How to Choose The Best Free Photo Editor

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Top 16 Best Free Photo Editor Apps

You’re convinced that you want to get a photo editor software, but not surewhere to start. There are many free online photo editor programs to choosefrom. We’ve narrowed down the best free photo editor that you can use withoutpaying a hefty price.Best Photo Editing Software OverallAlthough Photoshop can be a bit intimidating, its sister product AdobePhotoshop Express Editor is an altogether different animal. All the tools arereadily accessible and easy to use.Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a free photo editor. It is jam-packed withfeatures that will allow you to make your images pop. You will be able toremove red-eye, resize images, make color corrections, and more.It works right from your browser or mobile app. Editing photos is a snap withtools to balance color, resize, crop, change lighting, rotate, and more. Theinterface is appealing yet user-friendly. Our only gripes are that it wasdesigned in Flash and not HTML5, and image formats can be somewhat limited.👆 Special Features: * Crop * Rotate * Remove Red and pet-eye * Auto-Fix * Text Tool * Blemish Removal * Corrections * Customization * Perspective Correction * Pop-Color Tool * Image Resize * Watermark Images * JPEG Quality Output * Looks * Borders✅ PROS: * Simple and complex customization * Easy to use * Compatible with other Adobe Products * Gives you the edits you need to improve photos significantly⛔️ CONS: * Some features require creative cloud membership that has a fee * The photo organizer tool is a separate app* * *Best Photo Editing App for Social MediaCanva is an easy to use photo editor app that allows users to create graphicsand edit photos by merely dragging and dropping. It takes no time at all tobuild a design from scratch, and you don’t have to be a pro to learn how touse this free photo editing software. It has tons of features that will helpyou create the ultimate design or touch up your pre-existing photos.One of the best features of Canva is its extensive library of templates.Within minutes you can drop your photos into a preset layout and then style itusing dozens of fonts, illustrations, graphics, colors, and design elements.With Canva, you can create stunning pieces quickly that you can share, print,or export. This online photo editor also comes complete with built-in supportusing search, tabs, and articles to find help with any issue.👆 Special Features: * Photo Straightener * Image Cropper * The Ability to Add Text * Speech Bubble Maker * Transparency Tool * Photo Enhancer * Photo Blur * Photo Vignette * Design Grids * Free Icons * Photo Frames * Web Wireframe * Stickers * Badges * Add Texture✅ PROS: * Great for marketing photos on social media * Make and design ebooks * Excellent for web presentations * Tons of great features for free * Saves project history⛔️ CONS: * Unable to remove an image’s background * Needs to increase font size* * *Best Photo ResizerOne of our favorites is an online image resizer, called Thecompany has a straightforward website and process to resize images onlinewithin seconds. One of the coolest features is the ability to export yournewly sized image into a different couldn’t be easier to use. You simply drag and drop your imagesinto the box on the home page. Then you select how you want to resize yourimage (by width, by height, custom size, by percentage, or by the largest sideof the image). You can choose to compress your image for quality assurance andthen just pick your new file format (jpg, png or webp). Once you hit the savebutton, your new image is saved to your computer. Voila’ all done. No frillsbut also no hassles.Unfortunately, this online service does not have any additional photo editingcapabilities to go along with resizing. But hey! It’s free, and we like freeand simple.If you resize your images and photos regularly, we highly recommend you to addthe Resizing extension to your Google Chrome; it is also entirely free.