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YABATECH HND Admission Requirements.

1. SSCE/JAMB entry requirements for the corresponding National Diploma programmes as published in the current JAMB brochure. 2. Relevant National Diploma at not below LOWER CREDIT Grade. 3. At least one year Post-National Diploma relevant industrial experience. 4. Students for Bilingual programme are to liaise with the Department for preparatory classes in French.

How to Apply for YABATECH HND Admission.

APPLY HEREApplicants should visit the College website at Click onon-line application and complete the basic details form.Applicants should pay N15,000.00 on-line via Remita platform. Kindly completethe on-line application form after payment. Click on Submit to conclude theapplication process.Candidates having difficulty in payment for registration should visit theComputer Centre (PTDF) behind the School of Art, Design and Printing, forenquires and possible assistance.INSTRUCTIONS TO APPLICANTSCandidates applying for full time and part time HND must ensure that theirtranscripts of the ND programme reach the Office of the Registrar, YabaCollege of Technology, within six weeks from the date of this publication.For details on available programmes of study and entry requirements visitYabatech website at For further enquiries, applicantsshould contact the Admissions Department, Room AA 01, Old AdministrativeBuilding.The deadline for submission of application is 6 weeks from the date ofpublication.Any application received after that date will not be considered.Highly Recommended For You:YABATECH HND Screening Result.If you need us to help you with more updated information at the right timeabout YABATECH HND Admission Form 2020/2021 kindly provide us your phonenumber and Email Address in the comment box below. Also, feel free to ask anyquestion any time.What do you think? Was this article YABATECH HND Admission Form 2020/2021helpful and useful?If this article on YABATECH HND Admission Form 2020/2021 has been helpfulPlease share and Like us on Facebook@Examstuts> Follow us on twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Yabatech Transcript – How To Apply for Yabatech OND and HND Transcript

OnlineYabatech Transcript application for Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and alsofor the Higher National Diploma (HND) can be done when you follow this articleto the end.A transcript is a graduate’s academic history records from the day ofadmission until the graduation year of any program.

Yabatech transcript process is of three (3) types:

1. For the Direct Entry Applicants 2. For HND Applicants and 3. For International ApplicantsHaving mentioned the three (3) applicants’ categories, let us pick them oneafter the other for better explanation.

Yabatech Transcript Application For Direct Entry (DE) Applicants

This category of applicants are those that are planning to further theireducation to any of the universities in Nigeria after their first NCE orNational Diploma program. However, some HND graduates could also apply forthis transcript if they which to further as well in the university as a resultof changing to another course entirely.

Yabatech Transcript Application For HND Applicants

This category of applicants are those that are planning to further theireducation to any of the higher organizations, for example, Polytechnic inNigeria after their first NCE or National Diploma program.

Yabatech Transcript Application For International Applicants

This category of applicants is those that are planning to further theireducation to any of the higher organizations or colleges abroad (OutsideNigeria) after their first NCE or National Diploma program. In this category,the charge of transcript application is higher than the above categories.However, the price of the transcript for this category is N12, 500 justexcluding transaction charge and currier charge.Before transcript will be paid to any foundation you make sure you haveapplied for the form of the establishment you are enrolling in.

