If you ve already decided on your dream domain name to start a blog in

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How to Start with WordPress

Recommended WordPress.org Self HostedIf you want to build out your blog or other platform, just use WordPress. Ifyou want to know how to start a blog, WordPress is hands down the easiest andsimplest way to build a site. Don’t over-think things here. Yes, there arefree alternatives, but WordPress is the best system out there and it’s used bythe majority of bloggers for a reason. If you’re serious about creating a siteor a long-term web presence, WordPress is really the only option worthconsidering. For that reason, the rest of this guide on how to start a blogassumes you’ll use the WordPress framework.

Install WordPress For Your Blog

Install WordPressThe WordPress install can be done in a few different ways, depending on yourhosting provider (but they’re all really simple still). I recommend you useBluehost. Here’s a quick video on how you install WordPress on your Bluehosthosting environment.How To Install WordPress In Less Than 5 Minutes (with Bluehost Hosting) VideoTutorialNote: Bluehost recently completely changed their process for this. This is thelatest tutorial on how to make sure you get your site setup right!Installing WordPress is really, really simple. In fact, it’s so easy thatWordPress calls it the “famous 5 minute install.” However, if you really don’twant to deal with any of this, you can call up your hosting support withBluehost and have them install it for you. You can also watch the quick videotutorial above and watch me walk you through exactly how to install WordPressyourself (because, lets face it, you’re a go-getter), and want to get startedon your blog straight away.If videos aren’t your thing, you can just follow the 8 steps below to get yourblog setup.Once you have your login credentials, go to yousitename.com/wp-admin and loginusing the credentials you just created.

How To Start An Email List For Your Blog

If you’re learning how to start a blog, you need to get an email list. Otherthan simply starting to blog, this is the most important thing you must do.You need to create an email list. Now. Like seriously now. Click this link,and get started.This will cost you if you don’t do it.I know, because I’m the idiot who didn’t do this the first time he tried tostart a blog. Look: 1. The first blog I ever set up, I neglected to set up an email capture for the first 9 months. 0 subscribers for 9 months. Oops. BAD 2. The second blog I made, I didn’t have an incentive offer for my email and got ~200 subscribers in 6 months. SLIGHTLY LESS BAD, BUT STILL TERRIBLE. 3. The third blog I created, I finally learned my lesson, set my email list up from the get-go and got 1,000 subscribers in a month. GOOD!Get the picture? MAKE AN EMAIL LIST. It’s that important.So how do you actually go about making an email list? Well, which emailprovider should you use? There’s lots of options – Mailchimp, Aweber,Infusionsoft and a whole lot more, but if you’re a blogger, you should beusing ConvertKit.

The How To Start A Blog Slideshare

Free Blogging Alternatives: WordPress | Blogspot | TumblrSimple No Nonsense Blogging with PostHavenHow To Start A Successful Blog In 6 Steps (Yes, It’s Still Possible In 2020)Disclosure:Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some ofthe services we recommend on this page.Learn moreSharing is caring!Last Updated on March 24, 2020So you’re interested in starting a blog?Blogs are a great way for you to promote your career or business, advance acause, or share your hobbies.They’ve even become big business: the most successful blogs pull in millionsof dollars a month.In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to start your own blog.We’ll walk you step-by-step through getting a domain name, choosing a bloggingplatform, installing your first WordPress theme, and creating your first blogpost.We’ll also provide tips on how to get blogging ideas, how to use social media,and how to make money with your blog.

Step 4 – Set Up Your WordPress Blog

When you sign up for hosting and choose a domain name, Bluehost automatically“installs” WordPress. This means that your blog has been instantly created foryou.To access your blog from your Bluehost dashboard, you can click on “Log in toWordPress” button on the dashboard home page. (Or you can click “My Sites” andchoose “Log in to WordPress.”)

Step 5 – How to Create a Blog Post

We’re going to show you exactly which buttons to push to get your first blogpost online in a flash.Here is a preview of the process, which we’ll explain in-depth below: 1. Create a new blog post 2. Write your blog post 3. Add images 4. Add categories and tags 5. Press “Publish!”

