Graduate Degree Seeking or Graduate Non Degree

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SUNY – Maritime College

| Throggs Neck, NY |As the name implies, SUNY Maritime College specializes in programs related tomarine engineering, shipping, oceanic transportation, and other maritimeindustries. Many graduates go on to pursue careers as ship captains,engineers, construction and building managers, and environmental safetytechnicians. SUNY Maritime College’s ROI placed highest among all publicuniversities, and beat out every Ivy League school, thanks to its relativelylow tuition (roughly $90,000 for the complete degree) compared to the startingsalaries of its graduates, which tend to be upward of $55,000 per year. * Cost: $90,530 * 30 Year Net ROI: $1,586,000 * % Aid: 43% * Average Aid Amount: $5,567 * 30 Years ROI with Aid: $1,552,000| 2 |

CUNY Baruch College

| New York, NY |East Coast colleges and universities ― particularly those located in New York― are infamously expensive, but Baruch College charges lower tuition for adegree than any other college on our top 50 list. Business and finance are thetwo most popular majors for students, and graduates go on to pursue careers asfinancial controllers, HR generalists, executive assistants, and senioraccountants. Although these jobs aren’t as lucrative as careers within STEMfields, median salaries are high enough to earn Baruch College grads a decentROI on their education. * Cost: $49,060 * 30 Year Net ROI: $924,100 * % Aid: 79% * Average Aid Amount: $7,496 * 30 Years ROI with Aid: $958,000| 30 |

SUNY at Binghamton

| Vestal, NY |Students who earn a degree from SUNY at Binghamton ― the smallest and cheapestof the four schools in the SUNY system ― go on to pursue careers in a widerange of professional fields. Software, mechanical, and electrical engineersstand to earn median salaries in the range of $60,000 to $75,000. However, thetypical starting salary for Binghamton grads is $47,200, largely due to thelarge number of alumni who work as administrative assistants, accountants,operations managers, and other positions that earn much lower salaries. * Cost: $80,640 * 30 Year Net ROI: $861,700 * % Aid: 52% * Average Aid Amount: $6,090 * 30 Years ROI with Aid: $887,100| 40 |

George Mason University

| Fairfax, VA |Many George Mason graduates go on to pursue careers related to businesstechnology. The school’s leading career paths include financial analyst, staffaccountant, software engineer, and IT consultant, all of which boast mediansalaries in the range of roughly $60,000 to $90,000. However, the student bodynumbers in excess of 33,000 individuals and the school is noted for itsliberal arts programs (particularly creative writing) in fields withhistorically low salaries. As a result, the typical starting annual salary fornew graduates is just shy of $50,000 per year. * Cost: $87,760 * 30 Year Net ROI: $857,400 * % Aid: 46% * Average Aid Amount: $8,220 * 30 Years ROI with Aid: $893,900| 41 |

19. Ashland University

Ashland, Ohio[bctt tweet=”@Ashland_Univranked in the Top 20 Colleges for League of LegendsEsports Gamers”]Ohio’s Ashland University is a smaller private college established in 1878.There is a main 135-acre campus in Ashland, several off-campus centers, and anonline adult studies program. Students can choose from over 70 differentdegree programs.The school has gained a solid reputation for its Varsity esports program.Students have access to an on-campus practice facility with state-of-the-arttechnology, widescreen television sets for coaching, and plenty of hands onseminars and workshops. All esports athletes at Ashland receive team swag likebackpacks, sweatshirts, jackets, headsets, and more.Facebook: Twitter: Ashland’s Website:

18. Trine University

Angola, Indiana[bctt tweet=”@TrineUniversity ranked in the Top 20 Colleges for League ofLegends Esports Gamers”Trine University has multiple campuses across Indiana and Michigan and offersassociates, bachelors, and graduate degrees in a wide range of subjects.Consistently recognized for its high standards, over 90 percent of Trinegraduates are employed within six months of graduation.The schools MTI center features a well-thought-out esports arena with thelatest gaming chairs, monitors, and more. Society of Modern Interactive TeamEntertainment is a club for students who are fans and avid players of Leagueof Legends. Tine awards continuous esports participants with $2000 annualscholarships.Facebook: Twitter: Trine University’s Website:

17. Columbia College

Columbia, Missouri[bctt tweet=”@ColumbiaColg ranked in the Top 20 Colleges for League of LegendsEsports Gamers”]Founded in 1851 as Female Christian College, this liberal arts school Missourichanged its name to Columbia College in 1970, when it transitioned to a co-edThe school offers associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees at its maincampus, online and at over 30 venues across the country.The first League of Legends team at Columbia College was founded in 2015, andcontinues strong today. In addition to LoL, the school hosts leagues for eightother games, and there is truly something for any skill level here. Fromhighly competitive to casual tournaments, The registration interface makes iteasy for students to sign up for the Collegiate Star League. Recently,acquired by Playfly Sports, the CSL plans to continue expanding and that meanseven more esports opportunities for Columbia students.Facebook: Twitter: Columbia College Website:

15. SUNY at Stony Brook

Stony Brook, New York[bctt tweet=”@stonybrooku ranked in the Top 20 Colleges for League of LegendsEsports Gamers”]Part of the State University of New York, Stony Brook was founded in 1957, butmoved to Stony Brook in 1962 . Stony Brook is also the largest single-siteemployer located on Long Island. Students who attend SB know to expect thesame excellence as is found throughout the entire SUNY system. The academicofferings of Stony Brook are vast, with over 200 undergraduate programs, 100graduate programs, and 40 doctorates available to choose from.Students also have hundreds of clubs and organizations to check out or join.SUNY Stony Brook also has its own League of Legends team where students canplay together. Even casual players of LoL can learn more about strategy,teamwork, and how to make decisions quickly just by playing. The Stony Brookteam has also participated in the uLoL Campus Series, a League of Legendstournament that pitted school teams against each other.Facebook: Twitter: SUNY at Stony Brook’s Website:

8. Maryville University

St. Louis, Missouri[bctt tweet=”@maryvilleu ranked in the Top 10 Colleges for League of LegendsEsports Gamers”]Maryville is a private University founded in 1872. The school offers 90undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level degrees to students from all overthe US and 47 countries. It also happens to be a top destination for gamers.The school has a three-time National Champion League of Legends Varsity teamcomposed of talented students from all over the world. For student’s who wantto engage in friendly competition, they also host a Community Club. There is afour-person coaching staff, and an esports performance center that serves asdedicated varsity training. The facility features state-of-the-art peripheralsand PCs in a lag less environment, plus a dining space and lounge.Facebook: Twitter: Merryville University’s Website:

3. Ohio State University

Columbus, Ohio[bctt tweet=”@ohiostate ranked in the Top 3 Colleges for League of LegendsEsports Gamers”]Ohio State University located in Columbus, Ohio is a land grant and publicresearch university and was founded in 1870. It is now the third largestuniversity campus in the nation, offering its students a wide variety in bothacademics and student activities and organizations. This includes the e-SportsInitiative, a nonprofit organization to bring gamers together and work to havea positive impact on their community. LoLBuckeyes team is a part of thee-Sports Initiative where League of Legend players can work and play togetheras well as compete in tournaments against other college teams.Facebook: Twitter: Ohio State University’s Website:

Undergraduate Non-Degree

* Special Student – Post Baccalaureate (MOST OF OUR 62+ STUDENTS ARE THIS TYPE!)If you have completed a bachelor’s or baccalaureate degree from anotherinstitution, you may apply to study undergraduate courses at Georgia Tech forpersonal or professional growth, not in pursuit of a degree.Application Requirements: * Online application * Non-refundable $75 application fee * Official transcripts from all colleges attended * Non-degree permission form, Part I. * Transient StudentIf you are currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a college or universityand plan to return to your home institution after one semester at GeorgiaTech.Application Requirements: * Online application * Non-refundable $75 application fee * Official transcripts from all colleges attended * Non-degree permission form, Part I and Part II.

Graduate Degree Seeking or Graduate Non-Degree

If you would like to take graduate-level classes at Georgia Tech, whether ornot you intend to complete a degree, you must apply through the Office ofGraduate Admission.

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