How to Pair TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds

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How to Charge the TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds?

1. Put the earbuds into the charging case as per the L (left) and R (right) marks. 2. Charging will start automatically. The LED indicator will flash blue slowly when charging and turn off when charging is completed.Note: 1. Put the earbuds into the charging case, the charging indicator on the charging case will be on for 5 seconds to show the current battery level then turn off. 2. Please fully charge the earbuds when using them for the first time. 3. When battery is low, a “Battery low” voice prompt will be heard (if you are wearing the earbuds). Please charge it in time or the earbuds will turn off automatically around 10 minutes later. 4. Charge the earbuds at least once every 6 months when not using for a long time.* * *

How to Charge TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds Case?

1. Connect the charging port with any USB charging adapter or active computer USB port. 2. The four charging indicators will light up progressively. Note: Unplug the charging cable (timely) when fully charged* * *

How to Power on the TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds?

Take out the earbuds from the charging case, they will power on automatically.* * *

How to Pair TaoTronics Wireless Earbuds?

1. You can use one earbud or both earbuds as per your preference. Please refer to the corresponding pairing instructions. 2. Before pairing, please turn off other Bluetooth devices and place the device to be connected close to the earbuds. 3. When the earbuds are disconnected from your device for more than 10 minutes, they will turn off automatically.* * *

Telephone base installation

Install the telephone base as shown below.Make sure that the electrical outlet is not controlled by a wall switch.If you subscribe to digital subscriber line (DSL) high-speed Internet servicethrough your telephone line, you must install a DSL filter between thetelephone line cord and the telephone wall jack. The filter prevents noise andcaller ID problems caused by DSL interference. Contact your DSL serviceprovider for more information about DSL filters.Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switchTelephone base power adapterPower cord jackTelephonewall jackIf you have DSL high-speedInternet service, a DSL filter (not included) is required.Plug it into the telephonewall jack.Telephone line cordTelephone line jackCAUTION:If you subscribe to telephone service from a cable company or a VoIP serviceprovider, contact your cable/VoIP service provider for more information.Getting started

Handset battery installation and charging

Install the battery as shown below.1.Plug the battery connector securely into the socket inside the handsetbattery compartment, matching theorientation of the engraved label.2.Place the battery with the label THIS SIDE UP facing up and the wires insidethe battery compartment.3.Align the cover flat against the battery compartment, then slide it towardsthe center of the handset until it clicks into place.Getting startedHandset battery installation and charging4. Place the handset in the telephone base to charge.Stays red when put in charger.• If the handset will not be used for a long time, disconnect and remove thebattery to prevent possible leakage.•To purchase replacement batteries, visit our website at www.vtechphones.comor call 1 (800) 595-9511. In Canada, go to or dial 1 (800)267-7377.IMPORTANT:Check for a dial tone by pressing . If you hear a dial tone, the installationis successful.If you do not hear a dial tone:•Make sure the installation procedures described above are properly done.•It may be a wiring problem. If you have changed your telephone service todigital service from a cable company or a VoIP service provider, the telephoneline may need to be rewired to allow all existing telephone jacks to work.Contact your cable/VoIP service provider for more information.Getting started

Pendant charger installation

1.Install the pendant charger as shown below.2. Switch on the pendant.Electrical outlet not controlled by a wall switchPendant charger power adapter3. Place the pendant in the pendant charger to charge.Turns red when charging.Turns green when fully charged.Getting started

Pendant attachment

Pendant lanyard:The pendant lanyard is already attached to the pendant. You can adjust thelength of the lanyard for comfortable wearing, or remove the necklace whennecessary.Press down on the push button slider to adjust the length of the lanyard forcomfortable wearing.Press down the tabs on both sides of thelanyard clip to remove the necklace of the lanyard.NecklacePendant belt clip:Remove the necklace of the pendant lanyard or the whole pendant lanyard beforeyou use the pendant belt clip.Push the pendant into the belt clip until it clicks in place.Getting started

