How to get to Hateno Village and the Ancient Tech Lab

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1. ↑ All right, then. First I need you to run an errand for me. … What’s with that look on your face? You didn’t think I’d fix your Sheikah Slate for free, did you? Hmmm… Post Slumber of Restoration, subject is plagued by…presumptuous… tendencies. Noted! Let me explain what this errand entails. You know the unlit furnace on the wall just outside this laboratory? Could you please bring the blue flame from the ancient furnace in town? Oh, and also use it to light our furnace? This sweet little Guidance Stone will start working once you do that, allowing us to restore your missing runes! – Purah 2. ↑ You’ll find the ancient furnace on the high ground behind Reede’s house. As soon as you leave this laboratory, head left until you’re at the cliff’s edge. Then make use of your scope! You’ll see a blue flame. That’s the ancient furnace. – Purah 3. ↑ When bringing back the blue flame from the ancient furnace, you may find it helpful to use a torch. There should be one at the entrance of this house. Feel free to use it. – Purah 4. ↑ Blue flame makes it sound fancy, but it’s really just the same as a regular flame. If it gets wet, that’s that. It’ll help to light the village lanterns you’ll see on your way back here and to avoid steep inclines. – PurahBlue Flame – Zelda WikiBlue Flames,(BotW) also known as Blue Fire,(OoT)[1] are recurring items andobjects in The Legend of Zelda series.

Ocarina of Time

Navi’s Comment|Blue Fire —|— Blue FireThis blue fire… It doesn’t seem natural. Maybe you can use it for something.But how could you carry it? Blue Fire can be found in the Ice Cavern and Ganon’s Castle in Ocarina ofTime. It can also be bought at the Medicine Shop for 300 Rupees. In MasterQuest, it can also be found in the Gerudo’s Training Ground.Blue Fire is used to melt Red Ice. Link must first scoop it from a pedestal byusing a Bottle or buying it from the Medicine Shop. Blue Fire is required toprogress through the Ice Cavern and obtain the Iron Boots and a Piece ofHeart. It is also needed to get the Zora Tunic by melting the Red Ice in whichKing Zora is encased. Alternatively, Link can melt the Red Ice blocking theentrance to the Zora Shop in order to buy the Tunic.When flying through Blue Fire, Keese will become Ice Keese.


* Blue Fire can be used to destroy bombable walls in Ocarina of Time.[2] * All of the Hylian Hateno villagers have unique dialogue if Link speaks to them while holding a torch lit with the Blue Flame, save Pruce. The children will also follow Link indefinitely, even out to of Hateno Village, until he gets too far away from them or puts the torch out. * Blue fire actually exists, however it’s technically hotter than normal fire, instead of cold.


Breath of the Wild ‘Locked Mementos’ guide and walkthroughAfter speaking with Impa in Kakariko Village and completing the Seek out Impaquest, you need to make you way to the Ancient Tech Lab in Hateno Village. Inthis guide, we’ll show you how to do that.

How to get to Hateno Village and the Ancient Tech Lab

Head northwest from Kakariko Village, following the route on the map above.You’ll arrive at the westernmost gate. The Ancient Tech Lab is at theeasternmost point in the city. Just follow the central road through and alonga long and winding path up a hill.There are plenty of things to do along your path, including meeting thetownsfolk and visiting three shops and an inn.

The Ancient Tech Lab

Inside the Ancient Tech Lab, speak to Symon and then Purah, the director.She’ll ask you to light the furnace just outside of the door, using a blueflame.There’s a lit furnace down the hill from the Ancient Tech Lab. Make your waythere, light the flame and huff it back up to light the furnace. Speak toPurah, and she’ll upgrade your Sheikah Slate with the camera (and have youtake her picture).Pictures from the pastThe camera also has 12 pictures from the past on it and opens the CapturedMemories quest.Purah will send you back to Impa in Kakariko Village, so either retrace thesteps you took to get here (except in reverse) or fast travel to the Ta’lohNaeg shrine, if you’ve unlocked the waypoint.Before you leave, talk to Symin to unlock the Sunshroom Sending side quest. Itwon’t take long to complete, and it will unlock a new ability and the HyruleCompendium on your Sheikah slate.

