Education and Certifications Fashion Designers Need

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1. Savannah College of Art and Design

* * *Department: School of Digital Media Website: * BFA in Graphic Design * BA in Graphic Design * MFA in Graphic Design * MA in Graphic DesignAbout: Many of the universities that make our lists only offer Bachelor of Fine Artsdegrees and Master of Fine Arts degrees. Savannah College of Art and Design isbreaking that mold. SCAD offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelorof Fine Arts degree, in addition to offering the Master’s degree counterparts.If you’re someone that wants to focus on user experience and interface design,Savannah College of Art and Design just might be the place for you. Now, SCADmade the list because it has a college in Savannah, Georgia. It also has acollege in Atlanta, Georgia.A double whammy! In addition to that, there is a SCAD in Hong Kong, and astrong online program as well. The location flexibility that it offers canmake a very appealing offer if you don’t want to commute or don’t want torelocate to get your degree in graphic design.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic designers create image and text layouts that communicate ideasvisually. They make advertisements, design book jackets, and develop graphsand charts to represent information. Graphic design requires strong visualintelligence since graphic designers must know how to select ideal images,determine how images and text can best work together, and choose appropriatefonts and styles for their designs. In advertising agencies and publishingfirms, graphic designers work with art directors to polish their designs.Graphic design requires strong visual intelligence since graphic designersmust know how to select ideal images, determine how images and text can bestwork together, and choose appropriate fonts and styles for their designs.In addition to creativity and artistic ability, graphic designers need strongtechnical skills. Most graphic designers use software like Adobe Illustratorand Photoshop. Graphic designers also rely on communication skills to workwith clients and art directors. Additionally, strong analytical skills helpgraphic designers communicate information to diverse audiences.

What Is an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design?

During an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design, students receivetraining in layout techniques, typography, and visual communication. Coursescover topics like design fundamentals, image creation, and digitaladvertising. Some programs also incorporate classes in web design and digitalmedia design. Graphic design majors often complete a practicum or capstonecourse to build a portfolio.In addition to completing online graphic design courses, students mustcomplete general education requirements to earn their bachelor’s degree. In abachelor of arts program, these requirements may include humanities, socialscience, and natural science courses. A bachelor of fine arts may incorporatefoundational art courses in areas like photography, drawing, and sculpture.

How Long Does it Take to Complete an Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design

Degree Program?The length of an online bachelor’s degree in graphic design varies by program.However, most graphic design bachelor’s students graduate within four years offull-time study.

What Can You Do With an Online Bachelor’s in Graphic Design Degree?

An online bachelor’s degree in graphic design prepares graduates for careersin several fields. In addition to working as graphic designers, graduates maywork as production artists, graphic artists, and art directors. Manyadvertising agencies, marketing firms, and publishers offer graphic designjobs to candidates with a bachelor’s degree, though some employers alsorequire work experience.In addition to full-time graphic design jobs, graphic designers can pursuefreelance and specialized opportunities, including starting their ownbusiness. After completing an online graphic design bachelor’s degree,graduates may also consider advancing their education with an online master’sin graphic design.

Graphic Design Careers

Because their skills are applicable to many fields and industries, graphicdesigners enjoy a variety of professional opportunities. Some examples ofgraphic design careers include: * Art Director * Advertising Designer * Branding Designer * Creative Director * Desktop Publisher * Direct Mail Designer * Digital Media Specialist * Digital Project Manager * Editor * Graphic Designer * Industrial/Product Designer * Layout Artist * Logo Designer * Medical Graphics Specialist * Motion Graphics Designer * Multimedia Artist/Animator * Multimedia Specialist * Packaging Designer * Photo Software Editor * Print design Specialist * Production Art Manager * Publication Designer * Social Media Graphics Specialists * User Experience Designers * Video Editor * Web Designer

Graphic Design Jobs

Earning a graphic design degree prepares graduates for graphic design jobs andrelated positions, such as art director and marketing manager.Art Directors Median Salary: $92,780 | Projected Job Growth: 1% —|— Art directors determine the visual style of magazines, advertisements, videoproductions, and other media. They create an overall design and manage a teamof production artists who create artwork and layouts. Art directors thenreview and approve designs created by their team, which can includeillustrations, graphics, charts, and sets.As managers, art directors oversee staff, work directly with clients onprojects, and create budgets and timelines. They often work in advertisingagencies, public relations firms, and publishing companies. Theater,television, and movie productions also hire art directors. Most art directorshold a bachelor’s degree in an art or design field.Graphic Designers Median Salary: $50,370 | Projected Job Growth: 3% —|— Graphic designers visually communicate ideas, working with images and text tocreate designs. Graphic designers may develop the visual style ofadvertisements or work with art directors or clients to design custom layoutsfor magazines, brochures, book jackets, or product packaging.Graphic designers rely on software to create designs, including digitalillustration programs and photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop andIllustrator. Most graphic designers hold a graphic design bachelor’s degreeand professional portfolio.

