Political Science Master s Program Online

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What can I do with a master’s in political science online degree?

Political scientists engage in a wide variety of work within the politicalsphere. Those with master’s degrees typically research some mechanism of apolitical system such as trends, policy, theology, and government. Variousduties include data collection and analysis of public opinion, measuringimpact of policies, publishing research results regarding political theory,and forecasting future political movement.Nearly 50% of political scientists work as political analysts for the federalgovernment where they conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative analysisusing large swaths of data in an attempt to measure the impact of current orfuture policies. Data may come from public opinion polls, election results,economic data or other channels. In addition to working for the federalgovernment, political scientists work for agencies or organizations that havestakes in the political world such as labor unions, think tanks, politicalgroups, and private organizations.At the master’s degree level, many political scientists not only test policy,but also play an integral role in policy development and planning. Also, inthe federal government and closely related entities, approximately 7% ofpolitical scientists work as educators at the secondary or postsecondarylevels, educating students about political systems, policy, and economics.

How much money can I make with a master’s in political science online

degree?Professionals with a master’s degree in political science can earn significantsalaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary forpolitical scientists is $117,570 per year, which is significantly higher thanthe median salary of $38,640 for all occupations. The median salary indicates50% of workers earn less than that amount while 50% earned more. Occupationaldata analytics and software company PayScale indicates the median politicalscientist salary is $51,606 per year with a top range of $99,131. Despite thediscrepancy in the data between the two organizations, it is clear politicalscientists earn a lucrative salary compared to many other occupations.Geographic location plays a salient role in salary distributions for politicalscientists. The highest paid salaries occur for individuals working in theDistrict of Columbia, Virginia, and Maryland. The majority of theseindividuals work for a federal executive branch of the United Statesgovernment or a specialized scientific research and development firm withclose governmental ties. The lowest wage political scientists earn in the Westcoast states of California and Washington State is an average salary ofapproximately $79,000. Many of these political scientists work for localgovernment agencies and postsecondary educational institutions. Other statesthat employ a high concentration of political scientists include Texas,Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Online Master’s Degree in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 11 Program Tuition: $483.00 per-credit-hourAn excellent higher education, Sul Ross State University has small class sizesand well-rounded degree programs. For those pursuing a future in politicalscience, Sul Ross has multiple options in the department of behavioral andsocial sciences; among the department’s degrees is an online graduate degreein political science. The political science degree prepares students forteaching, research, government administration, and more. Distance-learningstudents have the option to complete their degree 100% online, or in a campus/ online hybrid structure. The majority of Sul Ross State’s faculty hasdoctorate-level degrees in their fields.

Online Master of Arts in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 11 Program Tuition: $387.00 per-credit-hourAmong the largest schools in Texas, Sam Houston State University has an ever-increasing enrollment and success rate of graduates. This popular college hasa 100% online master’s in political science; this 30-36 credit programs can becompleted on a thesis or non-thesis track, depending on the preference of thestudent. This poli sci master’s online is suitable for recent collegegraduates or advancing career professionals. Among the political sciencecourses include American politics, comparative politics, internationalrelations, and thesis. Sam Houston’s online programs have won numerousaccolades for their value and strong academics.

Online Master’s Program in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 14 Program Tuition: $1,024.00 per-credit-hour (out-of-state)Based out Pensacola, University of West Florida provides dynamic, engagingacademic programs. UWF distance-learning department includes one of the bestonline masters in political science; this graduate degree can be specializedin political science alone, or security and diplomacy. The 33-credit politicalscience MA online is focused on comparative politics, international relations,and public policy. Online poli sci students attend a synchronous coursedelivery program, which means they attend live lectures at the same time astheir classmates.

Online MA in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 14 Program Tuition: $330.00 per-credit-hourThe college of choice for over 3,500 students, Western New Mexico Universityhas degrees in 70 fields of study. WNMU offers a unique MA ininterdisciplinary studies; this online degree has a concentration in politicalscience, a program that explores American constitutional development, LatinAmerican politics, comparative political analysis, and more. Online politicalscience MA students can complete their degree with either a thesis orcomprehensive exam. Western New Mexico students have given high praise fordegree affordability, faculty, flexibility, and other areas.