👆 Special Features: * Resizing by width, by height, custom size, by percentage, and by the largest side of the image. * Compress a photo * Crop an image * Convert an image to JPEG, PNG, WEBP * Optimize a picture✅ PROS: * Free * Easy to use * Online * Convert TIFF and HEIC files into JPEG, PNG or WEBP * Has extention for Google Chrome⛔️ CONS: * Doesn’t have any additional photo editing capabilities* * *Another app we tested looking for the best free photo editor was inPixio. Inreviews, inPixio earns high marks for usability, features, support, speed, andpricing. It has some fantastic tools to fix perspective (straightenbuildings), image correction, dehaze, and you can even edit metadata rightwithin the app to add headlines, captions, and copyright details.inPixio also offers a free tool to remove the background from an image. Itworks pretty well if the photo has a clear color distinction between what youwant to remove and what you want to keep. inPixio is fun to use, although itmay not rank as the best free photo editor on the block, it is worth checkingout.To purchase the full program, you will need to select either the inPixio PhotoStudio 10 for $49.99 or inPixio Photo Studio Professional version for $59.99.The price is for the full software you can install and use on your Mac orWindows PC.Looking for one for your Mac? Read our review of the best mac photo editor.👆 Special Features: * Eraser * Correction Patch * Cloning stamp * Cutter * Retouching and Correction * Perspective correction * Film grain module✅ PROS: * Tools for retouching photos, resizing, removing backgrounds, cropping, fixing sharpness, trimming, and adding filters. * Share images within the app. * Erase objects easily from photos. * No ads. * It doesn’t “push” you to upgrade. * Special effects to enhance your images.⛔️ CONS: * The background removal tool doesn’t always yield perfect results. * Some users complain that it does not work as advertised. * Puts watermarks on images with the free version. * Cannot batch edit. * Works by installing multiple modules.* * *If you are in the market for the best free photo editing app, you will want tocheck out Instasize. The app was designed for social media and influencers whowant to create eye-catching, creative photos, and videos for their socialfeeds. The software includes dozens of visually stunning filters, colorediting tools, and you can even edit your videos with it.Instasize has a broad fan base of more than 500,000 users. The plethora ofediting tools also include photo retouching features, fonts, and text editing.The free version is limited, but if you are willing to pay $4.99/month, thePremium version is loaded with goodies.👆 Special Features: * Collage maker * Naturally enhancing filters * Advanced editing adjustments * Borders * Beauty tools: edit blemishes, whiten teeth, remove redness, etc. * Social media formats * Pro fonts and text editor * Video editing✅ PROS: * Geared toward creating engaging content for social media. * Dozens of useful features, including backgrounds, beauty enhancements, borders, and filters, to make content creation easy. * Create collages in a snap. * Automatic resizing for social media formats. * Fast and easy to use.⛔️ CONS: * The free version is stripped down and includes ads. * Some users complain about the ads and some glitches. * Only works on mobile devices, no app for PC or Mac.* * *A well-known name in the photo game is Adobe, which makes dozens of photoenhancement and editing products. One such app is the Adobe PhotoshopLightroom app.This product is a cloud-based product where you can upload batches of imagesand edit them together. It wouldn’t be from Adobe without excellent photoediting tools built-in, and if you run into trouble, they have onlinetutorials to walk you through it all.You can edit photos easily with all the expected features, share photos, takepictures from inside the app and sync them across all your devices. ThePremium version cost is $9.99/month, which may be more than most users want topay. If you want access to all the creative cloud apps, that figure balloonsto $52.99/month.👆 Special Features: * Preset creation * Split Toning * Tone Curve * Batch editing on desktop * Camera * Healing Brushes * RAW Editing * Cloud Storage * Sync Presets & Profiles✅ PROS: * Runs on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. * Easy to use, clean interface. * Create albums to organize all your photos. * Built-in presets to make editing easy.⛔️ CONS: * Costly to use cloud storage. * May be too much for some users.* * *Best Free Photo Editing App OnlineFotor is a photo editor software that allows you to utilize its photo editingsuite to create top-notch photos. In just a few clicks you can adjust thecolor, size, lighting and more. It also has an HDR effect for your advancedediting needs.The magic of Fotor is its extensive library of one-click filters to enhanceand liven up any photo. Although Fotor is not as powerful as Photoshop and notas feature-rich as GIMP, it holds its own with a solid set of skills such asRAW file processing, borders, frames, color enhancement, and lightingadjustments.If you like Fotor, there is also a Pro version you can purchase. However, itonly works on the Windows platform. Read our review of the best windows photoeditor.