Online Data Science Master s in Texas

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Online Data Science Programs in Texas

An online master’s degree in data science may put you on a pathway to a careerin information technology and beyond. That being said, choosing a programisn’t always easy. You’ll need to assess what school offers the bestcurriculum, access to faculty and mentors, and figure out what resources willbe available to you if you choose to enroll, before even applying.If you’re looking for options for distance learning in Texas, it will alldepend on the school. You may want to assess how flexible a program willbe—part of the appeal of online learning is to be able to fit in your studieswith work and personal commitments. You may also want to research internship,research or employment opportunities and any counseling the school mayprovide.We compiled a general checklist on what to look for in an online data scienceprogram to help you as you gather options. For those of you hoping to zero inon online data science programs in Texas, below, you’ll find a few factors tokeep in mind.

Online Graduate Data Science Certificates in Texas

For those who are looking for an alternative to getting an online master’s indata science, a graduate-level certificate program may be a good choice foryou. Generally, an online graduate certificate program in data science costsless than a master’s degree and takes less time to complete as well.Completing an online graduate certificate program may give you the chance toget a sense of the field and improve your knowledge and experience beforemaking the commitment to a master’s program.Unlike California and Illinois, which have a number of online graduatecertificate programs in data science, Texas overall has fewer options thanthese states. One example is Texas A&M University, which offers an onlineApplied Statistics Certificate.

Online Data Science Master’s in Texas

If you prefer to pursue an online data science master’s at a Texas schoolrather than a certificate, there are some rigorous options. Texas A&MUniversity’s Online Master of Science in Applied Statistics is one of them.There is also Southern Methodist University’s Online Master’s in Data Sciencewhich has been available since 2015.Learn more about these two schools and the programs they offer:Texas A&M University – College Station: Lectures, assignments, exams andgrading requirements in the online Master of Science in Applied Statisticsprogram are the same as those within the on-campus program.

Online Data Science Courses in Texas

As with online bootcamps, those not wishing to jump into a full-on graduateprogram might consider online data science courses. Data science onlinecourses may be suitable for professionals working in sectors that increasinglyrely on collecting data, like telecommunications, medicine and financialservices. Courses will vary depending on the institution, but for thoselooking to hone their data science skills in Texas, consider looking at theinstitutions that offer online master’s programs like the University of Texasat Austin and Texas A&M university for single course offerings.

Texas Woman’s University

OFFERED BY: Department of Mathematics & Computer ScienceDELIVERY: CampusLENGTH: 36 CreditsPRE-REQUISITE TECHNICAL COURSEWORK: technical bachelor’s degree

30 Affordable Online Civil Engineering Master’s Degree Programs

MethodologyWe reviewed approximately 65 colleges and universities listed by the Centerfor Educational Statistics (NCES) College Navigator and reputable onlinesources that offered master’s in civil engineering online programs, or closelyrelated degrees. We narrowed our original pool of schools by applying thefollowing criteria: accreditation (regional and/or national), institution orprogram rankings with at least one major publication like U.S. News and WorldReport, and affordability (graduate tuition/fees of less than $30,000 peryear). We then listed our selected programs according to raw affordability.Below are the resulting selections for our 30 most affordable master’s incivil engineering online programs.

1 most affordable master’s in civil engineering online program! Kennesaw

State University!Graduate Tuition/Fees: $7,334Kennesaw State University offers a master’s in civil engineering online thatranks number one on our list of most affordable online civil engineeringprograms. The program is specifically geared towards professionals working inthe engineering field who desire a rigorous curriculum that’s also flexible.Students can choose from three concentrations including structural andgeotechnical engineering, transportation and pavement engineering, andenvironmental engineering and water resources. Each concentration has a thesisor course-only option. Students with a non-engineering background may beadmitted on a provisional basis. Kennesaw State University ranks in seven U.S.News and World Report categories, including 72 in most innovative and 293 innational universities.––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

What can you do with a master’s in civil engineering online degree?