Political Science Online Master’s Program

Program WebsitePoints: 14 Program Tuition: $350.00 per-credit-hourA 100% online school, American Public University is particularly popular withworking adult students. APU’s online political science master’s is a36-credit, two-year degree; this degree can be started monthly, offeringmaximum flexibility to incoming students. The cheap online poli sci master’shas concentration options in general studies, American politics andgovernment, comparative government and development, international relations,or public policy; depending on which chosen concentration, degree curriculumwill include both core and specialized topic areas. APU has an engaging onlineclassroom and attentive student services.

Online Master of Science in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 15 Program Tuition: $627.00 per-credit-hourBoth affordable and flexible, Southern New Hampshire University has increasedpopularity with adult students. SNHU has excellent degree programs, one ofwhich is a top online MS in political science. The twelve-course master ofscience aligns with the American Political Science Association’s (APSA)Principles for Graduate Education in Political Science; this indicates equalweight on analysis and the human political experience. Graduates of SNHU’spolitical science program go on to careers in political campaigns, cityplanning, immigration, intelligence analysis, lobbying, mediation, and manyother settings.

Online MA in Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 15 Program Tuition: $362.00 per-credit-hourThe University of Illinois at Springfield is a diverse, tight-knit communitythat encourages collaborative learning. Among this school’s online degrees isan MA in political science. Students in the political science program canchoose concentrations in American national and state politics, comparativepolitics, international relations, or public law; this 40-hour graduate degreeis fitting for those seeking careers in politics, education, law, and otherrelated fields. UIS online faculty is the same as their campus tenure faculty,ensuring mastery of the curriculum and available college resources.

Online Master of Political Science

Program WebsitePoints: 16 Program Tuition: $575.00 per-credit-hourA nationally respected institution, Central Michigan University is anexpansive academic opportunity. This popular college offers over 300 academicprograms, many of which can be attained via distance-learning. CMU has anonline masters of public administration, a degree suited for those who want anaffordable political science degree online; this top political sciencemaster’s covers coursework in public policy, organization theory, programanalysis, public service, among others. As an added advantage, online publicadministration students complete a hands-on internship in government andpolitics.

Political Science Master’s Program Online

Program WebsitePoints: 17 Program Tuition: $400.00 per credit-hourAffordable and military-friendly, the University of Nebraska at Omaha hashigh-achieving faculty and students. The political science masters online isan interdisciplinary degree, and students can choose a thesis or non-thesisdegree track. Political science students have the option of concentrating ininternational affairs or adding graduate certificates in intelligence andnational security or global information options. Typically, students completethe top political science masters within two years, and Omaha will accept ofto 12 approved transfer credits.

Master’s in Political Science Online

Program WebsitePoints: 18 Program Tuition: $1,595.00 per-credit-hourOne of the most respected schools in the country, Virginia Tech receivesaccolades for its faculty and academic excellence. This college has a 17:1student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring students receive a personalized educationexperience. Virginia Tech’s online degrees are increasingly popular, amongthem, a top master’s in poli sci online; VT established this political sciencedegree in 1969 and has since evolved its curriculum to reflect currenttheories and career prospects. Graduates of VT’s political science master’sonline find careers in government agencies, research institutes, politicalorganizations, non-profits, among other relevant settings.The preceding list represents the top 15 online master’s degrees in politicalscience.Related Rankings:Computer Science Programs in TexasAs computer technology becomes more ubiquitous in daily life, demand fortalented computer science professionals grows. Texas computer science schoolsprepare students for technology positions across industries.Students at computer science programs in Texas benefit from the state’sgrowing number of tech companies invested in hiring new talent. Texasuniversities boast dynamic programs with scholarships and networkingopportunities. These resources prepare students pursuing a computer sciencedegree in Texas to enter the job market.> Texas universities boast dynamic programs offering scholarships and> networking opportunities.

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