Engineering Technology Certification

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Degree Options for Engineering Technology

Engineering technologists may also have associate degrees in engineeringtechnology but often have bachelor’s degrees. They also work alongsideengineers using both their technical skills and their knowledge of engineeringprinciples. They may work as project designers or engineering technologists.They often have degrees while technicians often have diplomas or certificates.Now that we have a clear understanding of engineering technology and what itoffers, we can take a look at the many possibilities this field offers interms of educational programs and career options.

Engineering Technology Programs

Students can choose a “generic” engineering technology program or can focus ona specific area of engineering. Aims Community College in Colorado, forinstance, offers an Associate of Applied Science in Engineering Technology:Computer-Aided Drafting. This two-year program has courses like computer-aideddrafting, AutoCAD, print reading and Inventor – all courses that areengineering-based – but not for any specific engineering field.Capital Community College in Connecticut offers an Associate in Science inArchitectural Technology program. Also a two-year program, this programfocuses on a specific engineering area: architecture. It includes some of thesame courses as Aim but also offers field-specific courses like architecturaldrafting, codes & ordinances, structures and architectural design.Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA, offers bachelor degreeprograms in both electronics engineering technology and mechanical engineeringtechnology as well as a Master of Science in Engineering Technology. Theelectronics engineering technology program has courses like basic electricityand electronics, microprocessor applications and digital circuits while themechanical engineering technology program has courses like machining,mechanical design and strength of materials.

Master’s in Engineering Technology Degree Options

The master degree program is aimed at individuals interested in teaching thefield of engineering technology. Students in this program can expect coursesin product design and development, systems analysis and simulation,engineering project management and quality control. Prior to graduation, thestudent will also complete a thesis, a project of pass an equivalentexamination.Unlike engineering degree programs which can have concentrations or tracks,engineering technology program generally do not. The area of interest isalready implemented in the curriculum as seen in the Aims and Capitalprograms. All the engineering technology programs require completing somegeneral education courses like communication, technical writing, technicalmath and composition. Some students complete the general education coursesprior to starting the actual program just to get them out of the way. A lot ofthe general education courses can also be completed online. Engineeringtechnology programs also include lab studies and possible internships.According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are well morethan 500 accredited engineering technology programs throughout the UnitedStates.

Online Engineering Technology Degrees

Engineering technology programs can also be completed through distancelearning. ABET accredits many programs that are 100% online. The University ofSouthern Mississippi offers a 100% online Bachelor of Science in ConstructionEngineering Technology.Online programs allow students to earn their degrees at their own pace whilealso continuing to work or meet other responsibilities. Online schools offervarious learning tools such as webinars, streaming media, videos, DVDs, email,online lectures and simulated laboratories.

Engineering Technology Certification

In addition to obtaining degrees, graduates who have a four-year engineeringtechnology degree can also obtain certification through the National Institutefor Certification in Engineering Technologies. The NICET offers certificationfor civil engineering technology as well as electrical and mechanical systemsengineering technology. Although certification is voluntary, it can enhanceemployment opportunities and earning potential.Mechanical engineering vs Mechanical engineering technology degreeWhile a career in either mechanical engineering or mechanical engineeringtechnology (MET) are both great choices, there are some key differencesbetween the two fields that will influence your decision.Students looking for more hands-on careers and opportunities will lean towardsengineering technology, while those who prefer calculus and theory basedapplications will lean towards engineering.In this article we’ll look at the pros and cons of each degree, what graduatescan expect, coursework, general questions, and more.So, let’s get into it!

Bachelor of Science Degree (Technologists)

A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology is the next step inengineering technology which offers a different look at more advanced conceptsthat include courses in subjects such as the design of plastics, machinedesign, and operations management.Courses at the bachelor level typically allow students to link the designaspect of product development to the production phase, and facilitate deliveryto the customer.Some of the areas you’re likely to get a better working knowledge of include: * Hydraulics * Pneumatics * Dynamics * Instrumentation * Thermodynamics * Heat transfer

Online Engineering Degrees

There are many different types of engineering degrees, but not all areavailable online. The top online engineering degrees are: ComputerEngineering, Engineering Management, Mechatronics Engineering, and differentvariations of Masters in Engineering Degrees.

