Master of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering

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Master of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering

The Master of Engineering degree can be completed in two semesters ofintensive study, or in three semesters for students who want to include extraelectives, make up deficiencies, or need time to adjust to study that departssignificantly from their undergraduate experience. Students opting for thethree semester program must meet the university requirement of 12 creditsminimum per semester. Our Technion-Cornell technical dual-degree programeducates a new generation of software engineers, product managers, planners,decision-makers, etc. to realize the full utility of urban tech. Our project-based, two-year curriculum centers on computer science and engineering andalso draws on the disciplines of economics, sociology, entrepreneurship, anddesign

Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Master of Business Administrationin Healthcare Administration dual degree program in offered in conjunctionwith the Department of Business and the School of Nursing. Curriculum for thedual degree program provides BSN’s with the skills and knowledge in Healthcareleadership, Nursing and Business. The emphasis of the dual program is ChristCentered for leadership, management and for research in the healthcare sector.Graduates of the program will enter careers influencing Healthcare policy andthe future of nursing. Students must be accepted into both the School ofNursing and the School of Business to enter the program. Most studentscomplete coursework for one degree at a time. Nursing courses meet on Tuesdaysand MBA Courses meet one evening per week. Students can elect to pursue theireducation in a part time or full time format depending on their availability.Both degrees are available completely online, on campus or in a combination ofboth formats.Accreditation The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)Contact Southern Adventist University Online Campus Lisa Kuhlman, Graduate Enrollment Counselor 4881 Taylor Circle Collegedale, Tennessee 37315 (423) 236-2527 E-Mail: Program Website

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 6 One of the top master’s in computer science online options in terms ofversatility, Lewis University’s program features concentrations in cybersecurity, software engineering, and intelligent systems. The curriculumemphasizes both research and practical skills, making it a great option forboth students who plan to go on to a doctoral program and those who just wantto move up in their workplace. An educational background in computer scienceor a related degree is preferred, but foundation courses are available tostudents entering the program without a sufficient background. No GRE or GMATscores are required to apply to this online master’s in computer sciencedegree program. In-State Tuition: $14,310

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 7 One of the more customizable master’s in computer science programs online, theoffering from the University of Southern California provides students with abroad foundation in computer science principles but still leaves room forstudents to specialize in subfields such as computer security, softwareengineering, and data science. The program requires no visits to campus, butstudents still have the option to attend some classes on campus if they wouldlike to. Full-time students can complete their degree in less than two years,but it’s common for students to only study part-time and earn this topmaster’s in computer science online degree in just over three years. In-State Tuition: $43,200

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 7 The online master’s in computer science degree program offered at NationalUniversity prioritizes a well-rounded education. The program’s curriculumcovers both theory and practice as well as professional skills such ascommunication and ethics. The program includes three concentrations: advancedcomputing, database engineering, and software engineering. All concentrationsinclude two master’s project classes that give students real-world experiencesolving problems for a client using the skills learned in class. A convenienttransition program is available to online master’s in computer sciencestudents earning their undergraduate degree at National University.In-State Tuition: $14,976

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 7 A standout offering even among the best online master’s in computer scienceprograms, Georgia Tech University’s degree program is part of a collaborationwith Udacity and AT&T that allows the university to provide a larger number ofstudents with academic, professional development, and networkingopportunities. It includes specializations in computational perception androbotics, machine learning, interactive intelligence, and computing systems.Students only take one or two courses at a time, so students working full timeare able to easily fit coursework into their busy schedules. Most studentscomplete their computer science MS programs online in three years. In-State Tuition: $13,788

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 7 Colorado Technical University top master’s in computer science online optionincludes concentrations in database systems, data science, computer systemssecurity, and software engineering. A general track is also available tostudents who prefer a broader approach to the field. Regardless of whichconcentration they choose, all students receive a solid foundation in networkarchitecture, operating systems, and software systems engineering. Courses aredelivered asynchronously, so online master’s in computer science students withbusy schedules can access course materials at whatever time works for theminstead of worrying about attending live sessions. In-State Tuition: $13,393

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 8 Johns Hopkins University is home to one of the best master’s in computerscience online programs in terms of customization options. There is only oneofficially designated concentration: communications and networking. However,there are ten different tracks that students can choose from to customizetheir degree. Tracks include bioinformatics, enterprise and web computing,cybersecurity, systems, and theory, for example. No matter which track orconcentration students pursue, they receive the same rigorous andcomprehensive education as their on-campus counterparts. Most online master’sin computer science students at Johns Hopkins only take one or two courses ata time. In-State Tuition: $52,170

Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Website Points: 8 The University of Louisville offers one of the best master’s in computerscience online programs for accessibility. A baccalaureate degree in computerscience or engineering is not necessarily required as long as prospectivestudents have an adequate technical background. The vast majority of coursesare delivered asynchronously, and any synchronous activities are typicallyscheduled for evenings to accommodate working students. Students who live nearcampus are free to take a portion of their classes on campus, but this onlinemaster’s in computer science degree program can be completed entirely online. In-State Tuition: $12,246

Master of Science in Computer Science is a program offering courses

related to the field and mandati … ng at least one graduate specialization.The areas of specialization include software theory, artificial intelligence,real-world computing, computer & network security, information management &analytics, mobile and internet computing, human-computer interaction andtheoretical computer science Read More|

Master of Science in Software Engineering is a program teaches students

how to apply the principles … of engineering to the fields of design,construction and maintenance of software programs and applications Read More|

Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management is a program

that requires a strong technica … l background of the students in the fieldcourses in design and a systems engineering multi-discipline, team projectRead More|

Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in

Business AnalyticsThe Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration inBusiness Analytics (MSBA-BA) is offered by the Pamplin College of Business andsupported by the college’s Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics(CBIA) . The program is designed to give students the necessary businessknowledge, technical expertise, and professional skills to be effectivebusiness analytics practitioners. The program requires the completion of 30credit hours. Students who have fulfilled the prerequisite requirements (i.e.,individuals with basic skills in statistics, computer programming and databasemanagement) can normally complete the degree in 10 months.The MSBA-BA program creates a rich, innovative and multi-disciplinary learningenvironment by admitting approximately one-half of the students from non-business backgrounds and the other half from business backgrounds. MSBA-BAstudents learn quantitative modeling techniques for descriptive, predictive,and prescriptive analytics. They will also gain knowledge about how businessand industry uses analytics to frame and solve problems in marketing,operations, finance, information technology, human resources and accounting.Admission to the program is competitive and applications for the fall semestercohort will be accepted in January.

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