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Freshman Application

Consideration for admission is based on high school grades and class standingas well as SAT scores. Freshmen applicants are required to take the ScholasticAptitude Test (SAT) or ACT. If you are planning to enter fall semester, you must apply by the admissionsdeadline. Students must apply at the following address:Office of Undergraduate Admissions Virginia Tech 925 Prices Fork Road Blacksburg, VA 24061 Students are encouraged to apply online at the following address: Each year the competition for admission increases, thus raising the admissionstandards. If you are interested in attending Virginia Tech in dairy science,we recommend that you work at getting good high school grades and that you andyour parents visit with us. We can discuss your high school records and pointout any deficiencies that may exist which, if corrected, could increase yourchances of gaining admission to Virginia Tech. The Dairy Science Department has no voice in deciding who is admitted. If youare not accepted for admission into the freshman class, do not give up.Instead, apply for admission to a community college, junior college, oranother accredited four-year college in your area. The Virginia TechAdmissions Office is very willing to accept transfer students if they haveperformed well at another college or university and have completed twosemesters of Biology, Chemistry, English and Math courses.

Job Corps Admissions & Career Transition

Job Corps Centers are available all over the United States.Their main aim is to provide academic training and courses in independentliving, employability skills, and at the same time to help students achievetheir full potential.Enrollment: If you are interested in the enrollment process, you would be gladto know that it is simple.You will need to find the application on the school’s official website andfill it out so as to be considered a candidate for enrollment.If you cannot get to the application online, you can enroll by calling JobCorps and talking with the admission representative who will guide you throughthe whole process.When you complete this form online, it will be sent to a Job Corps AdmissionsCounselor and he/she will contact you within 3 business days.A Job Corps Admissions Counselor’s job is to help you complete yourapplication and he/she will tell you all the next steps necessary to finishthe application successfully.Fees: Job Corps is fully funded by the federal government and is free.

Prospective Students

You know your goals or you’re discovering them now. Luna Community College canhelp you achieve them! Explore majors and programs that enlighten and empower,and schedules that make college study more accessible than ever. Visit ourcampus. You’ll find faculty members committed to providing you with a well-rounded, real-work education. Luna Community College maintains an openadmissions policy. Prospective students may apply year round and there is noapplication fee.

Regular Admission

Any student wishing to obtain a certificate or an associate degree must firstapply for regular admission status.

Admission of Home Schooled Students

Home schooled students must submit a copy of the home school’s approvedregistration from the state in which they are registered and an officialtranscript including the graduation date and documentation of completion ofcompetency testing. Please note that the NC Division of Non-Public Educationhome school laws apply only to schools enrolling students of compulsoryattendance age (at least 7 years of age but not yet 16 years of age).Home schools are not empowered by state law to issue diplomas to post highschool age students. They may, however, obtain their high school diplomaseither through the NC Community College adult high school diploma program orthrough its’ GED program. See

Status of Admissions Application

Please allow at least 2 weeks from the time you submit your admissionsapplication for us to process your application. Once your application foradmission has been processed, you will receive a welcome letter from us withfurther information. This letter will be sent to the address you’ve listed onthe application.If more than 2 weeks have passed, you can check on the status of yourapplication by calling: 252-493-7232, or emailing us atpittadm@email.pittcc.eduOffice of Admissions & Records Goess Student Center, Room 100 Phone: 252-493-7232 > Option 2

Readmissions of Curricular Students

Students who withdraw from the College for one year or more must reapply bycompleting an Application for Admission. Official transcripts, placementtesting, and additional admission requirements may be requested if notrequired during period of initial enrollment. Applicants for admission orreadmission to Health Sciences programs must follow the Health SciencesAdmissions Procedures for those programs. Students out of school as a resultof disciplinary action must appear before the Vice President of StudentDevelopment Services and petition for readmission to the College.

High School Admissions (Career and College Promise)

In addition to serving traditional college students, Pitt Community Collegeallows high school students to enroll in community college courses tuitionfree based on the Career and College Promise program. This program providesseamless dual enrollment educational opportunities for eligible North Carolinahigh school juniors and seniors. This program offers College Transfer Pathwaysand Career and Technical Education Pathways leading to certificates, diplomasor degrees.Through Career & College Promise (CCP) qualified high school students have theopportunity to pursue these options tuition free while they are still in highschool allowing them to get a jump-start on their workplace and collegepreparation.For more details, please visit our web site

Learn How Students Get Offers

Watch this animation to find out why your high school application choicesmatter and to learn about other factors, such as admissions priorities andseat availability. For more detailed information on how offers are made tospecific types of programs , we recommend the following resources:

Applying to Tech Valley High School

TVHS draws from public school districts of Questar III and Capital RegionBOCES. Interested students apply in eighth grade and are selected by lottery.Students interested in Tech Valley High School should contact their homeschool district middle school counselor. Recruiting materials and applicationsare available under “application documents”, and paper copies are distributedto every school district in the Tech Valley region.For families interested in sending students to Tech Valley High School, thefirst official step in the process is attending an information session.These events give interested students and their families a chance to meetcurrent students and teachers, learn about the school’s curriculum, and lookat the challenges and rewards a Tech Valley High education can offer.Attendance at one session is a requirement.

High Tech Admissions

Students in 8th grade apply to High Tech High School in the fall and receivenotification of their acceptance in February. The school reviews middle schoolgrades, PSAT scores, attendance, teacher recommendations, and an essay. Aportfolio is recommended and an audition is required for students applying tothe Performing Arts Academy. The school strives to have a student populationthat reasonably resembles the demographics of Hudson County. Students cansimultaneously apply to County Prep High School using the same onlineapplication by completing an additional essay.

High Tech Student Demographics

In 2019-2020, females comprised 64.5% of the total student population of 1171,with only 35.5% males. High Tech’s Racial and Ethnic breakdown in 2019-2020was as follows: * Hispanic 42.9% * White 30.5% * Asian 16.0% * Black 8.4% * Other 2.3%

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