How to Make a Knowledge Base With ServiceNow

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Search Function

One of the main features of an effective knowledge base is the search box.Users need to be able to search for articles and guides on your knowledge baseto find solutions to their problems. As a result, a properly functioningsearch system provides is a must-have.

How to Make a Knowledge Base With WordPress

Setting up a knowledge base website using WordPress is really easy. We’ve madea quick guide to help you create your own. 1. Find a hostYou need to start by hosting your website. You can set up a WordPress site forabout $30 per month when using a managed hosting provider like Kinsta.Compared to other cloud-based knowledge base systems, this is much cheaper. 2. Install WordPressSome hosts offer to install WordPress for you. If your host doesn’t, you candownload WordPress here, and follow these instructions to install it 3. Install KnowAllOnce you have WordPress setup and installed, you can then get a WordPresstheme and a knowledge base plugin to turn your WordPress installation into acomplete knowledge base system.Create a Knowledge Base – The Easy Way!Build a knowledge base and help your customers help themselves.Get the Theme

Benefits of Using WordPress

* Affordable Pricing: Compared to other knowledge base software, WordPress is much cheaper to setup and use. * Extensibility: You can easily add and extend features using WordPress plugins. Including third-party integrations like Zapier and HubSpot. * Choose Your Own Design: With thousands of WordPress themes to choose from, you can change the knowledge base design however you like. * Easier Management: Easily manage articles, media, and categories using the beginner-friendly WordPress admin dashboard. * Full Control: When using WordPress you’re in full control of your knowledge base. You don’t have to abide by the rules of a corporate company.

How to Make a Knowledge Base With Document360

Document360 features a very beginner-friendly setup process. And it providestools to serve both content creators and customer support, representatives.To setup your knowledge base using Document360 all you need to do is signupfor an account. The platform works completely online and lets you access iteven from mobile devices from anywhere in the world.

How to Make a Knowledge Base With HubSpot

Getting started with the cloud-based HubSpot platform is easy. Create a freeService Hub account — or schedule a demo to have the HubSpot team help youquickly get started with Knowledge Base.Once you’re in the app, HubSpot is designed to make it easy to get started,regardless of your experience with creating a knowledge base. You can importarticles with one click from other tools, create templates, and start buildingout answers to your customer’s questions.

How to Make a Knowledge Base With ZenDesk

ZenDesk is a complete suite of tools and software made for companies formanaging all-things customer support. The platform works completely on thecloud and offers many services catered for various sizes of businesses.Much like Helpjuice, you can easily get started with ZenDesk by signing up foran account and following its step-by-step instructions.

How to Make a Knowledge Base With ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a platform that’s more suitable for bigger businesses. It’sespecially ideal for making onboarding workflows and transitions.When it comes to creating knowledge bases, the platform uses an old-schooldesign. It’s familiar and user-friendly. And includes many useful functionsfor organizing the knowledge database.ServiceNow will walk you through the process of setting up your knowledge baseon the cloud. Along with your automated workflows and customer support system.

Which Knowledge Base Software Is Best?

Now that you have a wider understanding of knowledge base software, you mightbe wondering which option is best for your business.If you have a new or a small business, we’d recommend going with WordPress tobuild your knowledge base. With the flexibility WordPress provides, you’ll beable to easily extend your knowledge base further as you grow your business.Also, you can save a huge chunk of your budget as well.However, if you have an enterprise-level business, you should considerinvesting in software like Helpjuice or ZenDesk. Which include easiermanagement and advanced features required for running knowledge bases to servethousands of customers and facilitate large teams.In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your business. Be sureto explore all options before you settle for software to build your knowledgebase.How to Get a Real Person on G Suite SupportSometimes you just need to talk to G Suite support.If you’re a G Suite Administrator, I’ve got good news. You can contact Googleand and get help on the phone, live chat, or email. What if you’re not a GSuite admin and just a normal G Suite user? You’ll have fewer options. Yourbest bet is to have your G Suite admin reach out to G Suite support for you.And if you find yourself using support a lot, you might benefit from using a GSuite training course instead.

Getting in Touch with G Suite Support

Start on your Google Admin dashboard and head over to Support:Click it and you’ll see this:You’ll get any alerts Google wants you to see, and at the bottom, two buttons:Search for help and Contact Support.Search for help and you get this:It’s a standard search bar for the G Suite Setup Wizard. If you are lookingfor advice on Google’s G Suite Setup Wizard, we have a guide for you here.But if you’ve already tried Google’s knowledge base and you don’t want to huntthrough their articles, click Contact Support instead to get this list ofoptions:

Knowledge base wiki faq

The theme’s name is quite suggestive, as it is a great addition for anyknowledge or support website. The design is fully responsive. Using thistheme, the owner can set up a valuable self-service web support website. Theprocess will only take a few moments. It will also reduce the number of directcustomer tickets, and increase client satisfaction.On a financial standpoint, this will ultimately save you money, as it costssignificantly life than maintaining a direct support line. The innovation ofKnowledge base wiki faq, is that it lets clients help themselves by givingthem an expansive database, which contains all relevant information. It is aDIY kit for customer support. In the case that a ticket is sent, you can besure that the issue is serious, given that your website already covers all ofthe mundane issues. This theme has plenty of features that can increase thequality of life for the administrator as well.A front-end page builder is also there, along with a live search function.Using the live search, users can jump directly to the topic that is relevantfor their issue, bypassing the extensive browsing stage. Organizing theelements of your page and your articles has never been easier, as a drag anddrop tool was added. Using this new feature, users can customize their page inreal time, and view the changes immediately. It goes without saying thatinstant feedback is a quality that any WordPress theme should have.More info / Download

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is one of the best Premium WordPress themes, filled withfeatures and available at a very reasonable price. The design of this theme isvery intuitive and modern, and it includes 4 color palette options for yourwebsite skin. You can use it mainly for knowledge-based pages and Wikiwebsites. Using this theme, any tech support company can present theircustomers with a vast knowledge base that will aid them in resolving anyissue.This theme will never be a finished product. The developers are constantlystruggling to improve their product, as they provide free updates and bugfixes. Currently, the theme now supports the bbPress plugin for forums. Thisplugin will let you create personal, informative support forums, or startdiscussions on your web page.This particular product can generate fully responsive content, which will showup easily on any screen, regardless of its resolution. People rarely go pastthe first 2 pages of their google result’s page, and that is why you need tobe featured on them. Thankfully, users of the Knowledge Base theme will neverhave to worry about that, because the SEO service is amazing. Moreover, thelive search function uses AJAX programming to find forums, articles, topics,pages, FAQs and replies, at the click of a button. Navigating content hasnever been so easy.More info / Download

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is an awesome plugin to help you make frequently askedquestions about your company or services readily available for any websitevisitors. This is an amazing tool for website owners who are aiming to giveimmediate answers to the questions of their readers or customers. HeroicKnowledge Base has a demo content that makes installation and contentorganization very easy, thanks to its drag & drop category orderingfunctionality.This plugin includes a sophisticated yet fool-proof plugin that lets yousmoothly configure and change the options with few clicks. Furthermore, itsarticle feedback feature allows your visitors or customers to rate theeffectiveness of your content. This plugin has a built-in AJAX live searchfeature that gives your customers the right information at the right time. Italso allows you to attach downloadable files to your articles. Moreover, itincludes three easy to tweak widgets for displaying knowledge base articles,categories, and authors on your website. This plugin is perfect for givingyour customers quick and responsive technical support. Detailed review forHeroic knowledge base plugin is available here.More info / Download

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