👆 Special Features: * Image Shape * Fonts * Stickers * Align * Drop Shadow * Transparency * CLone * Color Picker * Photo Collage * Filters * HDR * Beauty Retouching✅ PROS: * Has web, mobile and desktop version * Smart filters and effects * Collage maker * Raw file converter * Has a social network⛔️ CONS: * Lots of ads * Inability to edit photos at a deeper level * Incompatible with creating images from scratch* * *VSCO is another contender in our line-up of the best free picture editingapps. VSCO is a minimalistic app with a simple interface and powerfulfeatures. Its best feature is the vast library of filters to enhance yourimages and make them share-worthy.You can do so within the VSCO social media channel. Yes, they have their ownsocial network but you aren’t limited to just that one. VSCO also offers someother photo editing tools such as adjusting color, balance, highlights,cropping, and spot healing. The free version is limited to only ten filters,which isn’t very many compared to the 200+ you get with the paid version. AVSCO premium membership costs $19.99/year.👆 Special Features: * Filters * Clarity * Tint * Fade * X-Skew * Y-Skew * Skin Tone * Highlights Tint * Shadows Tint✅ PROS: * Includes its own social network to share images. * Easy to use interface. * Excellent editing tools with the paid version. * Powerful camera features like ISO, exposure, white balance, and focus. * Save images in RAW format. * Video editing. * Create montages easily. * The ability to share from within the app.⛔️ CONS: * Requires a paid subscription for the best features. * Only works on mobile devices, no app for PC or Mac. * Not as good for social media image creation. * Pushes upgrading. * No option to take selfies with the app. * No zoom features.* * *BeFunky is much more than just a free photo editor. With easy to use features,this photo editor app provides high-quality results whenever you use it toedit photos or make collages. You’ll have fun using this software for years tocome.Using the myriad of free collage layouts and design elements, you can quicklycreate a new Facebook banner or other social media image. The program is anonline photo editor but also supports a handy mobile app. Integrations allowyou to save your masterpiece to Dropbox or Google Drive and share it onFacebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. BeFunky’s drag-and-drop functionality makesit a breeze to use.👆 Special Features: * Collage * Crop * Resize * Digital Art * Cartoonizer * Enhance DLX * Font Pairing * Create Wallpapers for Your Device * Edit and Replace Colors * Batch Processing✅ PROS: * Complete control of your work * Easier than most programs to use * Privacy * Editing tools have variety⛔️ CONS: * No eraser tool * Additional content has a cost* * *You can’t beat the convenience factor of a powerful photo editor that runs inyour browser, and Pixlr delivers. Pixlr is a great way to have a convenientphoto editor at your fingertips that is user-friendly and can provide theprofessional-looking images you imagined.Pixlr is a Photoshop clone that offers a generous treasure trove of image-editing features along with the ability to import photos from Facebook. Pixlrhas also been compared to GIMP in terms of functionality and user interface.Although it may be overkill for some, it’s just the right balance of form andfunctionality for others.👆 Special Features: * Edit Photos Using Dropbox * Layers * Filters * Adjustments * Texts * Fonts * Magic Wand * Lasso * Brushes * Eraser * Object Transform * Color Replace * Digital Painting * Image Retouching * Digital Inking * Photo Collage * Effects✅ PROS: * Available on desktop and mobile * Supports layers and masks * Customize the interface⛔️ CONS:* * *Best Photo Editing App for Professional PhotographersSnapseed is a free online photo editor designed for the serious photographerwho wants to enhance their photos professionally. Its primary focus is onproviding filters that will change the effects. You can also share yourcreations with its export tool.The software uses stacks/layers of edits so you can remove, arrange, or applythem at will. These stacks can be saved as a “look,” meaning a style which youcan then use to apply to other photos. Compared to other apps, Snapseed shineswith an impressive array of filters, brushes, and nondestructive editing toolsthat will delight any serious photo editing buff.