How Much Can I Make with a Master s in Artificial Intelligence or Machine

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15. California Institute of Technology

Pasadena, California Points: 13 Average Annual Tuition: $54,600 (undergraduate), $52,506 (graduate)Another university new to this year’s list of the best schools for artificialintelligence is California Institute of Technology, better known as CalTech.Students may pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree, thenchoose to follow the study track of Machine Learning & ArtificialIntelligence. Courses include those on: * probability models * neural computation * others related to AI.Before completing their degree, students are also required to complete acapstone project relating in some way to their degree program.Research Groups: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF)

How We Ranked the Best Masters Programs for Artificial Intelligence

To rank the best master’s in machine learning, AI, and robotics, Best Master’sPrograms editors sought out a wide variety of institutions and specializationsto find the most innovative, influential, and intensive programs across theUS. Programs are ranked by: * Alumni Salary (College Scorecard data) * Student Satisfaction (Niche data) * Tuition Cost (IPEDS data)We have included both online and campus-based programs.

Why Should I Get an AI/Machine Learning Master’s Online?

As with many other types of online degrees, there is an array of benefits ofan AI master’s degree online. An online master’s in artificial intelligenceonline provides you with most if not all of the courses you will attend bygoing to a physical classroom. This includes courses such as machine learning,neural networks, and deep learning, deep learning for business, and more.Additionally, it allows you to save money when compared to attend physicalclasses. While some online courses are not necessarily less expensive (thoughmost are), the associated costs always are. For instance, there are nocommunication costs. Also, many of the materials, such as textbooks and othercourse materials, are often free of charge or at a very minimal cost.Moreover, many online schools even accept credits from free massive onlinecourses (MOOC), which can allow you to cut even more costs from your overalldegree.Moreover, an online artificial intelligence master’s will also allow you tolearn from the comfort of your very own home and at your own pace. An onlinemaster’s in machine learning will also make it possible for you to havegreater interaction with the professor and other students. This is because youcan read, absorb the information, and ask your questions/make your comments onyour own time.An artificial intelligence online master’s will make it possible to give your100% effort and attention to the course and coursework, each and every day. Amaster’s in artificial intelligence online is a great idea for those who mayhave busy or irregular schedules, those who have social anxiety issues orthose who simply have issues with learning in a typical classroom setting.

How Much Can I Make with a Master’s in Artificial Intelligence or Machine

Learning?With regard to how much can be made from machine learning salaries, it dependson the type of job you are pursuing. For instance, if you want a job insomething like data analytics, you would make around $59,614 annually. Dataanalysts simply need to possess a concrete understanding of the data itself.Data analysts have a great job outlook, and there are approximately 700,000job-related openings in this sector, with the potential to continue to growover time.On another note, user experience jobs, or UX roles involve working withproducts (which include those that deal with AI) to ensure they are easier touse by consumers, are jobs that better understand how humans interact withproducts.Software engineering jobs have an average salary of $84,336. Softwareengineers are an intricate part of the general design and development processof digital programs and/or systems. The software engineer has predicted a 21%growth rate, which is much faster than average, and means that there should bean addition of 284,100 jobs by 2028. This sector is imperative because itallows employees to develop the technical functionality of the products, whichuses machines to complete a wide variety of tasks.Another example of machine learning salaries is computer science andartificial intelligence research, which can make anywhere from $83,490 and upto $1,000,000 annually. These jobs are the epitome of a master’s in artificialintelligence salary as it allows for great growth potential. These positionsrequire a wide variety of skills and responsibilities, depending on whichsector you choose to work in. Lastly, an average machine learning engineersalary is approximately $169,930. These positions involve building softwarethat supports ML applications.Related Rankings:Top 25 Master’s in UX and Interaction Design25 Best Online Master’s in Data Analytics25 Best Online Master’s in Information and Library Science25 Online Cybersecurity Master’s ProgramsSummer Technology Programs and Bootcamps for High School Students

