isparticularly influential in the social and cultural character of a community.

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