👆 Special Features: * Pre-Made Filters * Looks * Tools * Export✅ PROS: * Nondestructive editing * Selective edit brushes * Photographic filters⛔️ CONS: * More suitable for experienced users * No auto-save* * *PhotoScape was designed for the beginner, but don’t let that fool you; it is apowerhouse of features and functionality. Although the layout of PhotoScape isa bit clunky, the tools are solid, and along with retouching features, you caneasily add filters to your images, create animated GIFs, batch edit photos,create slideshows and more using dozens of free templates.The list of accolades is impressive for a free photo editor app.PhotoScape gives you the ability to create stunning images with access tomultiple tools. Enhancing your photos becomes more convenient, and you aren’tdisappointed by a system that doesn’t deliver. It has your basic features andmore advanced ones such as Batch Processing, Font pairing, and Digital Art.👆 Special Features: * Viewer * Editor * Batch Editor * Page * Combine * Animated GIF * Print * Splitter * Screen Capture * Color Picker * Rename * Raw Converter * Paper Print * Face Search✅ PROS: * Plenty of Features * Effects Preview⛔️ CONS:* * *Paint.Net started as a built-in program on the Windows platform and evolvedinto its own standalone photo editing software with an innovative userinterface that supports many features. This photo editor can be extendedthrough plug-ins to give a wide variety to what the photo editor app can do.While it provides a clean layout and powerful tools, this program is not forbeginners. It boasts of a main working window with the tools corralled intotheir own movable windows. The program uses layers to keep everythingorganized. A design aficionado will be disappointed with the lack of somefeatures, but for most users, it’s a great solution.👆 Special Features: * Layers * Unlimited Undo * Special Effects * Powerful Tools * Unlimited History✅ PROS: * Innovative Interface * Keyboard Shortcuts for Tools and Menu Items * Font Previews⛔️ CONS: * Little Control Over Text * Minimal Layer Effects * Few Brush Options* * *Best Open-source Photo EditorGIMP is open-source software and a favorite among many graphic designers. GIMPhas often been compared to Photoshop. While it shares many of the samefeatures and functionality of the popular photo editing software, GIMP isfree.Some of the highlights are a plethora of brushes to choose from, filters, andeven plugins to make the software more desirable. GIMP also supportsanimation. Because of all this, GIMP is by far our pick for the best freephoto editor.👆 Special Features: * Color Correction * Skin Retouching * Eyes Brightening * Customizable Interface * Graphic Design Elements * Original Artwork * Photo Enhancement * Inkscape * Swatch booker✅ PROS: * Compatible With Many File Types * Developer Support * User-Friendly Interface * Open Source Code⛔️ CONS:* * *Photo Pos Pro is excellent for creating computer graphic designs and text thatwill pop. It is a powerful software that can be mastered by advanced andbeginner photo editors. The system has a program that offers assistance forbeginners who need step by step instructions.With Photo Pos Pro, you get the best of both worlds, the choice of a beginneror expert interface. Photographers will love the support for RAW files, themany filters, and retouching tools. Both the novice and pro interfaces are abit confusing and cluttered. It’s a very personal preference when picking thebest free photo editor for you.👆 Special Features: * Filters * Layers * Masks * Curves * Scripts * Effects * Brushes * Frames and Collages * Text Effects * RAW Files Support * Remove, Erase, and Replace Backgrounds✅ PROS: * Great For Any Level of Experience * Superb Help and Tutorials * Manual Editing and Automatic One-Click Editing Balance⛔️ CONS: * Large Learning Curve * Software Glitches* * *Colorcinch is another great free photo editor with some advanced features thatrival PhotoShop. The one-click photo cartoonizer is a fun feature to turn aphoto into a cartoon and a work of art all in one. Check out this completehow-to guide to turn your photo into a cartoon.This free photo editor app is easy to use and full featured, with the abilityto use layers, overlays, artistic masks, blur, blend, frames, or eliminateblemishes. The free version works very well, but you can also pay for anenhanced version for $4-$6/month, depending on the plan you choose.Some features are not available in the free plan, like premium filters andenhancements.The interface is super simple. Just drag and drop a photo andbegin editing. People seem to love the cartoon feature; however, some usershave experienced bugs. The company recently rebranded; let’s hope theyupgraded the app to go with the new name.✅ PROS: * One-click cartoon feature. * Layers. * Easy to use. * Full-featured photo editor and text editor. * Advanced features. * Inexpensive⛔️ CONS: * No batch edit feature (yet). * Premium features not included with the free version.* * *