How To Apply For Yabatech Transcript Application 2020 Update

STEP ONE – Go to TWO – Sign in your Matriculation numberSTEP THREE – Tap on the apply button.Presently you will discover details of yourself on the next page, please ifyou discovered that the page is blank or it giving you another detail ofsomeone else, please don’t further.Choose ND that lone what is there (Automatically), there is nothing else.Choose the type of Transcript you are paying for.Transcript for NIPOST is Transcript for just if you are to further youreducation within Nigeria, so in this case, choose Local.Transcript for UPS is Transcript for just if you are to further your educationabroad, so in this case, choose international.Tap on continue.The next page will be shown to you.Click on pay now. (Fee for Local Transcript us just N 5,500, While Transcriptfor International is N 12,500). Please check carefully before proceeding forthe payment.Presently the next page for picking your courier type here is the mostimportant place you have to be careful in picking and placing in your details.For international select UPS.For local select LOCAL.Select the country of the School you are applying for.Put in the destination school name correctly on the next page shown to you.Put in the destination school address. This will be the school Post Mail Boxaddress (P. M. B ) etc.Please if you don’t have the foggiest idea about the school postal addressplease search for it online and copy it to the page shown to you.The postal address is where your Transcript will be sent to, so make sure youput in the privilege postal address.Tap on proceed.> NOTE: YABATECH Transcript FEES is Five thousand, Five hundred Naira only for> both LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL Applicants. Where the fee changes are when> Currier AGENT added their fee. Therefore, for LOCAL you may end up paying> N8, 950 (PLUS DHL FEE) while INTERNATIONAL applicants end up paying above> N20, 000 (PLUS DHL FEE & this depends on the country of delivery).> International applicants may pay up to N28, 000 – N30, 0000.

How To Make Payment For Yabatech Transcript Application

Graduates can make payment through printing out transcript invoice generatedonline. The online invoice contains the REMITA number that you use for thepayment.To Make the payment, visit to *GRADUATES*There will be a drop-down where you will select *TRANSCRIPT* OrGo here direct to the PAGE your Matric number and click on proceed until you are able to generateREMITA RRR.After the printing out of the REMITA invoice, you are required to take it tocommercial banks around you.AlternativeYou can make the payment yourself online by using your ATM card. Making apayment on Remita platform, the invoice you generated which is the referenceREMITA number that contains 12 numbers. You have to copy the RRR number andpaste it in the remita platform.Also, You can make payment with your ATM debit cards, by filling your name,expiry date, CVV, the CVV is the 3 digit number at the back of your ATM card.Make sure you don’t move away from the page you are making your payment, makesure you are debited and your payment is approved.

Yabatech Transcript Delivery And Tracking Method

Since we had learned how to apply for the Yabatech transcript, we have not yetfinished the transcript application because, after the transcript payment,graduates have other steps to follow for the transcript to get to thedestination. In this case, let us look t the next steps to follow for thetranscript to get to the destination.> Graduates must take the transcript receipt to the school and attach a letter> to it with the online transcript form and address and send to;Office to Address the Transcript application letter to;The registrarYaba College of TechnologyP.M.B. 2011Yaba, Lagos

List of Undergraduate programme in Yabatech

* Mechatronics Engineering * Chemical Engineering * Marine engineering * Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering * Nutrition and Dietetics * Polymer Technology * Marketing * Agricultural Technology * Mass Communication * Textile Technology * Statistics * Science Laboratory Technology * Food Technology * Computer Science * Leisure and Tourism Management * Hospitality Management * Urban and Regional Planning * Surveying and Geo-Informatics * Quantity Surveying * Estate Management * Buiding Technology * Architectural Technology * Welding and Fabrication engineering * Metallurgical Engineering * Mechanical Engineering * Industrial Maintenace Engineering * Electrical/Electronics * Computer Engineering * Civil Engineering * Printing Technology * Fashion Design and Clothing Technology * Art Design/Industrial Design * Public Administration * Banking and Finance * Business Administration * Office Technology Management


As you can see am making things easy for you. I know you dont know how toapply for Yabatech Full/Part Time programme because your an aspirant. Followthe steps below to apply for yababtech HND programme.Applicants should visit the College portal @ Click on on-line application and complete the basic details form.Applicants should pay the sum of Fifteen thousand naira (N15,000.00 only)online via Remita platform. Kindly complete the on-line application form afterpayment.Click on Submit to conclude the application process.Candidates having difficulty in payment for registration should visit theComputer Centre (PTDF) behind the School of Art, Design and Printing, forenquires and possible assistance.

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