Online Engineering Degrees Are Available In:

Undergraduate: Certificate, Associates, Bachelors Year by year, more engineering schools bring their programs online. The firstengineering programs to go online were mostly at the Masters level, but as oflate more online Bachelors in Engineering programs are coming online too. Youmay consider an online program from an accredited university currentlyaccepting applicants:Graduate: Masters, Doctorate There are a decent number of Online Masters in Engineering programs, all indifferent areas of engineering. Computer Engineering, Software Engineering,and Engineering Management seem to be the most popular online engineeringprograms. You may consider an online program from an accredited universitycurrently accepting applicants:* * *

Computer Engineering Degree

Another industry that continues to expand is of course the InformationTechnology (IT) industry. This involves both computer sciences and electricalengineering. Successful graduates may find themselves in Telecommunications,Networking, Software Application Development, or Manufacturing, and additionalindustries are emerging, such as Application Development, Web Development,Network Security / Cybersecurity, and Cloud Computing, among others. This typeof degree has good future potential as most industries rely on informationtechnology. Read more about the computer engineering degree.

Computer Engineering Degrees Are Available In:

Undergraduate: Certificate, Associates, Bachelors The most common computer engineering degrees are at the Bachelors level.Graduate: Masters, Doctorate The top graduate degree in computer engineering is the Masters in ComputerEngineering.

Materials Science Engineering Degree

A Materials Science engineering degree is a study of materials and why theybehave a specific way or react to things in a certain way. This includesplastics, ceramics and polymers. Everything around us is made up of materials,as we evolve there is an increasing demand for materials which are stronger,more environmentally friendly and lighter. Employment opportunities includeresearch positions along with industry placements. Materials ScienceEngineering is a very hands on, practical degree and graduates are in highdemand.Available in: Certificate, Master’s and Doctorate.

Engineering Degrees by Degree Level

For those that may be undecided on which specific type of engineering theywant to study, but are interested in entering an engineering program, considerviewing engineering degree by degree level. There are multiple options here:undergraduate options include Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees inEngineering. Graduate-level options include Master’s of Engineering, MBA inEngineering, and Doctorate of Engineering programs. You can view morespecifics on our degree detail summaries:The list above represents the many different types of Engineering Degreesavailable. Some degrees will overlap to some extent while some degrees arevery specialized, and as a result, so is the education. If you have asuggestion for this list, please contact us and we will review the engineeringprogram.Career Options, Courses, Subjects, Scope, Salary, Exams, JobsOverview Ask any student from science stream, ‘How to become an Engineer?” andthe unanimous answer that you will get is B.Tech programme. In the recentpast, B.Tech course has become synonymous with an engineering degree andanyone who wants to become an engineer takes up B.Tech programme in the fieldof their choice. However, this is merely a common understanding of theprogramme and there is much more to explore as far as B.Tech courses areconcerned. If you are a prospective science stream student who is planning totake B.Tech course at the graduation level, there are many other aspects thatyou need to know and understand. Below, you will find all the relevantinformation about B.Tech as a course option including, admission process,eligibility and top colleges.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

A Bachelor of Science in Engineering, like the degree programs offered byFlorida Polytechnic University, focuses on the cross-disciplinary applicationof science and mathematics on structures, machines, systems and processes.This type of engineering degree prepares students to enter the workforce asprofessional engineers with skills that are applicable to a wide variety ofindustries. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering typicallyfocus on disciplines like computer, electrical, mechanical or industrialengineering.A Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree program often includes moreadvanced levels of applied science and mathematics than are taught in anEngineering Technology degree program. Some examples of real-world challengesgraduates with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering may exploreinclude: * Apply analysis and modeling to design engineering based solutions * Identify emerging techniques, skills, methods and theories to solve engineering problems * Design infrastructure such as buildings, highways and bridges

Other Degree Courses for Technology Students

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY STREAM Candidates who have studied in the Engineering Technology Stream at the GC.E.(Advanced Level) Examination could also seek admission to the followingcourses of study offered by different universities, provided that they havefulfilled the entry requirements for those courses of study. • Management Studies (TV) • Information Technology • Peace & Conflict Resolution • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) • Sports Sciences and I.1anagement • Physical Education • Fashion Design and Product Development • Design • Computation & I.1anagement • Entrepreneurship and I.1anagement • Industrial Information Technology • Management and Information Technology (SEUSL) • Hospitality Tourism and Events Management • Information Technology & Management • Translation Studies • Film & Television Studies • Project Management • Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)BIOSYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY (BST) STREAM Candidates who are eligible for Biosystems Technology stream could also seekadmission to the following courses of study offered by different universities,provided that they have fulfilled the entry requirements for those courses ofstudy.•Management Studies (TV) Information Technology Peace & Conflict Resolution Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sports Sciences and Management Physical Education Fashion Design and Product Development Design Computation & Management Entrepreneurship and Management Industrial Information Technology Management and Information Technology (SEUSL) Hospitality Tourism and Events Management Information Technology & Management Translation Studies Film & Television Studies Project Management Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Read More…. A/L Technology Stream – Subject combinations, Syllabuses and Teacher guides

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