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Academic Requirements for Undergraduate Candidates

All applicants must pass their audition/interview and submit a valid SAT orACT score. In addition, students must satisfy both the Minimum CourseRequirements (MCRs) and Minimum Admissibility Requirements (MARs) outlined bythe University of North Carolina.Minimum Course Requirements (MCRs) of the University of North Carolina:ENGLISH — four (4) course units emphasizing grammar, composition andliterature;MATHEMATICS — three (3) course units including Algebra 1, Algebra II andGeometry, or a higher-level mathematics course for which Algebra II is aprerequisite, or integrated Math I, II and III;SCIENCE — three (3) course units including one unit in physical science(physical science, chemistry, physics), one unit in life or biological scienceand at least one (1) laboratory course;SOCIAL STUDIES — two (2) course units, including one (1) U.S. History — anapplicant who does not have the unit in U.S. History may be admitted on thecondition that at least three (3) semester hours in that subject are passed bythe end of the sophomore year; andFOREIGN LANGUAGE – two (2) course units in the same language other thanEnglish.It is recommended that prospective degree applicants take a mathematics courseunit in the 12th grade.Minimum Admissions Requirements (MARs) of the University of North Carolina:All applicants for first-time admission as freshmen must achieve either aminimum 2.5-weighted high school grade point average (GPA) or a minimum SAT of1010 or ACT of 19.A. The SAT score scale on which this minimum standard is based is the sum ofthe critical reading and mathematics subtests, a sum that has a possible rangeof 400-1600. The ACT score scale on which this minimum standard is based isthe average (rounded to the nearest whole number) of the four subtests, andthe possible range is 1-36.B. The test score minimum may be met by a “superscore,” defined as acombination of subtests from more than one administration of the same test.However, the SAT scores may not be calculated by conversion of ACT scores, orvice versa.The minimum high school GPA for first-time freshmen beginning in Fall 2013 is2.5. Please note that these are minimum GPA and test scores in effect for allconstituent institutions of The University of North Carolina, as outlined bythe Board of Governors. Individual art schools and programs at The Universityof North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) may set minimums that exceedthose listed here. Please consult the individual art schools for additionalinformation.

Transfer Students

Undergraduate students who wish to transfer from other institutions of highereducation must comply with the School’s audition and entrance requirements.Academic college courses carrying a grade of “C” or better may be consideredfor transfer credit, by the Division of Liberal Arts Credit for academiccourses in which the student has earned at least a “C” at another accreditedcollege, and which are equivalent to specific UNCSA academic courses, may betransferred to the UNCSA record.Upon enrollment in the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, anundergraduate transfer student is placed at the appropriate arts instructionlevel by the relevant arts school. The School makes every effort to place thestudent at the arts level that best reflects his or her proficiency at thetime of admission. Upon placement, the student proceeds through the remainingsequence of arts courses, regardless of age or academic level.

Application and Admissions Procedures

Guidelines for applying to the undergraduate program vary. Applicants shouldfollow the guidelines provided with the application. Applicants must submitthe following: * A fully completed application signed by the applicant, and a parent if under the age of 18 at the time of application, along with the nonrefundable application fee. * Applicants who submit the online application must complete the application agreement statement, complete all required information, sign the application agreement statement (parent signature is required if the applicant is under the age of 18 at the time of application) and upload the documentation to the Office of Admissions. * Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from an arts instructor and one from an academic instructor * Official transcript(s) and test scores of high school or previous college work. Transcripts are needed from each school attended. The documents must bear the school seal or signature of a school official. Each applicant to a college program must present proof of high school graduation or receipt of a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) * SAT or ACT score(s) * A resumé * Mandatory Information Form * Artistic Statement

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Q: When can I apply and how soon will I know I have been accepted?

A: The official application deadline for Fall 2021 expired on Feb. 1, 2021. Ifyou are still in the process of completing your application, please email*protected email* with your inquiry. Applicants will be notified of admissiondecisions by email. Applicants may also check their status through the OnlineDecision Status for Graduate Admission.Please refrain from contacting our office regarding admission decisions (whileMEng may send a courtesy email with a recommendation of admission, onlyofficial notification from the dean of the UCLA Graduate Division constitutesapproval of admission).

Q: How does the admissions process work at UCLA?

A: An applicant submits the online Application for Graduate Admission with thenonrefundable application fee ($120 [for U.S. citizens and PermanentResidents] or $140 [for all other applicants]). The applicant uploadstranscripts, supplemental information, department-specific material (such as aportfolio), statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation. Theapplicant’s information then becomes available online to the graduate program.View General FAQs from the Graduate Division.

Q: What requirements are needed for admission?

A: Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree in an engineeringdiscipline, computer science, mathematics, physics, chemistry (or its approvedequivalent) from an ABET accredited institution (if you are uncertain, use thelink to locate your institution). Applicants must attain an undergraduaterecord that satisfies the standards established by the UCLA Graduate Division.Students who wish to apply for admission to our graduate program for the2021-2022 academic year are not required to take the GRE or submit a GRE scorereport as part of their application package. However, students may voluntarilysubmit GRE test scores and they will be reviewed as part of the holisticapplication consideration. Applications with GRE scores will not be givengreater weight than those that do not include the scores. The GRE exceptionwill be reviewed for the cohort beginning Fall 2022.Those whose first language is not English are required to submit acceptablescores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or theInternational English Language Testing System (IELTS).Additionally, each applicant must submit three letters of recommendation, twoof which must be academic references. Applicants who have graduated three ormore years from their undergraduate studies can submit professional referencesin lieu of academic references. All other application requirements arespecified in the graduate application.

Q: How many students will be accepted to the program each year?

A: In our inaugural year (beginning Fall 2021) there will be a total of 50students for the first cohort across all six areas of study. The program willthen increase to 100 students for Fall 2022, 150 students for Fall 2023, and200 students for Fall 2024. We will then maintain an ongoing enrollment of 200students per academic year.

Q: Can students who have been approved for the Exceptional Student

Admissions Program (ESAP) gain automatic admission into the new program?A: ESAP students who choose to apply to the MEng program are automaticallyadmitted.

Q: How is this program different from an engineering undergraduate program

with a capstone project?A: Our undergraduate program does not emphasize management experience andtraining. The focus is on technical knowledge and skill set.

Q: Can international students apply to the program and if so, is it valid

for the OPT visa?A: Yes, international students are welcome to apply. By the time you finishthe program, you will have remained on the UCLA campus for three consecutivequarters, thus meeting the criteria for OPT. More information can be obtainedon the Dashew Center website.

Texas Tech University PA Program Requirements

* Online application: Applicants must need to complete the supplemental and CASPA application by the Texas Tech University PA program. You can access the CASPA application site on the website of the program. * Application fee: Make sure to settle the application fee to qualify. * Submit an official transcript of record: Applicants must need to submit the transcript of record to CSPA and it is essential to submit an updated transcript. * Official GRE score: GRE scores are required for submission and it must be sent to CASPA. The code is 3652 and the GRE score must need to older than five years or else they will not be considered as valid. * Bachelor’s degree: A bachelor’s degree is required for applicants. * Minimum GPA: Applicants should accumulate the minimum GPA or higher and for applicants, who does not meet the GPA will not be qualified and considered by the committee. * Prerequisite coursework: Applicants should complete the coursework prior to the matriculation or at the time of application. * Letters of recommendation

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