How to Choose The Best Free Photo Editor?

When it comes to choosing the best photo editor software, there are manythings to take into account. The top features to look at are the file formats,organizing tools, photo sharing, and standard editing tools. These items aresignificant for those who’re interested in doing photo editing whether it isfor pleasure or career.

1. Cartoon Photo Editor

Compatibility:- Android version 4.4 or abovePrice:- FreeThe most obvious choice for the top spot, this free photo to cartoon app hasbeen a favorite for many years.If you’re looking to apply cool artistic & cartoon effects to your new orexisting pictures, then this cartoon pic app could be the perfect option foryou.Key Features: * Apply amazing cartoon effects to the pictures in your phone’s gallery * Save photos or take an image quickly with a single tap of your finger * Autofocus (click anywhere on the screen) * Many impressive effects like a cartoon, oil painting, thermal vision, sketch, and many others.Download App: Android* * *

3. Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor

Compatibility:- Android 5.0 or laterPrice:- FreeCartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor is one of the best photo to cartoonapps for Android to add cartoon effects, oil paintings, and artwork on canvas.It offers a variety of cartoon animation effects, pencil sketch effects,smooth art filters, and painting effects to turn your ordinary pictures intoamazing artwork.Key Features: * Beautifully designed cartoon picture converter app. * Dozens of amazing cartoon photo effects. * Powerful selfie camera for real-time photo editing. * Share your sketch styles and artwork on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.Download App: Android* * *

4. Cartoon Photo – Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Compatibility:- Android version 4.1 or abovePrice:- FreeIf you’re always seeking exciting and modern cartoon filters, then cartoonphoto editor could turn out to be the best cartoon picture app for yoursmartphone.It offers all special cartoon effects & art filters in one app – so you canturn your photos into grey cartoons, smooth pencil sketches & drawings, oilpaintings, and pixel art in a matter of seconds.No doubt, the Google Play store overloaded with a ton of cartoon-type editingapps but this one is the best cartoon-making app for android. Now, you can bea cartoonist of yourself.Read More: 10 Best Websites to Stream Cartoons online for FreeKey Features: * Turn any new or existing photos into cartoon drawings * Powerful cartoon snap selfie camera with cool photo blending & cartoon filters * Dozens of modern artistic filters to choose from (cartoon yourself, a cartoon photo maker, photo to caricature, and many more)Download App: Android* * *

5. Cartoon Photo Editor – Pencil Sketch Art

Compatibility:- Requires 4.1 or above Android versionPrice:- FreeIf you’re looking for a way to turn your coolest pictures into a cartoondrawing, then this cartoon camera is the perfect option for you.This ultimate comic picture app aims to offer loads of amazing cartoon mefilters to make your photos stand out from the crowd.Key Features: * Turn any photo into a cartoon and oily paintings * ‘Cartoon yourself’ feature to make your photos look like masterpieces * Cartoon photo maker / Cartoon photo editor * Photo to caricature filtersDownload App: Android* * *

2. Cartoon Photo Editor

Compatibility:- iOS 9.0+Price:- FreeThis is one of the best cartoon photo editor apps currently available on theApp Store. It comes with numerous photo effects and camera filters that letyou cartoonize yourself with just a few taps.It allows you to create monotone pictures which you can sketch with a smoothpencil or pixel art images.Read Also: 10 Best Android Camera Apps For Quality PicturesKey Features: * Easy-to-use sketch & cartoon effects * Pro camera filters * 8 impressive photo effects/filters: Cartoon, Sketch, Emboss, Pixellate, Crosshatch, Swirl, Halftone, Dots * Share photos with your friends on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.Download App: iOS* * *

The Best Photo Editors Software

Here we discuss the best photo editors software for PC and Mac. Many of theapps are also available for iOS and Android. If you want to download any ofthe mentioned best photo editors software – simply search it in your mobilestore.

The Best Photo Editor Software for Mac

Most of the apps that we’ve discussed could be used both on Windows and Mac.However, there are apps that are exclusively for Apple devices which makesthem the best photo editor software for Mac.

Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is a great choice for beginners and one of the best photoeditor apps. I suppose that it’s the easiest picture editor out there. The bigstars of this software are easy-to-use background changing function andintellectual photo restoration.Both functions are completely intuitive. The first one allows you to swap thebackground of your photo in a couple of steps. A handy tool for selecting hairto make them look more natural on a new background is also present.Photo restoration is an AI-based tool that removes cracks and grains from oldphotos and makes colors more natural. Unfortunately, this function is Windows-only for now.Let’s also not forget about all the necessary stuff like filters and manualediting — all these are present in Movavi Photo Editor and work just fine.Also, I had a lot of fun with make-up functions, coloring the lips of myfriends and making their eyelashes look gorgeous.Movavi doesn’t have a photo organizer function but developers do work on it,judging by the teaser in the program itself which offers to make a pre-order.In the end, the biggest advantage of this software is it’s accessibility toeveryone, regardless of their skill level and its ability to show greatresults even for complete beginners. The trial version is free, the fullversion costs $39.95.

The Best Photo Editor Apps Free

These are the best photo editor apps which you can get for free. Typically itis open-source software and it works for Windows, Mac and even Linux. Here arethe best in my opinion.

The Best Photo Editors Online

It is easy to editor your photo not only with the pre-downloaded software buteven online for free. And online tools have a lot of features to choose from.Let’s dig into the best photo editors online.

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