Kakariko Village

Back in Kakariko Village, speak to Impa, and she’ll give you the champion’stunic, a shirt that displays your enemies’ life bar and hit points above theirheads.Hateno Ancient Tech LabThe Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is a location in Breath of the Wild[citationneeded]. It is north of Hateno Village and is owned by Sheikah researchersSymin and Purah.

Go to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

Follow the path east through the village, and go to the building at the top ofthe hill east of the village. Inside, talk to Symin, then Purah. Ask her torestore the functionality of your Sheikah Slate. Purah asks you to light theancient furnace with the blue flame.

Light the Ancient Furnace

When you go outside from the lab, look toward Hateno Village. You should see abright blue light to the right of the village. That is the town’s ancientfurnace. You will need a torch, and you can get one in the lab if you don’thave one. Then glide down to the blue flame, equip a torch, and swing it atthe blue flame to light your torch. Remember not to run while carrying thetorch, because you will blow out the torch and put it away if you try to run.There is a stone lantern nearby. Swing your torch at it to light it with theblue flame. There are more stone lanterns down the path toward the village.These stone lanterns stay permanently lit, so if your torch goes out, you canre-light the torch later with one of the stone lanterns instead of having togo all the way back to the original blue flame. The lanterns are all along thepath through the village and along the path to the lab, so if you are havingtrouble finding a lantern, stop and look around the main paths.

Get New Sheikah Slate Features

After you have lit the ancient furnace in front of the lab, you will be ableto warp back to the lab at any time. Go in and talk to Purah. You will use theguidance stone. This adds the Camera Rune to your Sheikah Slate, as well assome photos, and the Hyrule Compendium. Take a picture of Purah with thecamera, then talk to her to show her the picture. Purah says to go talk toImpa. Purah also wants some ancient materials, and she says that Robbie in theAkkala Ancient Tech Lab also wants some ancient materials. This adds theRobbie’s Research and Slated for Upgrades quests to your Adventure Log.The Hyrule Compendium will record information about things that you takepictures of around Hyrule. Only certain types of things can be recorded in theHyrule Compendium. For example, you can’t record monster parts in thecompendium.The Hyrule Compendium is especially useful if you ask Purah to upgrade yourSheikah Sensor. If you have been searching the dead guardians around Hyruleand defeating guardians in shrines, you should have enough ancient materialsto get the Sheikah Sensor upgrade from Purah. When you get the upgrade, talkto Symin to start the Sunshroom Sensing quest. The Sheikah Sensor upgrade letsyou sense items that you have taken pictures of in the Hyrule Compendium. Justopen a Hyrule Compendium entry and press A to select it for the SheikahSensor. You can switch back to shrine sensing if you go to your map and pressY. Be sure to take a picture of a treasure chest for the compendium so you canuse your upgraded Sheikah Sensor to find treasure throughout Hyrule.

Sunshroom Sensing

After you get the Sheikah Sensor upgrade, talk to Symin to start the SunshroomSensing quest. Go out through the door near Symin. There is a Sunshroomnearby. Take a picture of it with your Camera rune. It will be added to theHyrule Compendium. Go talk to Symin and tell him you took the picture. Then heasks you to collect three Sunshrooms for him. He says that they can be foundin Retsam Forest, which is just north of the lab. Press – to open your SheikahSlate, then press R to go to the Hyrule Compendium. Select the entry forSunshroom, then press A to target it with the Sheikah Sensor. Then glide downto the forest and collect the Sunshrooms. Then you can warp back to the laband talk to Symin to complete the quest. He gives you three Hearty Truffles inreturn. If you cook one, it creates a meal that fully recovers your hearts.

Recall a Memory

The Memory Locations page has instructions for how to recover each of Link’smemories.Pikango mentioned that one of the images from the Sheikah Slate is of MountLanayru. Mount Lanayru is already on your map if you activated Hateno Tower onthe way to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Mount Lanayru is east of KakarikoVillage, so after fulfilling Pikango’s request, you can go east from Ta’lohNaeg Shrine to recall the memory from the picture. However, you will have tofight Bokoblins and Moblins to get there. If you want to find an easiermemory, look at the second picture in the top row. You should be able torecognize the Dueling Peaks. You should be able to find the location if you gotoward Central Tower.After recalling a memory, don’t forget to talk to Impa to get your reward.

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