Handset battery charging

Once you have installed the battery, the handset indicates the battery status(see the table below). If necessary, place the handset in the telephone baseto charge the battery. For best performance, keep the handset in the telephonebase when not in use. The battery is fully charged after 11 hours ofcontinuous charging.If the screen is blank or displays Place in charger, you need to charge thehandset battery without interruption for at least 30 minutes to give thehandset enough charge to use for a short time. When the battery is low, thehandset displays Low battery along with a flashing icon. If you are on a callin low battery mode, the handset plays short beeps to alert you.The following table summarizes the battery charge indicators and actions totake.Battery indicators|Battery status|Action —|—|— The screen is blank, or|The battery has no or|Charge without displays Place in charger|very little charge. The|interruption (about and||flashes.|handset cannot be used.|30 minutes). The screen displays|The battery has enough|Charge without Low battery and|||charge to be used for a|interruption (about | flashes.|short time.|30 minutes). The screen displays|The battery is charged.|To keep the battery HANDSET X.||charged, place it in the ||||||telephone base when ||||||not in use. If you place the handset in the telephone base without installing a battery,the handset displays No battery.After you install your telephone or power returns following a power outage,the handset will prompt you to set the date and time. For instructions, seeSet date and time on page 28. To skip setting, press CANCEL.Getting started

Pendant battery charging

The pendant status light indicates the battery status (see the table below).If necessary, place the pendant in the pendant charger to charge the battery.For best performance, keep the pendant in the pendant charger when not in use.The battery is fully charged after 3 hours of continuous charging.If the pendant status light flashes red and you hear “Low battery,” you needto charge the pendant without interruption to give the pendant enough chargeto use for a short time. When the battery is low, the pendant light flashesred. If you are on a call in low battery mode, the pendant plays short beepsto alert you.The following table summarizes the battery charge indicators and actions totake.Battery indicators|Battery status|Action —|—|— The pendant status light flashes|The battery has|Charge without red. You hear “Low battery” when|very little charge.|interruption. there is only 30 minutes talk time|| left. You hear an alert tone every|| one minute.|| The pendant status light is|The battery has|Charge without solid red.|enough charge to|interruption. |be used for a short| |time.| Getting started||| —|—|—|—

Expand your telephone system

This telephone base can support up to 12 handsets/pendants. Each device mustbe registered to the telephone base before use.The handset and pendant come with the package are already registered to thetelephone base.You can add new handsets (SN6107, purchased separately) and new pendants(SN6166/SN6167, purchased separately) to your telephone base. Additionalhandsets are assigned numbers in the sequential order.

Telephone base layout

/ANS ON/OFF•Press to turn the built-in answering system on or off (page 71).•On when the answering system is turned on (page 71).Visual ringer indicator•Flashes when the telephone base is ringing.Audio Assist• Press to enhance the clarity and loudness of the caller’s voice duringmessage playback (page 41)./FIND HANDSET• Press to page all handsets and pendantswhen idle (page 47)./VOL and /VOL• Press to adjust the listening volume during message playback (page 78).•Press to adjust the base ringer volume while idle (page 26).Message window•Show the number of messages, and the other information of the answeringsystem or telephone base (page 91).Getting startedTelephone base layout/REPEAT• Press once to repeat the playing message (page 78).• Press twice to play the previous message (page 78).X/DELETE• Press to delete the playing message(page 78).• Press twice to delete all previouslyreviewed messages when idle(page 80)./SKIP• Press to skip to the next messageduring message playback (page 78)./PLAY/STOP• Press to play messages (page 78).• Press to stop message playback (page 78).IN USE light• On when the phone is in use or the answering system is answering an incomingcall.• On when a device is being registered.• Flashes when devices are being deregistered.• Flashes when another telephone on the same line is in use.SLOW• Press to slow down the message playback (page 78).Getting started

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