Master of Science in Biology is a program that provides students with

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The Master of Science in Nursing in Nursing Administration and EmergencyManagement (NAEM) program is designed to offer students a specialized programof study to serve the educational needs of professional nurses activelyengaged or planning to enter a profession related to administration,leadership and emergency management in a variety of healthcare settings.

Master of Science in Biology is a program that provides students with

training in biological science … and focuses on supra-organismal,organismal, cellular and molecular levels of biology Read More|

Master of Science in Computer Science is a program offering courses

related to the field and mandati … ng at least one graduate specialization.The areas of specialization include software theory, artificial intelligence,real-world computing, computer & network security, information management &analytics, mobile and internet computing, human-computer interaction andtheoretical computer science Read More|

Master of Science in Data Science is a program that enables students to

engage in intensive research … programs in the fields of statisticalinformation theory, statistical genetics and bioinformatics, Bayesian methods,statistical computing, graphical methods, model selection and asymptotics ReadMore|

Master of Science in Food Science is a program that studies the fields

of sensory evaluation, dairy … science, enology, food chemistry, foodengineering, food microbiology and the like Read More|

Master of Science in Hospitality and Retail Management is a program

that is research-oriented progra … m that is designed for studentsinterested in pursuing a career teaching hospitality management. Thecoursework is spread in fields like financial management, food and beveragemanagement, hospitality management and the like Read More|

Master of Science in Psychology is a program that enables students to

prepare for careers in academi … c life, primarily in psychology, sociology,or human development; in research programs of governmental agencies at variouslevels; and in a range of programs in community agencies and privateenterprise Read More|


MASTER OF ARTS IN POLITICAL SCIENCEWebsiteScore: 70.8Founded in West Lafayette, IN by businessman John Purdue, Purdue University isa large public research institution of higher learning. The Department ofPolitical Science offers a Master of Arts in Political Science. The degree isprimarily designed to function as the first step towards a doctoral degree anda likely academic career. Upon completion of the degree, students mustcomplete qualifying exams in two areas of specialization.Areas of Concentration include International Relations, Comparative Politics,and Public Policy, among others. Classes in the program include InternationalRelations and Theories of War, Political Parties & Representation, and PublicPolicy. PU reviews applications on a holistic basis, so there are no setminimums for GPA or GRE for admission, however, applicants have had on averagea 3.0 GPA for their undergraduate degree.Net Price: $9,992 in-state; $28,794 out-of-state

Master of Science in Nursing with Nurse Educator Emphasis

The curriculum for the Master of Science in Nursing with a concentration inNurse Educator prepares students with the skills and knowledge required toenter nursing-education roles in setting including: * College/university nursing programs * Hospital education departments * Other areas of community health-educationThe MSN program is offered completely online for the Nurse Educator emphasis.The program requires completion of 38 credits including the following: 14credits of Core Coursework including Theoretical Concepts of Nursing, HealthPromotion Across the Lifespan, Nursing Research, Healthcare Policy and arequired capstone course. The concentration in Nurse Educator requiredcompletion of 24 credits including: Technology and the Educator, AdvancedPathophysiology, Advanced Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Nursing CurriculumDesign, Classroom Instruction and Evaluation and a required Educator RolePracticum and a Nurse Educator Clinical Emphasis.

Master of Science in Nursing/Master of Business Administration

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Master of Business Administrationin Healthcare Administration dual degree program in offered in conjunctionwith the Department of Business and the School of Nursing. Curriculum for thedual degree program provides BSN’s with the skills and knowledge in Healthcareleadership, Nursing and Business. The emphasis of the dual program is ChristCentered for leadership, management and for research in the healthcare sector.Graduates of the program will enter careers influencing Healthcare policy andthe future of nursing. Students must be accepted into both the School ofNursing and the School of Business to enter the program. Most studentscomplete coursework for one degree at a time. Nursing courses meet on Tuesdaysand MBA Courses meet one evening per week. Students can elect to pursue theireducation in a part time or full time format depending on their availability.Both degrees are available completely online, on campus or in a combination ofboth formats.Accreditation The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE)Contact Southern Adventist University Online Campus Lisa Kuhlman, Graduate Enrollment Counselor 4881 Taylor Circle Collegedale, Tennessee 37315 (423) 236-2527 E-Mail: Program Website

Master of Science in Nursing Administration

The Master of Science in Nursing Degree (MSN) is offered through a consortiumof six Tennessee Board of Regents universities and prepares nurses with thefollowing skills: * Ability to teach in varied academic and practice settings * Provide patients with advance care in rural, urban and underserved populations * Practice in collaborative relationships * Enter positions of leadership in Healthcare Delivery * Continue to doctoral studyThe concentration in Nursing Administration provides a flexible learningenvironment for students to gain a core foundation in complex systems,organizational theory, financial management and leadership practice. Theconcentration is designed for those students who aspire toward careersmanaging healthcare personnel and business operations predominately in ahospital or large service provider setting. Applicants must be LicensedRegistered Nurses with a Bachelors Degree. The program requires completion of36 credits and required completion of a 4 credit Nursing Administrationpracticum.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) prepares students for leadership rolesin specific areas of nursing with a mission (as stated by the Nursing School)of “preparing graduates for advanced professional nursing practice withspecific functional and clinical abilities.” The curriculum for the MSNprogram prepares students in advanced theory and practice and promotes thehealth and well being of people in global environments. Students in theprogram have the ability to choose an area of specialization to tailor theireducation to meet their career goals. Concentrations for the program includeEducation, Administration, and Nurse Practitioner. Competencies for graduatesof the MSN program include the following abilities: * Integrate theory and research in advanced practice nursing * Assume leadership roles in a specialty area of nursing promoting the health and well being * Incorporate core knowledge of healthcare economics and policy into delivery of cost effective, ethically responsible nursing care * Management of information through the use of technology in order to influence nursing practice * Demonstrate competency in the selected nursing practiceAccreditation The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)Contact Union University School of Nursing 1050 Union University Drive Jackson, Tennessee 38305 (731) 668-1818 Program Website

Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in

Business AnalyticsThe Master of Science in Business Administration with a concentration inBusiness Analytics (MSBA-BA) is offered by the Pamplin College of Business andsupported by the college’s Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics(CBIA) . The program is designed to give students the necessary businessknowledge, technical expertise, and professional skills to be effectivebusiness analytics practitioners. The program requires the completion of 30credit hours. Students who have fulfilled the prerequisite requirements (i.e.,individuals with basic skills in statistics, computer programming and databasemanagement) can normally complete the degree in 10 months.The MSBA-BA program creates a rich, innovative and multi-disciplinary learningenvironment by admitting approximately one-half of the students from non-business backgrounds and the other half from business backgrounds. MSBA-BAstudents learn quantitative modeling techniques for descriptive, predictive,and prescriptive analytics. They will also gain knowledge about how businessand industry uses analytics to frame and solve problems in marketing,operations, finance, information technology, human resources and accounting.Admission to the program is competitive and applications for the fall semestercohort will be accepted in January.

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