Data Science Research Initiatives at Indiana Universities

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Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

The University of South Florida offers online graduate certificates inBusiness Analytics, Strategic Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Systems Engineeringand Health Informatics. The University of West Florida has a graduatecertificates in Data Science, Business Analytics, Geographic InformationScience and Health Informatics. Florida State University also offers an onlineHealth Information Technology, Graduate Certificate.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

You’ll see that interest in health spring to life in online master’s programs.The University of Central Florida, the University of Southern Florida, andJacksonville University all offer graduate degrees in health informatics.If you’re not involved in healthcare, you could consider Full SailUniversity’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence. However, we shouldpoint out that Full Sail is a for-profit university that is partly owned by aprivate equity firm called TA Associates.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

Online graduate certificates in data science in Colorado may help you toprioritize career goals. Depending on your level of knowledge, you might beinterested in:If you’re trying to develop a particular set of skills, have a look at ourmaster list of Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science. Here you’ll findsolid programs in everything from data mining to health informatics.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

When it comes to online master’s degrees in data science, Colorado’s offeringscan be divided into two categories: nonprofits and for-profits. The non-profitcategory includes schools like CSU-Fort Collins and CU Denver: * CSU-Fort Collins is the flagship university of the CSU system, and its online Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) echoes the campus experience. Students are taught by the same faculty. * CU Denver’s online MS in Information Systems-Business Intelligence has the same requirements as the campus program, with the same faculty.The for-profit category includes Aspen University and Colorado TechnicalUniversity (CTU), which offers a doctorate program.

Data Science Research & Initiatives at Idaho Universities

Boise State University (BSU), Idaho State University (ISU), and the Universityof Idaho (UI) were all involved in getting the Idaho Regional Optical Network(IRON) off the ground, and each of them specializes in key research areas forCAES.At UI, you’ll find geoscience and bioinformatics experts working in:ISU is known for:At BSU, it’s worth investigating: * Research labs in the Department of Computer Science (e.g. data mining, visualization, social media mining, and information retrieval) and the Trace Analytical Laboratory in the Department of Geosciences. * The Research Computing Support, which assists BSU researchers with high-performance computing, visualization and programming support.

Online Data Science Programs in Idaho

UI has a number of online degree programs in computer science, statistics, andengineering – but as of 2020 none of Idaho’s graduate schools had committed todata science.Never fear! Our directories of online graduate certificates and onlinemaster’s degrees list plenty of programs offered by schools around thecountry.

Methodology: Ranking the Best Master of Data Science Online Programs

You may think with a master’s in data science, employers will come to you –and you may be right. But Best Master’s Programs editors want to point you tothe programs most likely to really make a boost in your career. That’s why allof the accredited, reliable schools on our list are ranked according to theirSalary Potential, Student Satisfaction, and Tuition Cost – so you can be sureyou will see a real return on your investment.

Studying Data Science in Indiana

Indianapolis has committed to entrepreneurship and innovation through theIndiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). Venture firms like ElevateVentures and organizations like TechPoint are also seeding growth.You’ll see evidence of this activity at places such as the Applied DataScience Core at the Indiana Biosciences Research Institute (IBRI) and the 16Tech in Indianapolis, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) Lab in Fishers.Indiana, while not Silicon Valley, does attract tech workers who want jobstability, affordable living costs, and short commutes.

Data Science Research & Initiatives at Indiana Universities

To feed this development, Indiana is relying on graduates from IndianaUniversity Bloomington (IU), Purdue University, and the Rose-Hulman Instituteof Technology:Meanwhile, Purdue is taking an interdisciplinary approach: * Its Discovery Park contains a variety of centers and institutes researching everything from nanotechnology to analytical instrument development to quantum science and engineering.. * It has developed centers such as the Krenicki Center for Business Analytics and Machine Learning,, which allow students and faculty to explore real-world applications of big data. * It participates in the Center for Science of Information NSF Science and Technology Center, a collaborative effort intended to advance the next generation of information theory through research and teaching.The University of Notre Dame also has a Computational Data Science andEngineering research group.

Online Data Science Programs in Indiana

A number of these Indiana schools have developed online programs in datascience. As you might expect from their research interests, IU is focused onbig data and IUPUI builds on the strength of its BioHealth Department.We cover general things to look for in an online data science programelsewhere, so here we profile your choices in the Hoosier State.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

For working professionals and recent graduates, IU has a broad-based onlineCertificate in Data Science that can be tailored to areas of interest ( computing, health and medicine, etc.). Course credits can be applied tothe MS in Data Science later down the track.IUPUI’s online Clinical Informatics Certificate is more focused on leveraginginformation systems than exploring the realm of data science, but it couldprove useful if you’re a healthcare worker trying to wrangle big data fromelectronic health records.You may also wish to visit our directory of Online Graduate Certificates inData Science. This has a list of certificates in all kinds of fields ( mining, analytics, etc.) from respected schools across the country.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

IU has all kinds of graduate programs for distance learners. For instance, theSchool of Informatics has an online Master of Science in Data Science and anonline PhD Minor.If you’re thinking of corporate applications, IU’s Kelley School of Businesshas an online Master of Science in Business Analytics. In 2020, Kelley wasranked 2 in Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBA) by U.S.News & World Report.Don’t have a bachelor’s degree in a quantitative or technical field? Have alook at the University of Notre Dame’s online Master of Science in DataScience. Working with big data in healthcare? Check out IUPUI’s online Masterof Science or PhD Minor in Health Informatics. This explores everything frompolicy and product development to efficiency and customer service.

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