Seneo Wireless 3 in 1 Charging Station

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Anker PowerWave Stand

Listed Power Output: 5W/10W |Input Power Connector: Micro-USBSimple aestheticSolid charging performanceShorter included power cableTips forward fairly easilyThe Anker PowerWave is simple, quick, and efficient. This charger had anoutstanding performance in our testing when it comes to its charging time. Itstood out by fully charging a Samsung S8 30-60 minutes faster than some otheroptions. You can orient your phone in both portrait and landscape orientationswhen you use this charger, which means the PowerWave also effectively doublesas a phone stand. It stays stealthy with its spartan aesthetic and a discreetLED charging status light display.One drawback we noticed is that it can sometimes be shaky if you knock into itfrom behind. This becomes a problem due to the lack of grip the stand has onthe surface it sits on. Without a rubbery backing on your phone case or othernon-slip material to help with the grip, your phone could freely slip out.This can make it difficult to charge your wireless earbuds, as well. All thataside, this model offers a quick and simple solution for wireless charging andis a great choice if you want a charging stand with a simple look that worksquickly.The Anker PowerWave Stand is an exceptional wireless charging stand and one ofour all-around favorites.Credit: David Wise

CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W/10W |Input Power Connector: USB-CDoesn’t slide aroundCan charge two smartphones at onceFinicky about phone placementSomewhat priceyThe CHOETECH Dual Wireless Charger is a great option if you routinely need tocharge multiple phones or other devices wirelessly simultaneously. This largercharging pad has five coils and is big enough to fit a pair of smartphonesside-by-side. Its non-slip feet and size keep it from sliding around on a deskor table, while in the style department, it has a unique textured feature thatsets it apart from other chargers and includes a power brick.Unfortunately, the top texture isn’t the grippiest, and it is easy to knock aphone out of position accidentally. This can be exacerbated by the fact thatit is temperamental when it comes to your phone placement. It also didn’tcharge the fastest in our charge time test. However, this isn’t a massiveissue if you charge your phone overnight and is an excellent option if youwant one wireless charger for two people or to charge your smartphone andanother wireless charging device at the same time.The CHOETECH can wirelessly charge a pair of devices simultaneously.Credit: David Wise

Seneo Wireless 3-in-1 Charging Station

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W |Input Power Connector: USB-CCharges 3 devices at onceVersatileThe connector between the two halves is weirdNo Apple Watch charging cable includedThe Seneo 3-in-1 is an excellent choice if you have the full complement ofApple devices — iPhone, Airpods, and Apple Watch. This model can charge allthree at once, giving you a convenient stand for your phone while it’scharging as well. It includes a USB power adapter, making the Seneo one of themost versatile options. You can split this charger in half and add anadditional power brick if you want to charge your accessories separately, orkeep it together for an all-in-one charging station.Unfortunately, you must supply your own Apple Watch charging cable, and thisis one of the largest products of the entire test group. It isn’texceptionally stylish, and the connection method between the two halves of thecharger can be a little finicky. The Airpods holder on the Seneo has aLightning connector and doesn’t charge wirelessly, so it’s a bit lessconvenient than just setting them on a wireless charging pad. If you need anintegrated charging solution for your collection of Apple products, this is afantastic choice. However, you might want to consider a smaller and lessexpensive model if you don’t need to charge three things at once.The Seneo 3-in-1 is a great option for an all-in-one Apple charging station.Credit: David Wise

Yootech Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Stand

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W/10W |Input Power Connector: USB-CStableFast ChargingIncludes multiple cablesHard to charge wireless earbudsIf you are looking for a wireless charger that can double as a phone stand, itis hard to beat the Yootech Wireless Charging Stand. It charges phonesquickly, capable of charging both Samsung and Apple devices at their maximumcharging rates and any other Qi-compatible device. It can charge your phone inboth portrait and landscape orientation, and we appreciate that it’s hard totip over and doesn’t slide around easily. It features a green LED status lighton the bottom, which turns off after a short amount of time, making it a goodoption if you want to keep it on your nightstand.On the downside, the Yootech Charging Stand doesn’t have the most strikingappearance and might not be for everyone, especially if you prefer a moreangular design or a slightly more nondescript appearance. This charger alsodoesn’t include a charging brick, and you will need to make sure you have ahigh-quality QC 3.0 power brick to get the fastest charging rate. All thisbeing said, it’s still one of our favorite wireless charging products,particularly if you want a stand for your phone as well.We particularly liked that the Yootech Charging Stand isn’t prone to tippingforward easily.Credit: David Wise

