Conclusion Great Internships for High School Students

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Internship Program

Are you a college student looking for experience in captive husbandrymanagement or education?The goal of the Lake Superior Zoo Student Internship Program is to providepre-professional, on-site experience for students interested in captivehusbandry management or environmental education.

Animal Care Internship

Animal care interns will assist animal care staff in a variety of tasksincluding basic husbandry and cleaning, diet preparation, enrichment, andkeeper chats.Animal Care Intern Position Description Animal Care Intern Application

Education Internship

Education interns will assist educators in teaching about wildlife andconservation through on-site and off-site presentations featuring live animalsand animal artifacts.Education Intern Position Description Education Intern Application

Marketing Internship

Marketing interns will assist the marketing department in a variety of tasksincluding promotional activities, graphic design, social media, photography,and content creation.Marketing Intern Position Description Contact Haley Cope at for an application.

Veterinary Technician Internship

Veterinary technician interns will assist veterinary staff in the medical careof zoo animals through hands-on practice of learned veterinary technicianskills.Veterinary Technician Intern Position Description Veterinary Technician Intern Application

What Is an Internship?

An internship is a short-term job that introduces the intern to a certainprofession.Interns work for a company or organization to gain hands-on, practicalexperience in a field of interest. * Internships can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year, maybe part-time or full-time, and can be paid or unpaid.An intern performs duties similar to that of an entry-level employee. * You may work with customers, employees, other interns, or a combination, and you’ll likely have a supervisor who will assign you work and help you adjust to your responsibilities.There is a good chance you will experience the same or similar onboardingprocess as “normal” employees for the company that brings you in as an intern.

Benefits of High School Internships

Traditionally, people think of internships as opportunities for collegestudents. But they can be great for high school students as well!Here are a few benefits of completing an internship in high school: * You’ll learn more about a career (or careers), which can help you solidify your plans for the future. You can use this knowledge in future courses and at future jobs. * You gain hands-on experience that can be valuable for future employers. * Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in a work environment will give you a jumpstart when it comes to your personal and professional development. * Networking with employers and leaders in your career field of interest allows you to build valuable relationships that may jumpstart your career later. * An internship is impressive to not only future employers, but to colleges and universities as well. This shows that you’re motivated, dedicated, and genuinely interested in your chosen field. * If it’s a paid internship, you’ll earn a paycheck. You can use the check for extra spending money or even to help you save for college.Not every internship is perfect. At the very least, internships let youexplore other career options and see how you react to different managementstyles.

How to Find Internships

If you’re interested in an internship, start by checking at your school.Many schools have programs that help students find internships, or perhaps acounselor can provide a list of places where other students have had goodexperiences as interns. * You can also make a list of companies you’re interested in learning more about. * Then contact these companies, either by email, phone, or in person, and ask if they have internships for high school students and how you can apply. * You may need to be persistent in your outreach when inquiring about internship openings.A lack of response to an email or phone call doesn’t equate to a “no” justyet.Take an extra step and follow up every seven to 10 business days.When a company says they don’t have internships available, fear not.If you’re open to an unpaid internship, mention that in case they don’t wantto pay interns (but don’t want to explicitly state that).This could encourage them to reconsider your application. * A Google search can also yield helpful information. Try searching “Internships near [your town],” “Internships for high school students,” or, “Internships in [career field of interest].”Although internships are increasingly available for high school students, manyare offered exclusively to college students, so try the first two optionsbefore turning to an Internet search.You may also want to check out, where you can search for highschool internships by location.

The Best Internships for High School Students

Now that you know the basics of high school internships, we’ll share some ofthe best internships available for your age group.While some of these internships are available for students across the country,others are location-dependent.As you browse this list, keep in mind that the very best internship for youwill be one that fits with your academic interests and future career goals.

4. Student Research Internship Program at the Scripps Translational

Science InstituteHighly motivated high school students with an interest in genomic/geneticstudies and translational research may apply for an internship at the ScrippsTranslational Science Institute (STSI).Interns work with and learn from a multi-disciplinary team of scientists,including “internationally renowned investigators in the areas of genomics,computational biology, and mHealth research.” * The program aims to prepare young scientists to be future leaders in the field of translational science.You’ll work in a lab and be assigned a mentor based on your individualinterests.You will attend weekly seminars, develop an independent research project, andultimately present your research.To qualify, you’ll need to: * Be 16 or older * Complete a background check and drug screening (if 18 or older) * Commit to a minimum of 8 weeks with the program

14. Global Internship Program for Unemployed Youth

As the threat of unemployment rises, the Legacy Alcoa Foundation created aspecial internship program to help youth gain practical skills to help them inthe workforce.The Global Internship Program for Unemployed Youth helps place students with anon-profit organization in the manufacturing sector to give them anopportunity to gain crucial experience needed to launch a career in the field.

Conclusion: Great Internships for High School Students

For high school students, internships are an excellent resume-builder and anopportunity to learn, gain experience, and network.Use the tips, tools, and recommendations here to find the internship of yourdreams. Remember that the right internship for you will be one that alignswith your interests, passions, and future career goals. Good luck!

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