💥 Essential First Step To Start A Blog 💥

In order to get you started down the right path building a brand new travelblog, you’re going to need an (affordable) domain name and hosting — we’ll beusing the provider I personally recommend to make it easy.Get a free domain name and up to 60% off a hosting plan with BlueHost.Get Your Domain & Hosting Now →* * *

Step 2: Setting Up WordPress

The e-mail from BlueHost should direct you to a login page, but if not justvisit the BlueHost website and click “login” at the top.If it’s your first time logging into your account you may be asked to create anew password. This should only happen once and when complete you’ll bedirected to your control panel.Here you’ll find a few boxes with blue borders that have small square iconsinside. Scroll down to the fourth box labeled “website” and find the WordPressicon with the text “install wordpress”.This is a neat one-click installer that creates a new WordPress website fromscratch without any technical mumbo-jumbo.Once you click the icon it’ll take you to a page with some extra services thatyou don’t need. At the top you’ll see the text “do it yourself” along with abig green install button. Click that to get started.On the next page you’ll need to select which domain you want to use. Since youjust got a new free domain that should be the only option.But in the dropdown menu you can select between the www and non-www prefix.The only difference between the two is how they look. But BlueHost asks you tochoose one for consistency’s sake.Pick whichever one you like best and click the green “check domain” button.It’ll take a few seconds to load and finally you’ll get to the last step.Click the box titled “show advanced options”.This expands to show three input fields for the site title, admin username andpassword.Your website title is the name of your new gaming blog. It’ll appear on thefront page of your site and in your WP dashboard. Enter whatever name you’reusing, and remember you can always change this later.The admin username is more permanent because you can’t ever change this. Makesure it’s a username you’ll remember because it’s necessary to log into yourWordPress admin panel.You can always change the password at a later date but try to pick somethingyou’ll remember.Once you’re done check the terms & conditions box and click “install now”.It’ll take a few minutes to complete and once it’s done you can visit yoursite directly by typing your domain into your web browser.You should see a brand new WordPress install with the default theme. Lookspretty boring right?It definitely needs a custom touch. But the good news is you finally have yourgaming blog online!To access your admin panel just add /wp-admin/ to the end of your website’sURL. So for example if your site is mygamingblog.com you would visitmygamingblog.com/wp-admin/ and enter the admin username/password you justcreated.Once you log in you should see something like this.You now have a brand new domain, web hosting account, and a fresh WordPressblog installed. This is awesome but we’re not done yet.Let’s dive into some of the settings and look for a custom theme as well.

Step 9: Grow Your Blog Traffic

When you’re first starting your blog, it can be tough to build your audience.How do you let the world know about your new blog and start growing yourtraffic?My favorite method is using search engine optimization (SEO).SEO is the strategy of increasing your visibility on search engines likeGoogle. This way, when people search for topics you write about on your blog,your blog posts will rank on the first page and you can attract lots ofreaders.Next I’ll share some basic SEO tips to help you get started.There are two aspects of SEO: 1. On-Page Optimization 2. Off-Page OptimizationLet’s take a look at how you can use these tactics to grow your blog traffic.

If you’ve already decided on your dream domain name to start a blog in

2021, you can skip this part. OR IF, haven’t selected your dream domain yet,here are some tips which help you to find a great blog domain:

In this step, you need to select the domain you want to install wordpress.

The domain you want to add either can be primary or addon domain.

5. How to Create a Blog Post in WordPress

Now, you might wonder wondering about… how to write my first blog post? OrWhat my first blog post be about?​Wait! What is the blog post anyway?​Blog posts have a title/headline or have body content (like all the words andimages in this post or have meta info (author, publishing date, etc. In short,Blog posts are what WordPress was built for.​For Example,​ * how-to guides * top 10 tipsI hope you got my point, now it’s time to make some posts for your new blog.Login to the dashboard and click, POSTS-> ADD NEW. Once you click on the ‘AddNew’ button it will open a new post page where you can write the blog post.The post page can be default or can be changed if you use the paid theme.However, there all you can do…​ * Add title * Post * Block * Status & visibility * Permalink * Categories * Tags * Featured image * Excerpt * Discussion * Meta Tag​Just Write whatever you want, and click ‘Publish’… All set. On this page,nothing has to teach you, but you can be the master to teach others if youlearn continuously.​First of all, I want to say​CONGRATULATIONS to you from my heart.​WELCOME TO BLOGGING WORLD!However, you have successfully set up your WordPress blog in 2021…​Still, you’re reading which means fire within you to build your very own blogsuccessful in 2021.​If you want your blog to the next level, pro tips are given below to grow yourblog and make passive money from blogging.​

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