Online Master of Data Analytics

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Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

The University of South Florida offers online graduate certificates inBusiness Analytics, Strategic Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Systems Engineeringand Health Informatics. The University of West Florida has a graduatecertificates in Data Science, Business Analytics, Geographic InformationScience and Health Informatics. Florida State University also offers an onlineHealth Information Technology, Graduate Certificate.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

You’ll see that interest in health spring to life in online master’s programs.The University of Central Florida, the University of Southern Florida, andJacksonville University all offer graduate degrees in health informatics.If you’re not involved in healthcare, you could consider Full SailUniversity’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence. However, we shouldpoint out that Full Sail is a for-profit university that is partly owned by aprivate equity firm called TA Associates.

Data Science Scholarships in Florida

“Okay,” we hear you say, “but can I afford it?” For this section, we chose tofocus on university aid that covers data science degrees in our Floridalistings, but don’t take this as the end! The Graduate Studies Office willhave additional info on general scholarships and fellowships (e.g. diversityfunding) and advice about alternative financial options.

Are Data Science and Data Analytics the Same Thing?

Data sciences and data analytics are similar in that they deal with the use ofdata. The difference between data sciences and data analytics involves theirscope and how they are used. Data sciences tend to focus on more the questionsthat need to be asked to find. Data analytics concentrates more fully onfinding the answers to those questions. While data sciences and big dataanalytics go hand in hand, they approach the information from differentdirections.Both data sciences and analytics are needed to find accurate and reliablesolutions, the differences in how they are used are significant. Earning aMaster’s degree in data sciences and data analytics offers you an opportunityto help companies who rely on big data to achieve their goals and find thesolutions they need to be successful. Having a career in data science andanalytics opens the door for you to make a difference in the world around youand make a good living in the process. Earning your Master’s degree in dataanalytics or data sciences online is a great way to continue to work while youtake the steps you need to secure your future.Related Rankings:25 Best Online Master’s in Information and Library Science25 Online Cybersecurity Master’s ProgramsThe 20 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Data Science Degree Programshave been at this for too long and you are not getting paid enough for it. Youknow you need the degree to get what you deserve. Of course, time is alsotight and you may need someone as skilled as you are to mentor you through thedistance-learning process. The schools below meet these conditions as well asoffer the necessary certifications to secure that your best interests arefully considered. What content do you need to be prepared to study for? What kinds of courseworkand applied study should you expect? We have noted that a background inprogramming is at least appreciated by the faculty at these programs. Whereyou do envision post graduation? After your cohort or via your acceleratedprogram, you will note a fair abundance of opportunities: from cybersecurityto marketing analytics positions. The schools in this list of top 20 affordable online master’s degree programsin data science have been chosen for their sensitivity to student concernssimilar to yours. This may mean that we tend to favor those that use a cohortmodel or have weekend coursework or have more flexible scheduling. We, ofcourse, prioritize cost in our analysis and rankings. We similarly value theresponsiveness of each program’s attention to online student needs. Theseneeds can be met via scholarship opportunities as well as through affordabletuition. Cost per Credit Hour: * $200 and under – 5 points * $500 and under – 4 points * $600 and under – 3 points * $1,000 and under – 2 points * $2,000 and under – 1 Salary Report Ranking * Top 100 – 5 points * Top 300 – 4 points * Top 600 – 3 points * Top 1,000 – 2 points * Top 1,200 – 1 pointRegional Accreditation: 5 points Two or More Concentrations: 3 points

Online MS in Data Science

Hourly Tuition Rate: $665 Payscale Ranking: Not ranked Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 7 Website Cabrini University’s 100% online master of science in data science’s 36credits can be completed, on average, in 24 months. Application calls fortranscripts showing a minimum 2.75 GPA and a $20 fee. The program involves acapstone project or an internship to cement real-world skills. The CabriniUniversity MS in data science online requires undergraduate coursework inobject-oriented programming and linear algebra as prerequisites forconsideration for admission. Scholarship and grant opportunities at the schoolare bountiful. You will learn programming languages such as Python, SQL, andJava, and you’ll become proficient in Tableau, SAS, Hadoop, and Apache Spark.

Online MS in Data Science and Analytics

Hourly Tuition Rate: $985 Payscale Ranking: 292nd Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 10 Website The University of Oklahoma master of science in data science and analytics canbe pursued on campus, through the web, or in a hybrid format. There is a 30credit hour thesis option and a 33 credit hour, non-thesis option, which callsfor extra electives and professional practice. The curriculum includes thefollowing courses: Quasi-Experimental Methods in Econometrics; Introduction toR; and Advanced Analytics and Metaheuristics. The master of science in datascience and analytics offered by the University of Oklahoma requires GREscores, three letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume, and atleast two semesters of high-level programming from applicants.

