Pharmacy Technician Training Program Hours

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Pharmacy Technician Training Program

The Pharmacy Technician Training program prepares students to take the ArizonaPharmacy Technician Certification Board exam and receive their PharmacyTechnician License. Medstar Academy offers a ten-week, hands-on trainingprogram that focuses on preparing students to take the National HealthcareerAssociation (NHA) Testing exam.Pharmacy Technician students take classes four days per week, Monday throughThursday for seven weeks. This is followed by three weeks of clinicals at aWalgreens branch close to where the student lives.

Pharmacy Tech Training Program Requirements

Requirements to enter the Pharmacy Technician training program: * High school diploma, GED or equivalent * Must be at least 18 years of age * Provide proof of Citizenship — Arizona State ID, Arizona Drivers License or US Passport * Social Security Card * Pass an Admissions Test — English and Math competency level * No felony convictions or drug or pharmacy-related convictions including misdemeanor that would prevent the ability to get Arizona Pharmacy Tech Trainee License * Pass a 10-panel drug testPharmacy Technician training program students must meet the followingrequirements prior to entering the off-site clinicals: * DPS Fingerprint Clearance Card * Obtain Arizona Pharmacy Technician Trainee License * Pass Background Check * No outstanding payments

Pharmacy Technician Training Program Hours

The Pharmacy Technician training program aims to perform two distinct student-oriented goals. First, prepare students for employment as pharmacytechnicians, and second, qualify students to take the NHA exam. MedstarAcademy offers 240 hours of training, qualifying Pharmacy Technician studentsto take the NHA exam. * Classroom Education — 120 Hours * Externship Requirements — 120 Hours * Externship training and orientation to an accredited and licensed healthcare facility.

3. Pharmacy technician training

For some students, enrolling in a program is a wise option. Rasmussen College,for instance, offers a Pharmacy Technician’s Certificate program that preparesstudents to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. The courseworkfocuses on essential skills along with real-life scenarios for pharmacytechnicians. The fee for taking the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam thefirst time is included in each student’s program costs. The Rasmussen CollegePharmacy Technician Certificate program may be completed in as few as ninemonths.

Pharmacy Technicians University Technician Training TRC

* However, training requirements for pharmacy technicians change often and are becoming more complex, creating a shortage of qualified pharmacy technicians * Pharmacy Technicians University (PTU) offers: Programs ranging from 93 to 605 hours of didactic, simulation, and experiential learning; The highest quality technician training resources in a 57 people watched See more ››Trchealthcare 6 days ago All Courses ››

Pharmacy Technician Training Programs (All You Need To Know)

* All pharmacy technicians receive on-the-job training * This type of training focuses on learning to perform the job requirements of a particular employer * For many pharmacy technicians, on-the-job training is their first experience as a pharmacy technician.60 people watched See more ››Theepharmacytechnicians 4 days ago All Courses ››

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

* 5 Common Recertification Mistakes * Renewing your certification is required for maintaining an active status as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) and a Certified Compounded Sterile Preparation Technician ® (CSPT ®).Prepare to recertify by reviewing the five most common reasons an application is returned.39 people watched See more ››Ptcb 1 days ago All Courses ››

CVS Pharmacy Technician Training Program

* Pharmacy Technician Training CVS * Contrary to what some believe, there is no formal program or CVS pharmacy technician training program application currently in place that could be described as a ‘CVS Pharmacy Technician Training’ Program * What there is however is a strong leaning towards training and promoting from within, something that 40 people watched See more ››Collegelearners 9 days ago All Courses ››

Huntsville Hospital Pharmacy Technician Training Program

* Huntsville Hospital’s Pharmacy Technician Training Program (PTTP) is a full-time, 10-week program combining classroom instruction with practical experience for individuals interested in becoming an entry-level pharmacy technician * The program is conducted in conjunction with TRC Healthcare’s Pharmacy Technicians University56 people watched See more ››Huntsvillehospital 1 days ago All Courses ››

Pharmacy Technician Training Jobs, Employment

* 14,776 Pharmacy Technician Training jobs available on * Apply to Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician II, Medication Technician and more!57 people watched See more ››Indeed 3 days ago All Courses ››

Pharmacy Technician Training Program

* Pharmacy Technician Training Program (PTTP) helps students train as pharmacy technicians and become certified through Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) * PTTP is designed to train pharmacy technicians to better support pharmacists, to improve patient safety, reduce medication errors, and improve efficiency in the pharmacy, as well 36 people watched See more ››Ohsu 1 days ago All Courses ››

J.T. Pharmacy Technician Training Program – Best Pharmacy

* Pharmacy Technician Training ProgramCreate a successful Career as a Pharmacy Technician with training from J.T * Pharmacy Tech Training!! Our Pharmacy Technicians courses are available day or night as well as online * Our courses are accredited with the PTCB, VA State Board of Pharmacy and A+ Rated business with BBB60 people watched See more ››Jtpharmacytechtraining 5 days ago All Courses ››

Pharmacy Technician Program Information

This three-term program is developed to prepare individuals for employment inthe pharmacy industry. Pharmacy technicians are skilled workers who areeducated and trained to work in a pharmacy and assist in all areas of thepharmacy not requiring the professional judgment of the registered pharmacist.Some current practice areas for the pharmacy technician include retail,hospital, manufacturing, disease state management, and mail order andinsurance claim specialists. The pharmacy technician processes prescriptionsand medication orders and plays an integral role in maintaining the pharmacydepartment.Courses are completed in an online and hybrid format, and focus on theabilities needed to assist the pharmacist and provide the skills necessary toprocess prescriptions accurately, participate in administration and managementof a pharmacy, and maintain inventory. Topics of study include medicalterminology, anatomy and functions of the human body, therapeuticclassification and drug names, pharmacy procedures, pharmaceuticalcalculations, pharmacy law and interpersonal communications. Students willhave a working knowledge of sterile technique, standards of practice, qualityassurance and patient confidentiality. In addition, students will develop andpractice communication skills needed to function in a professional setting. Inorder to gain workplace experience, students will also participate in ahospital and retail pharmacy practicum.The program will prepare students to take the national certificationexamination to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician as required by theOregon Board of Pharmacy and to be employed in a pharmacy setting.For details see: Pharmacy Technician – One Year Certificate of Completion (Online Catalog)

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