Applications of Nanoscience Summer Institute at UCLA

There are few additions to a college application more valuable than formalresearch experience, which students can attain by taking part in UCLA’sApplications of Nanoscience Summer Institute. Over the course of two weeks,program participants will learn the basics of pursuing a scientific researchproject. They’ll attend lectures, take part in hands-on experiments, and workon a team project having to do with actual scientific research. By the end ofthe program, students will have a solid understanding of nanoscience,nanotechnology, and research projects.Where: University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California How Long: Two weeks Specific Subjects: Nanoscience, Nanotechnology How Much: $3,666 (includes tuition and room & board; discount offered forstudents entering the UC system the following fall) More Information

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory’s Outreach Summer Program at Stanford

UniversityIn an attempt to increase diversity in the field of Artificial Intelligence,Stanford University hosts this pre-college summer program for girls who areinterested in exploring technology, and specifically A.I., as a college majorand future career. Over the course of three weeks, the young women in theprogram are exposed to Artificial Intelligence through faculty lectures,industry field trips, hands-on projects, and even mentoring sessions withfaculty, researchers, and graduate students.Where: Stanford University, Palo Alto, California How Long: Three weeks Specific Subjects: Artificial Intelligence How Much: $6,000 (includes tuition, room & board, field trips, and coursematerials More Information

Boeing High School Scholars Program at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

We are sure that any tech-minded student would jump at the opportunity tospend part of their summer working with Boeing at Embry-Riddle AeronauticalUniversity, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that the Boeing High SchoolScholars Program is one of the most selective pre-college summer technologyprograms around. Students receive a full scholarship to attend the program andcan choose between a number of tracks including Aerospace Engineering and NearSpace Research.Where: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Arizona How Long: Varies Specific Subjects: Aerospace Engineering How Much: Varies (accepted students receive scholarships based on a number offactors) More Information

Computational Science Class for High School Students at Illinois Tech

Illinois Tech offers a number of pre-college summer programs each year,including this one. Aimed at students who love science, math, and computation,the program consists of hands-on activities that direct students towards theanswers to questions like “How does Google Maps work?” and “Has Facebookturned six degrees of separation into five?” Note that students taking part inthe program should have already completed one year of science, as well asAlgebra II.Where: Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois How Long: Three weeks Specific Subjects: Computer Science How Much: $1,000 (includes tuition only) More Information

Google in Education Computer Science Summer Institute

Where better to learn about computer science than Google?! The tech giant’sthree-week courses take place all over the country, including its home base ofMountain View, California, and offer high-achieving students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn programming fundamentals with Google engineers.The intensive hands-on program includes information on subjects like softwareengineering, emerging technologies, application development, and so much more.Where: Varies How Long: Three weeks Specific Subjects: Computer Science How Much: Free More Information

Pioneer Academics Online Research Programs

Thanks to Pioneer Academics, a public benefit corporation, students from allaround the world can conduct research and be mentored by professors from someof the world’s preeminent institutions. The 12-week program — conductedentirely online — begins with five weeks of foundational lessons given by atop professor to a maximum of four students. The remaining time in the programis spent developing personal research projects and receiving valuablementorship. Where: Online, so students can participate from anywhere in the world How Long: 12 weeks Specific Subjects: Computer Science; Engineering; Mathematics; Science,Technology & Society How Much: $6,355 More Information

Summer Computer Science Institute at Carleton College

Under the guidance of Carleton College Computer Science professors, studentstaking part in the Summer Computer Science Institute will learn how toapproach problems and challenges the same way a career computer scientistdoes. The rigorous three-week program, which takes place on Carleton’s campusin Minnesota, includes classroom learning, hands-on lab activities, andcollaborative research done under the guidance of college faculty members.Participants will even receive six Carleton credit hours for completing theprogram!Where: Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota How Long: Three weeks Specific Subjects: Computer Science How Much: $3,895 (includes tuition, room & board, all materials, andexcursions) More Information

Young Scholars Program at Florida State University

The Young Scholars Program at Florida State University is for high schoolstudents interested in careers in the fields of engineering, mathematics, andscience. Students choose three courses to complete over the course of sixweeks, while simultaneously experiencing what life is like on a collegecampus. Tech-themed courses include Computer Science with Python, ScientificComputing with C++, and much more.Where: Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida How Long: Six weeks Specific Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Programming How Much: None, thanks to a $3,000 scholarship that covers tuition and housing More Information

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