A master’s in civil engineering can open up several career pathways in theindustry due to a specialized knowledge of infrastructure. The main role of acivil engineer is to oversee and engage in the design, oversight, andoperation, and maintenance of infrastructure projects for both the public andprivate sectors. These projects include roads, bridges, water systems,tunnels, airports, and the like.The job is very complex and involves a lot of moving parts, including safetyand environmental impact analysis, government regulations, financialconsiderations, and more. Those with a master’s degree in civil engineeringoften hold supervisory roles amidst the many layers in the industry, from sitesupervisor all the way up to city manager.Most civil engineers specialize in one area of infrastructure:Construction engineers oversee construction sites and ensure the smoothoperation through project management of sub-contractors in an effort to makesure the project is completed in a safe manner.Geotechnical engineers are experts at analyzing the foundational elements ofstructures built such as streets, dams, buildings, and tunnels and how theycoalesce with the earth.Structural engineers assist with the design and assessment of structures frombuildings to runways to ensure their durability and longevity.Transportation engineers work on transportation projects from individualstreets to massive highway systems. They also work on projects like airports,harbors, and shipping ports.

How much money can I earn with a master’s in civil engineering online

degree?According to our data, taken from the United States Department of Labor’sBureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for civil engineers was $87,060 inMay 2019. This median wage far exceeds the average salary of all occupationsof $39,810 during the same time period. Given the technical expertise andknowledge required of civil engineering, the high rate of pay is notunexpected. As we look further at the data, it shows us the lowest 10% earn$55,380 and the highest 10% earn $144,560. Those with master’s degrees incivil engineering can expect to earn a higher rate of pay compared to otherswith a lower level of education, with all other factors being equal.Civil engineers work in a variety of industries, which impacts the level ofremuneration they receive. Data shows non-postal service civil engineersworking for the United States federal government earn an average yearly salaryof $95,380, the highest of any industry. Local government, excluding educationand hospitals, pay the next highest salary of $93,880. Nonresidential buildingconstruction civil engineers earn the lowest average salary of $76,340. Mid-and late-career civil engineers with graduate degrees in the field can expectto earn even higher wages, given their advanced standing.

How long does it take to earn a master’s in civil engineering online

degree?As with other online graduate degrees, the amount of time it takes to completea master’s in civil engineering vary, according to individual student andprogrammatic structure. The vast majority of programs take between 2-4 yearsto complete. There are also a number of accelerated programs that can becompleted in 12-18 months. These types of programs are typically reserved forcurrent engineers who are at the mid-point of their careers and needadditional education and training to qualify for administrative and leadershippositions within the field.Online degrees are designed for the busy working professional who needs tojuggle multiple commitments such as full-time work and family. Online master’sdegrees in civil engineering are no different. Programs that allow part-timeenrollment, or are built to be completed part-time, remain popular. Theseprograms typically take 2-3 years to complete and allow the student to pursuetheir studies without interrupting their career.Often times, programs use a unique structure where students take two coursesin one semester, but never more than one at a time. Courses are designed tolast eight weeks, which means students can take two courses per semester butnever more than one at a time. It is important for candidates to find aprogram that matches up with their individual circumstances in terms ofenrollment and timelines.

University of the Incarnate Word

San Antonio, TXOnline B Degrees:20Accreditation:SACSUndergraduate DegreesGraduate Degrees * Bachelor of Business Administration in Management * Bachelor of Arts in Communication * Bachelor of Business Administration – General Business * Bachelor of Business Administration – Management * Bachelor of Business Administration – Project Management * Bachelor of Science in Human Relations And Business * Master of Business Administration – General Business * Master of Business Administration – Management * Master of Business Administration – Project Management * Master of Business Administration – Strategic Leadership * Master of Science in Human Relations And Business * Master of Science in Human Resources Training & Development

Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi, TXOnline B Degrees:1Accreditation:SACSUndergraduate DegreesGraduate Degrees * Master of Business Administration

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