Seneo 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W |Input Power Connector: Micro-USBIncludes QC 3.0 power adapterCharge two devices at onceNeeds additional Apple Watch chargerDoesn’t hold Airpods wellAnother option if you have multiple Apple devices to charge at once is theSeneo 2-in-1. This product has one wireless charger pad and a stand for anApple Watch so that you can charge either your AirPods (with wireless chargingcase) or iPhone at the same time as your smartwatch. It’s large enough andcomes with non-slip feet that keep it in place if it gets bumped.You do need to provide your own Apple Watch charging cable, and if you have alonger charging cable, it can be a little difficult to wind up neatly insidethe Seneo 2-in-1. Overall, we aren’t enamored with this charger’s looks, andit feels a bit cheap to us, with some sharper edges on its underside. However,it can be a decent option if you want a more compact charging station for yourApple products.The Seneo 2-in-1 lets you charge your Apple Watch and another Qi-compatibledevice at the same time.Credit: David Wise

Seneo Wireless Qi Certified Stand

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W/10W |Input Power Connector: Micro-USBCan charge 10W devices at maximum rateFeels like lackluster constructionNot the most stableThe Seneo Wireless is a reasonably run-of-the-mill wireless charging stand. Itcan charge most phones in portrait or landscape orientation and can fastwireless charge certain phones. It looks alright and has a small piece of non-slip rubber to help keep your phone from sliding around.Unfortunately, it seems like it isn’t put together as well as some of theother products. It just doesn’t feel as high-quality, with a sharp lip on theprotrusion where you rest your phone. The Seneo also doesn’t state that it cancharge iPhones at their maximum 7.5-watt rate. It gets the job done, but wefound that we liked other products quite a bit more, many of which cost less.The Seneo charging stand doesn’t seem as durable or as high-quality to uscompared to other chargers.Credit: David Wise

NANAMI Upgraded Fast Wireless Stand

Listed Power Output: 5W/7.5W/10W |Input Power Connector: USB-CMakes an excellent phone standCan fast charge Samsung devicesEasy to knock overNot as discreetThe Nanami is potentially a better phone stand than a charger. It is thetallest of the charging stands, holding your phone up the highest. It has somenon-slip material that helps prevent devices from sliding to the side as well.The Nanami can also charge a phone in both landscape and portraitorientations.We found this extra height has some drawbacks, as it is easier to knock overthan many of the other stands. It can slide around relatively easily anddoesn’t look particularly nice. It will charge your phone and doesn’t cost allthat much, but we generally preferred other options.The NANAMI is a little less stable than we would have liked.Credit: David Wise

Ivoler Adjustable laptop stand

ivolerIf you’re constantly struggling to find the right position to use yourdevices, Ivoler’s adjustable laptop stand can make a big difference. It may bedubbed a “laptop” stand, but you can use it to prop up smartphones andtablets, too. It has six different viewing angle adjustments and folds downinto a flat, portable shape that will easily disappear in a bag. It’s sturdyenough to handle a 15-inch laptop and its silicone foot pads ensure that thestand itself stays in place and that your furniture remains unscratched.Buy Ivoler laptop stand at Amazon – $19

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charging Stand

AnkerCharging cables are annoying — fumbling with them, remembering where you putthem and taking them with you when you know your phone is just an hour or twoaway from dying. Anker’s PowerWave Qi wireless charging stand lets you sityour smartphone down horizontally or vertically, and forget about it while itcharges. This particular stand fast-charges the newest iPhones and Samsungdevices and it even has obstacle detection, which will change the LEDindicator to let you know if there’s something obstructing the chargingmechanism.Buy PowerWave fast charger at Amazon – $30 Buy PowerWave fast charger atWalmart – $30

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand

Price: $30If your father has a phone that supports wireless charging, then a wirelesscharging stand is worth considering. With a wireless charging stand, insteadof having to plug the phone in every time you want to charge it, you cansimply plop it down on the charging stand and it’ll charge. The AnkerPowerWave supports wireless charging at up to 5W, and works with any Qi-enabled phone, including any recent iPhone model, Samsung Galaxy model, and soon. It’s a pretty inexpensive gift — so it’s a perfect compliment to thatlarger gift that you’ve bought your father.Shop Now: Amazon $30

Fitbit Charge 2

Price: $119.95If you thought the Rachio smart scale was a good idea for your dad, thenperhaps a fitness tracker of a different kind will also suit him. The FitbitCharge 2 is an excellent way for your dad to keep better track of his health.Not only can it track heart rate, but he’ll also be able to set it to trackdifferent metrics through his workouts. On top of that, he’ll get phonenotifications straight to his wrist, and he can set it to intelligently wakehim up if he’s fine with wearing it through the night.Shop Now: Amazon $119 | Nordstrom $119* * *

Smart Plug by TP-Link

squirrel_widget_349938If you know someone who’s interested in smart home technology, smart plugs area brilliant way to help them expand their home system without spending toomuch.TP-Link has a great option to keep costs down in the form of its Smart Plug,which can integrate nicely with an Alexa or Assistant-run home, and costs wayless than you might expect.SanDisk

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