Online Master of Science in Data Science

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Online Master’s in Data Science Program Overview

Coursework for online master’s in data science programs can vary betweeninstitutions and often depends on faculty expertise and/or institutionalpriorities. Additionally, some institutions offer specializations orconcentrations that allow degree-seekers to tailor their program to bettermatch their personal interests and career goals. These specializations usuallyrelate to common career opportunities in the field.While specific courses vary, students often complete a mixture of core,concentration, and elective courses, as well as a culminating practicum. Corecoursework emphasizes computer science, industrial engineering, and businessconcepts, while electives may include topics such as algorithms and datastructures, digital image processing and analysis, distributed systems, andbioinformatics.Earning an online master’s in data science prepares learners to enter thefield immediately upon graduation. Alternatively, some graduates go on topursue additional education in the form of a doctoral degree.

Online Data Science Programs in Georgia

Distance learning is coming along in the Peach State. In 2013, Georgia Techcreated a partnership with Udacity and AT&T to develop its online MS inComputer Science.We cover general things to look for in an online data science programelsewhere, so here we decided to look more closely at state offerings.

Online Graduate Certificates in Data Science

When it comes to online graduate certificates, Kennesaw State is focused onthe business end. Its distance learning options include online certificates inapplied statistics using R or SAS®. Kennesaw State also offers onlinecertificates in software engineering and systems engineering. If you’re tryingto develop a particular set of skills, have a look at our master list ofOnline Graduate Certificates in Data Science. This has a list of onlinegraduate certificates from schools across the country.

Online Master’s Degrees in Data Science

Georgia Southern has an MS in Computer Science with a concentration in DataMining and Data Warehousing. Georgia Tech University offers an online masterof science in computer science, from their partnership with AT&T and Udactiy.We also have databases of online master’s degrees in data science, businessanalytics, and information systems around the nation.

Data Science and Analytics Master’s Program

* School: Graduate School * Location: Columbia, MO * Full-Time Program: Yes – two years * Part-Time Program: No * Online Option: Online Only * Website: University of Missouri – ColumbiaThe University of Missouri’s Data Science and Analytics Master’s Program is acohort-based program that emphasizes student community through annual on-campus executive sessions and weekly cooperative tasks. Courses are taken 2 ata time in 8-week online modules designed to build off one another up to 34credits total. The Industry Advisory Board is a partnership with industryleaders such as Boeing, IBM and The New York Times to provide students withnetworking opportunities.

Online Master of Science in Data Science

* School: UW Extension * Location: Online * Full-time Program: Yes – 36 credits * Part-Time Program: Yes * Online Option: Yes * Website: UW – MS in Data ScienceAlternatively, you can explore the more flexible online MSDS. Tuition is heldto a flat fee, whether you live in Wisconsin or out of state, and courses haveno set meeting times. The program targets all the usual data science hotpoints – statistical methods, data mining, prescriptive analytics, etc. What’sreally nice is that its Virtual Lab offers free access to software tools andprogramming languages such as R, Python, SQL Server and Tableau.

Online MS in Data Science program

* School: The Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science * Location: Denver, CO * Program Length: 18 to 24 months * Online Option: YesThe University of Denver Ritchie School offers an online MS in Data Sciencethat prepares students to develop data collection tools and use data insightsto help their organization make important strategic decisions. The curriculumcovers data science topics including data mining, database management, andmachine learning and can be completed in as little as one year. A bachelor’sdegree is required to apply.Learn more from DataScience@Denver.Sponsored

Online Master’s in Data Science

* School: School of Information Studies and Whitman School of Management * Location: Syracuse, NY * Full-Time Program: 18+ months * Part-Time Program: No * Online Option: YesSyracuse University’s online Master’s in Applied Data Science is designed forprofessionals to gain the specialization skills necessary to excel in theirevolving field. The program features live online classes, interactivecoursework and opportunities to network. Through the online learning format,students can advance their current skillset while staying on track to meettheir professional and personal goals.Learn more from Syracuse University.Sponsored

Methodology: Ranking the Best Master of Data Science Online Programs

You may think with a master’s in data science, employers will come to you –and you may be right. But Best Master’s Programs editors want to point you tothe programs most likely to really make a boost in your career. That’s why allof the accredited, reliable schools on our list are ranked according to theirSalary Potential, Student Satisfaction, and Tuition Cost – so you can be sureyou will see a real return on your investment.

Online MS in Data Science and Analytics

Hourly Tuition Rate: $985 Payscale Ranking: 292nd Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 10 Website The University of Oklahoma master of science in data science and analytics canbe pursued on campus, through the web, or in a hybrid format. There is a 30credit hour thesis option and a 33 credit hour, non-thesis option, which callsfor extra electives and professional practice. The curriculum includes thefollowing courses: Quasi-Experimental Methods in Econometrics; Introduction toR; and Advanced Analytics and Metaheuristics. The master of science in datascience and analytics offered by the University of Oklahoma requires GREscores, three letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, resume, and atleast two semesters of high-level programming from applicants.

Master of Data Science Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $375 Payscale Ranking: 42nd Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: No Points: 14 Website The University of California, San Diego master of data science degree isoffered online through the EdX platform. This 40 credit program is composed often four-hour courses. The University of California, San Diego online masterof data science does not have a GRE requirement. EdX also has a four-course“micro master’s” that can feed into the master’s, and all credits willtransfer. Applicants to the program should include a current resume, threeletters of recommendation, a $125 fee, and transcripts showing these pre-requisite courses: computer programming in any high-level programminglanguage; multivariate calculus; and basic linear algebra.

MS in Business Analytics and Data Science Online

Hourly Tuition Rate: $405.05 Payscale Ranking: 318th Regional Accreditation: Yes Two or More Concentrations: Yes Points: 15 Website Oklahoma State University has a part-time online master of science in businessanalytics and data science that is designed for working professionals. Theprogram is 33 hours in length and admission requires three recommendations,GRE or GMAT scores, a resume, statement of purpose, transcripts, and $50 fee.There are four specialization options, each calling for 12 credit hours:cybersecurity analytics; health analytics; advanced data science; andmarketing analytics. Sample core courses for Oklahoma State University’s MS inbusiness analytics and data science online program are Descriptive BusinessAnalytics, Business Intelligence Tools and Technology, and Statistics forBusiness Science.

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