Graphic Design Versus Digital Media Design

Both graphic designers and digital media designers visually communicateinformation, but they use different approaches. While graphic designers createimage-based designs, digital media designers create video, audio, and motiongraphics. Training in digital media design often incorporates classes on webdesign, media production, and screenwriting. Although graphic designers oftencreate work digitally, they may also produce print ads, magazines, andproducts. Digital media designers work solely in electronic formats.Graphic designers rely on programs like Adobe Photoshop to complete theirdesigns. In contrast, digital media designers use animation and motion graphicsoftware. With experience, graphic designers can often pursue opportunities indigital media design. Prospective students can research whether online graphicdesign programs offer concentrations in digital media design.

Graphic Design Professional Organizations

Graphic design students and professionals can take advantage of professionalorganizations, which offer benefits like networking, professional development,and financial aid opportunities.Founded in 1914, AIGA promotes the value and impact of design. Members gainaccess to discounts on services and products, an exclusive job board, the AIGADesigner Directory, and networking opportunities. AIGA also offersprofessional development resources, such as discounts on certificate coursesand leadership workshops. Students can apply for educational support throughthe AIGA Worldstudio Scholarships program. The Graphic Artist Guild advocatesfor and represents graphic artists and design professionals. Members includegraphic designers, illustrators, animators, and web developers. Members canaccess discounts on professional services and products and peer advice onclient issues. Members also benefit from access to a professional monthlywebinar series, monthly newsletter, and advice on negotiating with prospectiveclients. In addition to graphic designers, SEGD counts architects, industrialdesigners, brand strategies, and educators among its members. SEGD hosts anannual conference and multiple education events each year to connect membersand provide professional development training. SEGD runs 34 local chapters.Members can sign up for workshops, webinars, and classes and can access SEGD’sacademic journal, white papers, and annual report.Art and Design CareersThe dynamic world of art and design provides an array of career opportunitiesfrom designing floral arrangements to creating movie sets. The range of artand design careers provides opportunities for just about every creativeperson. Art and design careers such as graphic designer and interior designercombine creativity with practical skills, whereas a fashion designer careerrelies more on creativity.Just about every sector needs people with art and design degrees for rewardingniche roles. People with art and design careers use their creative skills tocommunicate their client’s message. The art and design sector can be quitecompetitive, with technical skills increasingly important for many art anddesign jobs.Freelance artists who sell their own artwork benefit from more artisticfreedom, flexible scheduling and the ability to select their projects. Theyhave to manage their finances, marketing and public relations.TheBestSchools provides important information about a variety of art anddesign careers. Click on a career to read a realistic career overview. Reviewthe job outlook and salary sections. Learn about the specific training ordegree requirements. Receive important information about the degree you needfor the art and design career you’re interested in.Once you’ve explored this page on Art and Design Careers you should continuereading our website’s extensive career guide with details on job options,education requirements and salaries.Related articles: The 50 Best Online Colleges & Universities 2019 The Best Online Colleges by State The Best Online Degrees

Education and Certifications Craft and Fine Artists Need

A fine artist career does not require formal schooling, although many artistsstill obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or Master of Fine Arts degree.People with an art degree may more easily create a professional portfolio.Craft artists or fine artists who desire to teach art at public elementary orsecondary schools must earn a bachelor’s degree and a teaching certificate.Find the best school for you: 50 Best Online Colleges & Universities 2019

Education and Certifications Fashion Designers Need

Although a fashion designer career can begin with a high school diploma orequivalent, many fashion designers opt for an Associate degree in fashiondesign or a Bachelor of Fashion Design, a Bachelor in Fashion Marketing andDesign, a Bachelor in Fashion Marketing, a Bachelor of Fashion Merchandisingor a degree in a related field.Fashion designers commonly enter the fashion industry through internships orthrough working as an assistant designer.Fashion designers don’t need specific licenses or certifications.Find the best school for you: 50 Best Online Colleges & Universities 2019

Education and Certifications Graphic Designers Need

Some people seeking a graphic designer career obtain a Bachelor of GraphicDesign degree or a degree in a related field. Individuals with an unrelatedbachelor degree may begin a graphic design career after obtaining technicaltraining in graphic design. People interested in a graphic designer careerneed a professional portfolio of their work in order to apply for a job in thegraphic design field.Typically graphic designers keep up with new and updated computer graphics anddesign software, either on their own or through formal software trainingprograms.Graphic designers remain up-to-date on computer graphics and design softwareeither on their own or through attending formal software training programs.Graphic designers don’t need specific licenses or certifications.Find the best school for you: The Top 10 Graphic Design Online Bachelor’sPrograms

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