MS in Business Data Analytics Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $563 Payscale Ranking: 294th (tie) Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 12 Website The online master of science in business data analytics available through WestVirginia University will provide students exposure to and familiarity withcomputing tools that include Python, R, SQL, Tableau, and GitHub. The tencourse, 30 credit hour program is intended to be completed in 12 to 24 months.To apply to West Virginia University for their MS in business data analyticsdegree, submit a resume, 1-3 letters of recommendation, a one-page statementof purpose, transcripts, and a $60 fee. The curriculum includes BusinessStatistics Methods I and II, Business Data Mining, Decision Sciences andAnalytics, Business Simulation Modeling, and Business Analytics Practicum.

Online Master of Data Analytics

Hourly Tuition Rate: $426 (see below) Payscale Ranking: 595th Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 12 Website Western Governors University’s online master in data analytics degree is an 11course program, costing $3835 for a six-month term. If you earn more than 9credit hours in that term, you will save money per course. Each term you willmeet with your Program Mentor to build your personalized degree program. Thecurriculum includes Programming in Python, R for Data Analysts, Advanced DataVisualization, and SQL for Data Analytics. To apply for the online master indata analytics degree at Western Governors University, send transcripts and a$65 fee. Residents in California and Florida must meet additionalrequirements.

Master of Business Analytics Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $390 Payscale Ranking: 294th (tie) Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 13 Website Iowa State University offers an online master of business analytics degree.The 21 month, 36 credit hour program requires three on-campus visits: a one-week business analytics overview course; another visit midway through; and thefinal one, which produces a customized, capstone team project. Courses includeTeams, Projects, and Business Analytics Leadership, the course taught in thefirst campus visit. Students enroll for six credits per semester. Applicationto Iowa State University’s master of business analytics degree calls forresume, a minimum of two years of professional work experience, personalessays, two letters of recommendation, transcripts, GRE or GMAT, and aninterview may be scheduled.

Master of Data Science Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $375 Payscale Ranking: 42nd Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 14 Website The University of California, San Diego master of data science degree isoffered online through the EdX platform. This 40 credit program is composed often four-hour courses. The University of California, San Diego online masterof data science does not have a GRE requirement. EdX also has a four-course“micro master’s” that can feed into the master’s, and all credits willtransfer. Applicants to the program should include a current resume, threeletters of recommendation, a $125 fee, and transcripts showing these pre-requisite courses: computer programming in any high-level programminglanguage; multivariate calculus; and basic linear algebra.

MS in Business Analytics and Data Science Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $405.05 Payscale Ranking: 318th Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: Yes Points: 15 Website Oklahoma State University has a part-time online master of science in businessanalytics and data science that is designed for working professionals. Theprogram is 33 hours in length and admission requires three recommendations,GRE or GMAT scores, a resume, statement of purpose, transcripts, and $50 fee.There are four specialization options, each calling for 12 credit hours:cybersecurity analytics; health analytics; advanced data science; andmarketing analytics. Sample core courses for Oklahoma State University’s MS inbusiness analytics and data science online program are Descriptive BusinessAnalytics, Business Intelligence Tools and Technology, and Statistics forBusiness Science.

Data Analytics in Ireland

Today, Data Analytics is one of the most popular courses in the world. Everyyear, lots of students seek to pursue the Masters in Data Analytics in Irelandfrom several reputed universities and colleges. Because an increasing numberof companies and organizations in Ireland rely on data insights andtechnology, Data Analytics and Big Data Management graduates can find jobopportunities easily in almost all industry. Few of the most common jobs areData analyst, Data scientist, Business analyst, database developer, Dataanalytics manager, Data engineer, Data architect, Cloud architect, Databaseadministrator, Data strategist, Machine learning engineer, etc.

Data Analytics in Ireland Scope

Masters in data analytics in Ireland gain you a competitive edge in anycompany that deals with big data. MSc data analytics in Ireland is mostlycoupled with computing science or data analytics, which enables you to take uproles as a data analyst as well as a data scientist. An interview done as partof the Burtch-Works study in 2017 found that 49% hold a master’s and 41% holda PhD. MS in Data Analytics in Ireland holds the key for a well-paid highprofile job for you shortly. If you are really interested and if you like totake up a challenging role that has a huge career, you need to think aboutdoing data analytics masters in Ireland. COVID-19 pandemic has hugely appended the lives of millions of employedprofessionals, especially those working in the data and analytics industry.This crisis brought in the new normal of remote working and has also pushedanalytics at the forefront, which has altered the way analytics professionalscarry out their work. In fact, according to a recent survey done by AnalyticsIndia Magazine, it has been noted that 92% of leadership believes that thedemand for data analytics scope in ireland would gain traction in the post-COVID world, which will bring out the necessity for organizations to hire newanalytics talent. This need to hire new data analytics will increase the dataanalytics scope in ireland by 67% as the lead larger enterprises in the use ofanalytics across every department with 68% of small businesses using analyticsin Operations, 56% in Finance, 50% in Sales, and 45% in Product., and Masterin data analytics is the best way to cope with the demand.

Data analytics in Ireland salary

There is an increasing demand for graduates that can collate, interpret,manage and store large volumes of data. Graduates can be employed as analysts,database administrators, data warehouse consultants, business intelligenceconsultants to name a few. Employment agencies report the salary of Dataanalyst in Ireland ranging from €35,000-70,000 depending on experience.

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